Testing Out The Quicksand Mouse Trap Kit Sold On Amazon.

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Testing Out The Quicksand Mousetrap Kit Sold On Amazon.
You can purchase this trap through my Amazon Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079RBZG2J/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B079RBZG2J&linkCode=as2&tag=shawoohishun-20&linkId=7882d869e13e8918a278662c55fca6ae
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Today for mousetrap monday we're gonna . test out a new mousetrap kit available . on amazon that's directly related to a . video i recently posted about the clicks . and mousetrap that video has been really . popular it's received over a million . views in the last week it didn't take . long a few days and someone came up with . a kit you can purchase all in one all . you have to do is add water it comes. with a bucket perlite bait a ramp now . let's open up this box and see what it . looks like so here's what you're gonna . receive in your quicksand mousetrap kit . you have a jar here it looks like it's . about gallon size you take off the lid. we have a package of perlite or ramp . some bait and instructions the . instructions are pretty helpful in . setting up this trap it says there's a . red line there that's what you fill the . water level to take off the lid and fill . it with water we filled our jar to the . red line now the instructions say to add . the perlite it says add a liberal amount . you want to add enough that it looks . solid and the mice will jump on to it so . let's open up the package and put in the . perlite dusty this rhine corp quicksand . mouse trap also comes with a plastic . ramp is pretty easy to put together . because they color-coordinated it where . it fits together two red dots two white . dots there's a red dot there white dot . this plastic ramp has grooves it will be . easy for the mice to come up to go up . like this be like a little diving board . want to get the bait jump inside sink to. the bottom. now last part of this kit is the bait . this mix is pretty interesting it almost . looks like dog food or cat food . sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds wheat corn . pellets mice are gonna love this stuff . you don't put the bait on till the very . end so let's go set this up and then . we'll put the bait set up the motion . cameras see if we can get some wild mice . in the quicksand mousetrap kit to help . encourage the mice to go up the ramp i . have a little peanut butter i'll just . add here and then we pour the bait right . on top that's the last step that's gonna . be really enticing to the mice let's see . if it works. it's now the next morning and i came to . check on the trap there are some . interesting results now there's no mice . in here we didn't catch any mice but . that is user err . i reviewed the motion camera footage and. what happened is mice came up here jump . down . but the perlite offered too much . resistance this is clearly too much . perlite they can walk on it and jump . back out the water looks pretty gross . it's a greenish color i'm gonna dump all . that out take out the perlite put on . some sunflower seeds reset this and i'm . sure tonight it will work time to set up . for round two i put the water lower than . that red line just going to do a handful . of perlite here just enough to make that . bait float i'm going to use sunflower . seeds as the only bait that should be . enough and then i'll put the sunflower . seeds right on top that's going to act . much more like a quicksand mousetrap . than jumping on a water bed and getting . out. it's now the next morning i went to go . check on our quicksand mousetrap kit and . there are two mice in this trap so it . works well you'll notice the water . levels below where i set it the night . before that's because when i went to go . check on it before bed we had already . caught one mouse but a rat was stealing . a lot of bait i lowered the water level . hoping maybe we could get a rat we . didn't but another mouse came in smelled . that bait jumped down there so the water . level is not important as long as it's . below that red line and make sure you . have only a thin layer of pearlite if . it's too thick the mice can jump out of . it just enough perlite to hold on your . bait . i like the sunflower seeds this trap . worked really well a lot of people want . to see the footage of the trap in action . i can't show that in this video with . youtube's restrictions they're really . cracking down on advertiser friendly . policy so if you see the previous video . i posted there's going to be a link . where you can see more action footage of . this trap if you want to see that now . i'm filming the video for this trap i . tried something new a lot of people want . to know how i film my videos what . equipment i use so i did a step by step . basically vlog or how to film a . mousetrap monday video that video is . coming out next week and you'll see . everything from its coming up with the . idea purchasing the trap filming every . scene the equipment i use so if you're . interested in a behind the scenes look . stay tuned because next week there's . going to be a video in depth how i . filmed this quicksand mouse trap kit . video thanks to all the subscribers and . viewers the channel is growing like . crazy and i have so many traps i want to . test out so stay tuned i'm working up to . four or five videos a week . you. .
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