TurboTax 2018 Big Game Commercial “The Thing Under the Bed” (Official :30) TV ad

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https://turbotax.intuit.com There’s nothing to be afraid of. Things are never as scary as you might think. Like doing your own taxes. Just answer some simple questions. It's lemon squeezy! TurboTax 2018 Big Game Super Bowl Commercial "The Thing Under the Bed" (Official :30) TV ad
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Oh dear, the very. thought of some things. it's a wonder we sleep at all. but we confront this. monster of our own making. and do our taxes. with turbotax. just answer some. simple questions like,. "are you single ". indeed, i am. "did you move ". no. still here. under michelle's bed. oh, see. nothing to be afraid of. intuit turbotax. .
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