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uganda knuckles more like red Somalian sonic Xd
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You do not know the way you think you . know the way but only me and my . apprentice know - wait away after . ugandan people i remember years ago it . was the blue versus to read the bloods . versus the creek and now we have our. joint forces we've even made some new . knuckles we have trapped knuckles big . knuckles i don't like this knuckles but . it's a notice nonetheless we it's part . of our people who are ugandan culture . and try on a way of communicating we . died together jump together we do . everything together we spit together . anything for the queen now the queen . will die and most things on turn 10 . we're gonna have to find a new queen and . we already found some potential . candidates this version and knuckles as . a girl in this other version are . knuckles as a girl and this way you know . anything basically. basically if knockers has tits the queen . but the rents in the bluestone forces so . we can beat the penguins . we will use our ebola and our uganda . power and kill them spit on them like . the little pieces of they are if . you mess with us we will spit on you we . worship it and you will hate it i tell . you that long live the brothers motion . [music]. you know i just want to play vr chat at . this point like it's a banger right i . can't play the game anymore like . this is what occupies the whole game at . this point well you know what they say . you can't defeat dub join them . [music]. .
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