Two Trail Runners Heard A Rustling Noise In The Forest – Then Found Five Frightened Creatures

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Ashley Blake and her training partner Joshua Scott were running through the forest when a faint rustling caught their attention. The pair decided to interrupt their jog and investigate. That was when they found five frightened little animals.

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[music]. to trail runners heard a rustling noise . in the forest then found five frightened . creatures. ashley blake and her trainer partner . joshua scott were running through the . forest when a faint rustling caught . their attention the pair decided to . interrupt their jog and investigate that. was when they found five frightened . little animals the berkeley fall classic . is a testing 31 mile race through the . brushy mountains in frozen head state . park tennessee the event is designed to . test the limits of runners endurance so . when blake and scott signed up to . compete in 2018 they knew they'd have to . train hard well the race wasn't . scheduled to take place until september . of 2018 by march of that year blake in . her training partner scott wolf of oak . ridge tennessee had their running regime . well underway and that month they . visited frozen head state park where the . berkeley fall classic takes place during . their training run the pair would get an . idea of the kind of terrain that they'd . be facing during the event the landscape . was rough and rugged which no doubt . added to the challenges facing blake and . scott the pair were planning to complete . the full 31 mile course around the . partner so they put their heads down and . got to work halfway through their run . however something caught their eye and . it was so shocking that it forced them . to abandon their training session blake . and scott were making their way down a . wooded track when they spotted a pile of . black fur upon further investigation the . runners could make out five tiny bodies. and despite the bitterly cold . temperatures the animals were still . alive in march of 2018 blake told the . dodo it was just a little rustling that . caught us . it's usual to hear forest critters and . that's what we expected we turned and . saw this black pile it was five puppies . huddled together the parrot stumbled . across the five adorable black labrador. puppies they were completely alone in . the forest and were clustered together . to keep warm the sight tugged on blake . and scott's heartstrings. as a result they knew they had to help . they were terrified and crying flake . recalled they settled down once they . realized we weren't going to harm them . and we were warm they were dumped . without food water blanket or mother . leaping into action the pair scooped the . puppies up and delivered them to a park . ranger sadly he wasn't even shocked by . the runner story in fact he told blake . and scott that pets are often dumped in . the park the park ranger explained that . people leave animals in that area . because it's so remote as a result they . believe they can ditch packs without. being seen and in this case it appeared . that those responsible had gotten away . with their actions luckily though the . five puppies had been found before . anything too terrible could happen to . them and they were now in the safe hands . of blake and scott who along with the . park ranger were eager to get the . animals lives back on track the ranger . agreed that he would look after the . puppies at his home for the time being . after that he planned to hand them over . to an animal shelter where they would . hopefully all find loving homes and . families to take care of them by this . point however blake and scott were . already invested in the five dogs future . so they later transported the puppies to . the shelter themselves and the . heartwarming story didn't end there blue . lakes training partner scott decided to . adopt one of the dogs in fact whom he . later named barkley the puppy slotted . into his new family nicely quickly . bonding with scott's two other dogs and . he wasn't the only member of the litter . to have his happy ending eventually . forever homes were found for all the . puppies but if it hadn't been for blake . and scott they might never have survived. for another day so it was certainly a . job well done by the two runners . clearly proud of our exploits in march . of 2018 . blake posted her story to the trail and . ultrarunner group's facebook page the . site is usually reserved for post about . marathon running nonetheless blake's . animal rescue tale went down a storm . relaying the details of the rescue blake . wrote halfway through a berkeley fall . classic 50k training run in frozen head . my training partner and i found a litter . of five shivering puppies with freezing . temperatures and no food they surely . would not have made it the night . explaining how she and scott had stepped . in to help the puppies blake at it be . wonderful rangers met us and will bring . them to the shelter today now we can add . saving puppies to the list of ultra . running adventures she later returned to . the running site to add we took the. puppies this morning to the shelter . berkeley is now part of my friend's . family he made a perfect birthday . present . [music]. you . .
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