Unbelievable Myths From The 1950s DEBUNKED!

Science has come a long way since the 1950's, but what crazy things did we believe back then?
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Caption: Hey there welcome to life noggin with . every new scientific discovery comes a . chance to laugh at what people used to . believe from smoking is healthy too the . earth is flat there is a lot of crazy . stuff out there seriously guys the earth . is not flat while theories like . geocentrism mostly died out centuries. ago as recently as the mid 20th century . people believed in things like . lobotomies and drinking during pregnancy . so let's take a look at some of these . scientific things we believed in the . 1950s as i mentioned earlier people . didn't always think that smoking . cigarettes was bad for you . cigarette companies used to boast that . their brand wouldn't hurt your throat . and sinuses some advertisements even . claim to have scientific proof that . their cigarettes were less irritating. than their competitors as it turns out . the researchers who found this proof . were actually sponsored by the cigarette. company and other scientists who weren't. sponsored found evidence to dispute . these claims but people still believed . that smoking wasn't harmful studies in . the coming decades obviously proved that . wrong. along those lines the 50s were the peak. lobotomy era lobotomies were a type of . surgery that involved drilling two holes . into the skull and pushing spikes called . luca tomes into the brain the surgeon . would then move the luca tomes back and . forth in the frontal lobe of the brain . lobotomies were supposed to help with . all kinds of mental issues from . depression to schizophrenia portuguese . neurologist antรณnio e-gas moniz . invented the lobotomy in 1935 and he . actually received the nobel prize for . his invention in 1949 but by the 60s . they were really falling out of favor . since they left a lot of patients . apathetic lethargic and even with major. personality changes another interesting . mental health trend in the 1950s was lsd . therapy dr. albert hoffman discovered . the effects of the drug in 1943 and his . medicinal use continued through the next . couple decades lsd was used by doctors . and researchers with purposes ranging. from treating alcoholism to calming . patients in psychiatric wards this . happened until it was made illegal in . many countries in the 60s despite all . this the 1950s also saw a lot of . scientific advancements and new . discoveries the polio vaccine was . created in response to huge outbreaks in . the early 1950s psychologists began to . focus more on behaviorism as well as . cognitive psychology the idea of climate . change was becoming more of a concern to . scientists research rising co2 rates but. overall it's pretty clear that a lot of . scientific facts and theories weren't . understood nearly as well in the 1950s . so i for one am glad to live in the . present day so i think it'd be a fun . idea if i covered multiple decades what . do you think which decades should i talk . about next let me know in the comment . section below if you enjoyed this video . why don't you head on over and watch . this video about what would happen if . robots took our jobs . check it out to start which job do you. think a robot will take over first a . doctor or a nurse interestingly current . work in the field of artificial. intelligence seems to suggest that a . doctor might be the first in line my . name is blanco this has been life noggin . don't forget . [music]. .

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