Sucking Eggs with STEAM

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In today's video we're making a vacuum in a bottle using heat!
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Hey guys i'm nate welcome back to the. workshop in the past grant has shown you . a pretty cool experiment that he came up . with that involved microwaving a large . glass jar with a little bit of water in . it . until it was really full of steam . pouring out the boiling water and. lowering the glass jar down into some . ice-cold water causes the water to . violently rush in and fill the entire . container we're going to try and . replicate his experiment and then expand . on that idea with a couple other . experiments of making a vacuum in a jar . without using a pump to start off let's . put a little bit of water in our jar and . then microwave it for a couple minutes . so it's nice and hot . our glass bottle or out that hand so . it's still filling with water but . because it took me so long to walk over . here from the microwave it's not giving . us the explosive result we're hoping for . it's still pulling in quite a bit of . water though clearly we need to act . faster so let's move our setup to the . kitchen and try again there wow yeah . that did a pretty good job of filling up . with water right there that was pretty . incredible i mean look how full this . bottle is that is a very full bottle and . so all of that water is displacing steam . that was inside this bottle so we can . see how much the steam shrinks as it . cools down that's a lot that is crazy . there's another method of creating a low . pressure inside a jar like this that you . may have seen before and we're gonna try . and replicate again it involves lighting . a fire inside the jar and plugging up . the top to get our fire inside the jar . let's take a strip of paper towel light. that on fire with the lighter and then . drop it down into the jar at that point . i'll cover the top and we'll see what . happens i took one of these gauges that . we use on our vacuum chamber to measure . the negative pressure inside our . container and i rigged it up so i should . be able to just pop it down on top of . this jar and if there's any negative . pressure that forms inside it we should . be able to get a good measure of it . i started catching the flame burns out . we should begin to see our needle starts . to rise there goes that is not a lot of . rise we got our needle we are up to. about two and a half maybe three inches . of mercury that's a pretty small result . but it is lower pressure see if it's . enough to lift our jar it is is enough . to lift our jar buy pressure back in . that's kind of cool you watch the . swirling air inside there try and get. our piece of paper towel out of the jar . that's the fun part . a popular demonstration of what happens. when you create the lower pressure . inside the jar is to see if you can take . a hard-boiled egg which does not fit . through the neck of the jar light the. fire down inside and have the lower . pressure pull the egg through the neck . of the jar inside the bottle let's try . and see if that work so we've got air. expanding inside there from the heat now . as it burns all the air up some . beautiful that just pulled it right down . into the jar that worked great so now we . have a jar full of smoke and an egg that . we can't get out because it doesn't fit . out of the neck there's a whole lot of . remnants of our burned paper towel . inside the jar and i'm filling with . water and in addition to clearing out . the burn paper towel the water rising up. also does a great job of displacing all . of the oxygen less smoke that's filling . our jar so it should be easier to do . this experiment again after we pour out . the water or we'll try and pour out the . water in the egg yolk plug it up oh it . did well there is an egg plugging up our . jar it's a pretty good plug right there. in an attempt to get the egg out i'm . gonna see what happens if i pour a . little bit of liquid nitrogen into our . jar then flip it upside down hopefully . keeping the nitrogen behind the egg so . the nitrogen will expand increase the . pressure and push the egg out . this might not work at all oh we did . that worked great now we have a jar full . of nitrogen gas as well our egg a little . worse for the wear being sucked into a . bottle and then blown back out of the . bottle so that worked pretty well and . now i want to try combining the two . ideas i want to put a little bit of . water in our bottle microwave it up so . it's nice and hot again and then use our . pressure gauge on the bottle as we lower . it down into our iced water to see how . much of a vacuum we pull just by . shrinking the steam instead of replacing . it with the ice-cold water once our . microwave is finished cooking i'll take. it out pour out the water i'm going to . add one large marshmallow down inside