What Will A Nuclear Blast Do To Your Body?

Hopefully, we won't see a nuclear war ever again. But what would happen if you were caught near a nuke?
Watch more: Could Humans Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse? ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNNnwF42Icg
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Caption: Hey there!. welcome to life noggin!. a post apocalyptic world can seem pretty cool. in video games and movies but it'd be a whole. lot scarier in real life. especially if it had to do with nuclear warfare. i'm interested in what a nuclear blast would. do to the human body. and hopefully we can learn why we should try. and avoid such things in the future. for starters, just what is a nuclear bomb . a nuclear bomb is a name generally given to. a weapon that’s explosion is the result. of energy released by a reaction involving. atomic nuclei. this is typically done through fission, usually. powered by uranium or plutonium, or fusion,. which is more powerful and usually involves. hydrogen. fission supplies the main damaging power for. atomic bombs, whereas fusion is involved for. hydrogen bombs. as such, both the atomic bomb and the hydrogen. bomb are nuclear weapons. however, it's interesting to point out that. fusion bombs can still use fission with regards. to detonating or triggering the bomb. so what could a nuclear blast do to the human. body . well, nuclear explosions can produce blasts. of air similar to more conventional weapons. the blast can injure the human body through. effects such as rupturing eardrums or lungs. or by throwing people at dangerous speeds. collapsing structures and flying debris caused. by the blast can also lead to injury. this can range anywhere from smaller scrapes. and wounds to a person’s bones being crushed. death can occur if the damage is bad enough. even if they don’t die immediately, it can. be possible for a person to be buried under. rubble that they can’t escape from. but a nuclear blast has another level of harm. that can hurt the human body. beyond the effects we just talked about, it. can generate an intense pulse of thermal radiation. that can burn people’s skin and start fires. it’s typically worse the closer a person. is to the center of the blast,. with the possibility of their insides being. roasted alive and their body even being incinerating. if they were close enough. the blasts can also lead to more long term. health consequences,. such as cataracts, and aftereffects have been. seen in cases like hiroshima that involve. problems like thyroid disease. some also believe that it can lead to birth. defects. nuclear blasts have yet another layer of harm. that is both bad for the human body and the. environment; fallout. what does nuclear fallout do to the human. body . a big danger comes in the form of cancer and. radiation. when exposed to the radiation from nuclear. fallout,. it can cause a chemical change in a person’s. cells which can kill or make the cells abnormal. if the cell’s dna is damaged, this can lead. to cancer. nuclear blasts can be very devastating, with. significant short and long term consequences,. so hopefully we can just keep our studies. on nuclear weapons a history lesson. let me know in the comment section below what. we should talk about next. and if you enjoyed this video then you're definitely. gonna wanna check out the video we did over. on play noggin. about whether or not you can survive nuclear. fallout. using this system, the most powerful weapons. in the united states' current arsenal. can unleash the equivalent of 1. 2 million. tons or megatons of tnt. that's 75 times more energy than the first. atomic weapons. as always, my name is blocko!. this has been life noggin!. don't forget to keep on thinking!. .

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