They Were Having A Bachelor Party In The Woods When A Starving Stray Came And Asked Them For Help

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They Were Having A Bachelor Party In The Woods When A Starving Stray Came And Asked Them For Help.
It all began when Mitchel Craddock took a group of friends away to Tennessee to celebrate his upcoming wedding to his fiancΓ©e, Kristen. The groom-to-be rented a cabin in the woods with his father, Doug Craddock, and best friends Dave Perkins, Logan Wolf, Alex Manchester, Trevor Jennings, Jake Rowe and Brent Witters.
Unfortunately, the dog was not looking her best. β€œWe went outside to pet her and that’s when we noticed she was in rough shape,” Craddock’s groomsman Jennings added to The Dodo. β€œYou could see her ribs, and she was eating any scrap of food we gave her.”

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Bachelor parties are well known for. drinking dancing and all manner of. debauchery they're not however often. associated with dog rescues nevertheless. one group of friends came home from a. bachelor weekend with more than just a. hangover it all began when mitchell. credit took a group of friends away to. tennessee to celebrate his upcoming. wedding to his fiance kristen the groom. to be rented a cabin in the woods with. his father doug craddock and his best. friends dave perkins. logan wolf alex manchester trevor. jennings jake roe and brent winters and. the trip got off to a pretty normal. start as the men from vicksburg michigan. were enjoying their first morning in the. cabin they were leisurely taking their. time with making breakfast just then. however they received an unexpected. visitor we were cooking bacon with the. door open the next thing you know. there's this dog sitting right at the. front door. kradic told media in october 2016 what. dog could resist the smell of bacon and. with their door wide open this pooch. seemed to be politely requesting a. little nibble unfortunately the dog was. not looking her best we went outside to. pet her and that's when we noticed that. she was in rough shape kradic's. groomsman jennings added to the dodo you. could see her ribs and she was eating. any scrap of food we gave her she. wouldn't come inside but she sat right. there craddock said cranek also told. michigan live that the dog was very. friendly but very skittish i thought. maybe she'd been booted out of the house. before upon deciding that the animal was. in need of some tlc the groomsmen let. her hang around the cabin and gave her. food and water they nicknamed the doggie. annie after the famous fictional orphan. of the same name and generally kept her. company then something strange happened. after we gave her a bunch of food and. water she started producing milk again. cranek said to the dodo so we figured if. she's making milk her pups can't be that. old this coupled with the fact that the. pooch kept running off into the forest. made the friends certain that she had a. litter somewhere naturally curious the. eight friends decided to investigate. they followed annie back into the forest. and sure enough she'd been hiding. something there in a den dug into the. ground were seven tiny puppies. we're guessing they were maybe around. five or six weeks old. kradic told michigan life and the whole. discovery made them consider an e in a. completely new way we were proud of her. he added she gave everything she had to. those puppies the men then took the. puppies and waited for mom's arrival we. set each pup individually down in front. of her and she nuzzled their faces and. she checked out the pups and to the. person holding them she gave the look of. it's okay i trust you craddock explained. from that point then there chilled out. bachelor party had a whole new purpose. indeed instead of putting their time. effort and money into partying the men. focused on the puppies they even used. their beer fund to look after the family. of dogs who were extremely dirty from. their time underground and also covered. in fleas but with the men's care the. pups soon began to look healthier. however the time soon came for the gang. to return to michigan but unable to. leave their new buddies behind the men. didn't return home empty-handed as luck. would have it there were eight dogs for. eight men all the pups and of course. annie would now find loving homes even. better the dogs now all live within . miles of one another so they get to see. each other all the time. groom craddock adopted a puppy he named. brimmy well his groomsmen each took a. pup they named knox bear daisy. gunnar finn and rosie mean wild kradic's. father adopted annie. luckily kradic's wife to be kristen. embraced this new addition to their. family. in fact dogs have played a big part in. their relationship so far i proposed to. her with our chocolate lab and now it's. our joke that for any of our big life. events we'll get a dog craddock told the. local media meanwhile while speaking of. his bachelor party rescue pup gunnar -. the huffington post. jennings said he's a very loyal dog even. at such a young age he stays close to. you when he's outside and is always. excited to see me and even nervous annie. is doing pretty well she's very happy. and well behaved and still likes to play. with her puppies when she sees them the. groomsman revealed it was definitely not. what we expected to happen when we. loaded up and headed eight hours to. spend a week together. jennings added to the dough. we were all glad when we could help. annie and her pumps it also seemed to be. that we came back to michigan eight dogs. and cake guys perhaps unsurprisingly the. amazing bachelor party caught the. attention of local and national news. outlets then pretty soon their story. went viral and upon realizing the global. interest in their new pets the men. decided to set up a facebook group so. that people could follow the pups. progress the group now has over . members from all over the world. yay tough guys and puppies does it get. any better warm hug from the netherlands. wrote one commenter another added as a. dog lover i was overjoyed reading this. story you're all wonderful people with. you charts hopefully your unselfish acts. will inspire others congratulations on. your new family additions as for kradic. and kristin they tied the knot on. october of last year of course their. wedding will go down as a memorable day. in both their lives and the heartwarming. bachelor party turned dog rescue mission. itself is definitely a story for the. ages i hope you liked this video if so. please hit the subscribe button and. click on the bell icon to make sure you. never miss a video from our channel. .
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