Toastmasters Programme at Waterway Primary School

Our children will have to communicate, persuade and present to others, both professionally and socially. Many may clam up when required to do so, especially in front of audiences.
However, if you encourage your child to learn the fun ways and skills required for effective public speaking and presentations, it will help them grow to be confident communicators.
Find out about Waterway Primary School’s Toastmasters programme and how their students are enjoying it!
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You have two great for us bring objects. to school to talk about them you have to. . . always have. . . icon that you can move your body when. you're talking and at the end you have. . . to end and time. . . generally i see that the entire cohort. has leveled up in terms of confidence . . boy in particular who actually couldn't. even greet a teacher but now just a. . . while ago was he speaking on stage. confidently. . . it's a really comforting thing to see a. child grow within a short span of six. . . months. .

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