This Country Fought a War with 250,000 Goats; Who Won?

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Vthis video is brought to you by 'cheddar'. who recently launched their own youtube channel videos about business,. technology and media. check out their video about. who defends the earth from asteroids next. so one of the most ancient struggle in humanities's existence. is our fight fight for survival with nature. and more specifically our struggle to survive against animals. humans have struggled with animals since well. pretty much forever and even in the 20 and 21st centuries. nature will often get the better of us. many of you will have probably heard about the great emu war. in which the australian government went to war with modern. machine guns against their emus population . and failed. this is a similar story but even more wierd. lets start with where the story takes place. the galapagos islands in the pacific ocean that are a part of ecuador. the island are famous for their biological diversity. which was so great , it was the place that. helped charles darwin. to develop his theory of evolution. there are several animal species that can only be found on the islands. like the galapagos tortoise the largest tortoise. species in the world but then. goat. started arriving and became the greatest threat to. the native species of the island that they've ever known. the islands are over 900km away from the. south american mainlands so they didn't swim , they were brought by humans. who thought it was a great idea at the time. the spanish brought them for food and released them into the wild. but when they found out that british pirates were settling the area. and fighting these goats for their own food they released dogs. into the wild to try and kill them that. didn't work and then on one of the islands. in 1959 a couple fishermen brought just 3 goats. that also escaped into the wild one male and. two females just 14 years later. it was estimated that those 3 original goats. had exploded into a population of. over 30000 goats that were rampaging. across the islands by the 19 90s the goat the problem. began to get out of hand with the goat army over. 25000 strong it was destroying the natural habitats. of the islands they were eating everything they could find. which was destroying the food eaten by the islands native. species as a result creatures like the giant. galapagos tortoise were starving to death their own numbers. had decreased form over 25000 down to just. 3000 left by the 19 70s the. goats were creating an environmental disaster. and concerned biologists began brainstorming. potential solutions it was eventually decided. that the native wildlife on the islands needed to be saved and the only way. to do that was to remove all the 25 . goats rounding them all up and transporting them somewhere else. somewhere else was decided to be difficult. so several other crazy plans were developed instead. including one idea to import lions to. the island s that would eat the goats they eventually decided that. was dumb but agreed that an all out war. needed to be declared on the goats and every single last goat. on the islands needed to be destroyed and for that. they brought in the military after. after years of debating and planning the galapagos conservancy initiated. project isabella the systematic killing of all goats. and other pests from the galapagos islands. the began at first simply with squads of hunters. crossing the islands and shooting as they found them. but this was determined to not be terribly efficient or quick enough. so then they brought in helicopters with trained sharpshooters. brought in from new zealand to fly around and mow down the goats in herds. there would be two gunners on either side of the helicopter. and when the pilot managed to herd a group of goats together. into a tight pack they would open fire and wipe all of them out. this tactic proved effective because within in the first year. starting, 90% of the islands goats. had been eliminated the remaining 10% meant. thousands of goats where still out there though. and they started going. under ground. the surviving goats grew. wise to the sound of helicopters knowing that their sound meant instant death. they scattered and fled to the hidden parts of the island. and continued gorilla style war against their human attackers. you already know how quickly. just three goats managed to reproduce into 30,000 goats. so even if only a handful remain. the environmental disaster they were causing would restart. all over again eventually all bold. new strategy had to be developed to finish the war. and so project isabella came up with the idea of. judas goat, essentially a team would capture a female goat from the wild. tag it with a gps tracking. device and release it to go find it's friends the hunters would follow. the goat back to the herd and just like judas. it would betray it's friends to be slaughtered. once the herd was eliminated the hunters would always leave the judas goat alive. to go find new friends to start the entire process. over again. everywhere the judas goat went. it unknowingly would bring death it. over two more long years the team employed. over 900 such judas goats to finish the war. by 2006 it was declared. that the main islands were free of goats for the first time in. centuries and the vegetation they destroyed. was begging to come back. the galapagos turtle. population has since rebounded to over 19, . so the operation has achieved it's goals. that being said, project isabella is not. without controversy the slaughter of a quarter of a million. goats was and is controversial today to some. but their deaths met the saving from extension. of several other species. it should be humanities's responsibility to protect all life. on our planet because we're the only species. cable of understanding how to. do it. one of the biggest threats to life on earth comes in the form of asteroids from space. and my friends over at cheddar have created. a really interesting video about how's responsibility it is exactly. to protect us from them, the link to their video and channel. is in the description and i strongly encourage you to. check it out and consider subscribing to them if you enjoy. the videos i create . they make informational videos about business, technology, and media. and they just recently launched their own channel so if you're looking to. learn more about the world go and check them out next. *outro music*. .
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