This Dog Has a VERY Weird Problem…
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[music]. come here buddy come here good boy good . boy scout good boy good boy come on you . don't know how to leash do you you don't . know how to walk on a leash you don't go . down this hill come on good boy good boy . that's a very tiny stream that's not. normal it's just a car okin variant i'm . doctor matt and this dog is scout he is . very nervous he does not know how to use . the leaf he just peed all over that . while he was standing there licking me . he has urinary issues i don't know if . you can see it but his stream is super . tiny because he has a super tiny opening . of his perfu shiell orifice i feel very . strange lately last night i dreamt we . had 20 children peggy . you know i can't give you more children . i have a narrow urethra not very good . with the leash not very comfortable . doing this. good workout is a homeless dog he is our . newest vet ranch patient and he's still . pink look as he's standing here he has . two little tiny streams coming out that . is not normal . we've been out here for about five . minutes and he's been constantly walking . around with these two little streams . coming up he can't control when to pee . he just does not have a normal large . stream coming out his opening is tiny so . we're gonna go to anesthetize him today . and see if we can fix that good boy . you're a good boy scout boy we just gave . scout some drugs he looks a little . sleepier than he did before everybody . he's still awake . he just now laid his head down we were . just getting him ready for surgery about . to stick a catheter in him and then we . will roll him over and see what we got . to work with . [music]. we have him under anesthesia now so . first of all you can see that he is like . yellow he just has stained yellow from . urine just constantly spraying backwards . at his back legs and all under here so . he does have a penis it feels like right . there what are you laughing about . sissy is working here but the opening is . right there and it is so tiny i mean it . is literally a pinpoint so i think that . if we can just make that opening a . normal-sized should work it should be . fine after that dr. jackie while we have . them under we were also going to neuter . him so getting ready for surgery i'll . see you there so here is it this hole is . actually really hard to find but that's . it that little dot a little red dot is . the opening it is so tiny and i've . actually stretched it out by putting . this in there so what i'm gonna do . that's our opening right there i'm just . gonna open that up and make it bigger . and i think that's all we're going to do . i'm gonna look at the tip of the penis . too and make sure that it's normal . inside there but i bet it is normal and . we'll just have to open up that . perpetual orifice there i'm just gonna . go in with scissors and try to open this . basically i don't know what i'm gonna . find in here we're just we're exploring . to see what we can find . so i have it all opened up i looked at . his penis ike's terrorized it everything . looks normal so all so all i need to do . now is suture the inside lining of his . prepuce to the outside skin here and . create a bigger opening so i think i . think we fixed him grow up jackie hey . jackie. penis just finished surgery so here is . his new propecia lure ffice it will look . a lot better if he did when it heals up . and then i neutered him as well so we're . gonna wake him up now but i know i know . i know he's attacking me day after . surgery you could tell he's feeling . pretty good you're supposed to be like . sick and sleepy after surgery day you . know you know but all's going well here . he can pee normally he's feeling fine . as you can see yeah anyway more crazy. with the cone on all right we'll keep . you updated probably give you an update . like a week or something good boy . it's been a few weeks since scout . surgery you can see he's feeling like a . million bucks out here nice brisk . morning air and scout running wild good . boy good boy good boy scout the time of . this is coming to an end good old boy . we're gonna try to get him to a foster . home so that he can have a family maybe . even a real home a final home so he can . have a family i would hold him upside . down and show you how good his surgery . site looked right now if i could i . believe me i tried this dog has so much . energy and he would not hold still . enough for you to see anything but trust . me everything's perfect everything works . perfect looks good . we got a happy healthy dog so thanks for . watching vet france thanks for . supporting being a pet project because . they support dogs like . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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