Untold Truth About Why History Was Told To You In Reverse

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Caption: Long corner patreon. com forward slash. stain counter way or paypal dot me 4/10 . counter way to support me my channel and . my content by demand merchandise is now . available at i'm just here to make you . think calm . [music]. [music]. i knew nothing about the american indian . and that everything we are taught about . the american indian is wrong it's . inaccurate and our school books are full . of hopelessly lacking practically. lacking in revealing what our . relationship was with the indian also . what we've learned about the indian . that's been largely taught to us by . hollywood and by motion pictures they . have educated us being a virtue created. us indians have been tragically . misrepresented in films and in our . history books in our attitudes in our . reporting so we must set about to. re-educate ourselves so we must set . about to re-educate ourselves so we must . set about to re-educate. [music]. [music]. when third world countries are. misrepresented they're likely to be . valueless when where cater maps . exaggerate the importance of western . civilization when the top of the map is . given him northern hemisphere the bottom . is given to the southern then people . will tend to adopt top and bottom . attitudes when we hear as we've heard . throughout all our lives no matter how . old we are that we are a country that . stands for freedom for brightness for . justice for everyone it simply doesn't. apply to those who are not white it just . simply doesn't apply and we were the . most rapacious aggressive destructive . torturing monstrous people who swept . from one coast to the other murdering . and causing mayhem among my indians when . we say especially that we are going to . keep our treaties and that we do keep . our word and that we above all people do . keep our word it i think it's important . to mention that there have been nearly . 400 treaties written by the united. states in good faith with the indians . and every single one of them was average . means broken or changes are all okay . everyone now in this particular segment . i will be covering many details that is . of course very essential to all . americans and especially to those who . are the direct descendants of the . indigenous aboriginal niji of this land . now called north america and before i go . any further allow me to acknowledge that . i do totally understand that many of you . may have heard either very little to no . deep though at all concerning this . information that i'm about to present to . you merely due to the fact that you were . lied to like millions of others no . matter if they share the same hue of . complexion with you or not in many of my . previous documentaries i've shared . various detailed information that was . hidden to the public as to why multiple . different things were purposely told to . you in reverse which leads me to my very . first point of this segment and that is . why was history toe to you in reverse . now this question alone will be . continuously answered throughout this . particular segment and also throughout . nearly all of my content that i present . to the public reason being is due to how . history is depicted in today's society. of america because history today is now . known as what is documented from the . past but the problem resides and what . was considered to be history in the past . simply because history in the past was . literally what our so individual made it . to be. now this generation of people would in . averted lee believe that that's how . history should be and i agree with you . however i would add that generational . past history differs from say for . example like lebron james making history . in one of his past championship games. why well merely due to how generational . past history is formatted in which it . would teach generations of people a . fictitious story of unforeseen . information a one directional or rather . one-sided story told by a particular . group of people in order to establish . and maintain a deceitful here an agenda . of propaganda that will manipulate its . readers or listeners into a system of . theology indoctrination in other words . these particular individuals that . provided this information told you what . they wanted to tell you no matter if it . was based on any truths facts or their . own opinions it is called the illusion . of power whereas this illusion is that . one group of people are somehow superior . to others what is also important to note . here is that there are multiple . different entities that are man-made in . history as one of them along with . various types of science technology and . even many forms of religion all of these . social engineering experiments work on . survey today same exact one set group of. people that i mentioned earlier in order . to compel the masses into adopting it . the ideology alone of their manipulative . theoretical motives programs an . individual to become prone with limits . to their literacy and critical thinking . capabilities not only were these same . tactics utilized in the past but these. detrimental effects are currently being . depicted as the norm . in today's society this form of role . reversal began with charles darwin in . his followers when they began to promote . and teach the theory of evolution during . the 1800s as you may know the theory of . evolution is a scientific method in . which charge darwin states the process . of natural selection and pseudo . scientific blatantly races information . that he cultivated in relation to the . world's population now why would he do . this well it's definitely not about . whether man came from monkeys as society . would love to point to you so you can . argue about this fictitious theory . whenever it's brought up no it's more. about the different traits of the human . population how different traits confer . different rates of survival and . reproduction and also how these traits . can be passed down from generation to . generation now you might be asking so . what does this have to do with our . history being told to us and reverse and . my answer to that is everything because . charles darwin created this theory of . evolution not because of the apes but . because he was a part of it in other . words charles darwin's pseudo scientific . theory was used to manipulate people . into believing that they evolved from . apes but in all actuality he was . endeavoring to figure out where his . species of people came from this module . will go on to formulate how this . particular group of collective offspring . will be able to continue forward in . successive generations as the quote . survival of the fittest see you have to . understand where europe is located. before it was called europe that . particular landmass was and still is a. part of africa. and all of this correlates with some of . the many things that were told to you in . reverse like for example that out of . africa theory now keep in mind that i . just explained to you the hidden details . behind charles darwin's theory and just . like his theory of evolution the entire . out of africa theory is merely nothing . but an indoctrinated form of. manipulative pseudo storytelling that . was cultivated by the likes of a . self-proclaimed prominent but yet . fictitious bigoted scientists named. melville jean hershkovitz . an anthropologist of the early 1900's . melville is solely responsible for. expanding the lies of storytelling and . which in turner was later considered to . be american history by completely. reversing the records of historic. information and also creating a . fictional story about african slaves . immigrating to the americas by way of . the spaniards during the 1500s this . story was later known as the middle . passage. however prior to melville's fictional. story no information existed in history . that clearly mentioned that the . so-called negroes of the american lands . came from africa for example according . to an english immigrant by the name of . noah webster who was the author of the . webster's english language dictionaries. the year 1828 s definition of american . is quote a native of america originally . applied to the aboriginals or copper . colored races found here by the . europeans but now . applied to the descendants of europeans . born in america also melville allegedly . took a trip to somewhere in africa . meaning that there is absolutely no . records of this just a story gathered up . a few artifacts from there observed a . few tribes and a few cultures and dubbed . it as africanism then traveled back to . the u. s. wrote a book called the myth of . the negro past and published it in 1942 . in the fictional section where he. claimed that the people of color in . america somehow lost connection with . their cultural past during the middle . passage from africa to the americas see . the people like melville and the us . government along with the u. s. public . school system wants you to believe that . the lands of america were unoccupied . prior to their arrivals but the truth is. that they were occupied by our ancestors . and not these people that they are . referring to as native americans right . now our ancestors were not of pale skin . but only dark to light brown skin . complexions the out of africa theory . along with these fraudulent dna tests . from the nineteen hundreds works hand in . hand for one big reason because they . were created by the same group of people . that forced you to believe that you came . from africa when in fact millions of . these caucasians did not arrive to north . america until the late 1700s hence the . reason why the u. s. census did not begin . the population count until the year 1790 . and all of those records between the . 1790 us census and the 1830 census were . either lost or destroyed somehow side . note the racial integrity act of 1924 . gave government officials the permission . to destroy those records to further hide . the truth about who the real . african-americans are furthering the . expansion of eugenics by manipulating . millions of people into believing a lie . another example of history that was told . to you in reverse is that of the world . maps over the years several different . maps were created the majority of them . to reflect imperialism and to exacerbate . the size and importance of the ruling . countries the mercator projection has . fostered european imperialist attitudes . for centuries and created an ethnic bias. against a third world all world maps in . today's history derived from the. european traditional makeda world map of . and all of these maps are volume ly . incorrect the map enlarges areas at the . poles to create straight lines of . constant bearing or geographic direction . so it makes it easier to cross an ocean . but yes it distorts the relative size of . nations and continents are you saying . the map is wrong dear yes they are in . fact flipped upside down and shown to . you in reverse with the current . hemispheres misrepresented meaning that . it distorts the size of objects or . rather continents and also miss places . the location of a continents position on. purpose. [music]. here we have europe drawn considerably . larger than south america when it's 6. 9 . million square miles south america is . almost double the size of europe's at . 3. 8 million alaska appears three times . as large as mexico and mexico is larger. by 0. 1 million square miles. germany appears in the middle of the mat . once in the northernmost quarter of the. earth-boy relative size is one thing but . you're telling me that germany isn't . where we think it is nothing's where you . think it is where is it i'm glad you . asked this was done this way to give off . the impression that the western . europeans are superior to our the races . of people by being above the new world a . weather third world countries salvatore . anatole of the national council for . social studies argues in our society we . unconsciously equate size with. importance and even power in our society. man consciously great size with . importance and even power and third. world countries are mr. representative . they're likely to be valued less . unruhe caterer maps exaggerate the . importance of western civilization when . the top of the map is given him northern . hemisphere the bottom is given to the . southern and people will tend to adopt . top and bottom attitude but wait at who . else could you put the northern . hemisphere put on the top this . misrepresentation of history and the . many ways that it has been reversed has . definitely affected our peoples . mentality nationality cultures heritage . history and even education so there's no . coincidence that the same one set group . of racist people in america wants you to . go back to africa all while consistently . pushing the fictitious agenda into your . conscience then africa is where they . emigrated your ancestors from because . the truth is that they will want your . attention on a different area of land . mass for a bigger reason and that reason. is so you won't notice that america is . truthfully your direct ancestors . mainland and africa is actually where . their ancestors originally derived from . making them the real african-americans . due to the story being purposely told to . you in reverse just here to make you . think . .

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