it. because marshmallows in a vacuum are . always fun and then i'm gonna put our. pressure gauge on top of the bottle and . lower it down into our ice water we let . it out fit a marshmallow in it doesn't . have a lot of spare space there we go . now we get our negative pressure gauge . onto our container and start lowering it . down into the ice water to cool down all . of the steam inside the bottle you can . already see how much the gauge is . raising and if you look down into that . bottle you can also see our marshmallow . it's starting to grow our marshmallow is . also very soft because it's in contact . with our very hot glass oh wow we're . already at 21 inches of mercury a pretty . big marshmallow it's certainly a less . convenient way of making a vacuum . chamber than with our actual vacuum pump . but it is working all right i think . we've about hit our limit with our . vacuum pump at this altitude we can . usually pull about 26 maybe 26 and a . half so this is pretty seriously empty . there is almost nothing except that . marshmallow inside this jar here is an . unexpected marshmallow and are heated by . the glass and expanded marshmallow you . can see a pretty good sized difference . there now to break the seal i'm just . gonna pull up on the rubber a little bit . and it should be able to pop right off . [music]. smushed . now it's just like a wrinkled melted . husk of a marshmallow there is one more . thing i'm going to try that's pretty . similar i'm going to wash out this . marshmallow add a little bit of water . nuke this thing in the microwave again . and once it's really hot i'll take it . out and then i'm gonna see how many of . these eggs i can get it to suck down . into the jar as the pressure drops . cooling it down in our water in an . effort to get our jar to pull as many . eggs inside of it as we can . i've got a pvc tube that we should be . able to fit our hard-boiled eggs down . into in a line when the jar is ready i . should be able to flip the pvc tube up . put it over the neck of the jar and then . lower it down into the water and . hopefully as the steam cools off and it . forms a vacuum inside the jar it will . pull the eggs in one after another i've . never tried this before though so we'll . see if it works there we go we can see . the eggs backed up to the pipe i think. we've got 10 eggs in this pvc pipe . hopefully we can get 10 eggs . sucked down into our jar . [music]. i think let me like the last one that's . it that's it well good news and bad news . bad news is we shattered our jar the . thermal shock i guess it was so hot and . then being dropped into the ice water. that just broke it right up but before . it completely fell apart we had enough . low pressure to pull 10 eggs through our . tube into the jar that was pretty . entertaining. that worked great but that's never been . done before creating vacuum inside of a . glass jar with a couple unorthodox . methods we were able to drop a piece of . burning paper towel down inside and with . our vacuum gauge we saw that we pulled . about 4 inches of mercury which isn't a . ton but it was enough that we were able . to lift the jar with it that low . pressure also had enough strength to . suck a hard-boiled egg down inside of . our jar which was entertaining to get . back out using a little bit of liquid . nitrogen poured in behind the egg we . also used boiling water and steam and . then cooled it off in ice water to get . the change in volume from the steam . being fully expanded to contracting down. a lot we were able to get a lot of low . pressure using that method we pulled . almost 25 inches of mercury just by . cooling our jar down in some iced water . that's not a full vacuum but it is very . low pressure i thought it was very . entertaining taking our jar full of hot . steam lowering it down into some ice . water with a tube of eggs above it and . they all just got sucked down into it it . was really interesting i love that noise . it just pulling him down in we did . unfortunately have our jar shatter as a . result of the change in temperature from . the boiling heat to the ice-cold water . so unfortunately we were not able to . pour liquid nitrogen into the whole jar . full 10 eggs turn upside down and have . it just shoot them all back out which is . something i wanted to do and we might . have to try that again in the future . eggs are cheap steam is cheap overall . it's a really cool experiment that shows . what kinds of vacuum pressure you can. get without owning vacuum pump . hey guys thanks for watching if you're . not a subscriber yet just hit the bomb . to get in the club if you missed our . last video or want to see it again just . click up here at the top click down . there if you want to see what the . internet thinks that you should watch . next that's it for now have fun be safe . and see you tomorrow . .

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