The European City Centre With No Street Names

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In the Quadratestadt of Mannheim, Germany, the streets aren't named: instead, the blocks are. It's an exception to a rule that most people don't even think about β€” especially not mapping companies.
(Thanks to JoΓ£o Correia for sending me this idea back in 2015!)
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I like finding exceptions to rules the . sort of things that expose assumptions. about how we think the world works and . that confuse any computer system that . isn't set up to accept them like streets . have names right okay sure there are . some people out there who'll immediately . don't know see there are lots of streets . that don't have names in rural areas and . developing world or there are the roads . that just have a number or a letter and . some of you will go oh well actually. japan most of japan doesn't name its . streets it names and numbers its city . blocks and besides it's more complicated . than that but okay in a western european . nation like germany in the center of a . large city like mannheim you'd expect . there to be street names now well commit . to the exception to the rule here inside . the quadratus of mannheim the squares of . the town centre only a few major streets . have names every other building is . referred to by which square it's on as . part of a grid the west half gets the . letters a to k the east half l to you . and that's followed by the number of . blocks from the centre so the block over . there is c4 or in german safier which . explains why the art gallery on it is . called zephyr given the german . reputation for humor that's a pretty . good multilingual pun none of the modern. mapping companies know what to do with. this they'll be fine if the whole . country ran on a different system but . mixing and matching in the same area in . a region that as far as most people know . just doesn't do this mother can't cope . google and microsoft get confused and . give each road multiple names apple . insists that each road has just one name . and they're entirely wrong although it's . apple maps sir you know openstreetmap . which is community-led recognises full . of dresses but not the individual blocks . although presumably that'll be fixed . within a few hours of this video being . uploaded this isn't some modern . invention either this isn't something . brought on by future looking city . planners rebuilding after the second . world war or 80s planners getting ahead . of themselves while the numbering . patterns have changed over the years . this bit of mannheim has had some form . of block numbering for a long long time . why change it just because some . programmers can't figure out how to put . it into their database programmers have . only been around for a few years this . city has been around for centuries the . address for place here in the quadratus . really is just a number then a block . hi germany even if some computers don't . believe it. you. .
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