What’s It Like To Be A Dog?

Do dogs really only see in black and white? How does your dog see the world?
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Caption: Hey there welcome to life noggin today . is an awesome day i get to frolic . through the forest with professor . cuddlesworth here and enjoy all this. beautiful nature seeing this little guy . sniff the ground and jump at the . wildlife has me wondering how do dogs . experience the world . well first off how do they see it was. thought in the past that dogs could only . see something similar to those old . black-and-white movies but now we know . that they can see some color just not . the same way humans do to understand . dogs vision more it's important to know. that dogs only have two types of cones . in their eyes while my human friends. have three these two types of cones . allows them to differentiate yellow and . blue compared to human eyes that can . have over 6 million cones made up of . blue green and red we can get an idea of . what dogs see by looking at humans that . have red-green color blindness they. would have a hard time differentiating . between the colors of red and green . making it difficult to find a red . delicious apple in a field of granny. smiths my dogs not even trying to find . this apple he's still attempting to kill . the squirrel you were a good squirrel . killer aren't you anyway i always hear . how good a dog's nose is but just how . good is it well it turns out quite a bit . dogs have noses that can have hundreds . of millions of olfactory sensors while . humans have about 5 million that comes . in handy when grandma makes her famous . pie from those apples that were . mentioned earlier there are so many . smells that you humans are missing out . on it's so sad also a new study has. helped reveal why dogs and humans might. coexist so well researchers found that . structural variants in two genes. contribute to extreme scalability in . dogs what's interesting is that these . genes have also been previously . implicated in the behavioral phenotypes. of people with williams syndrome . williams syndrome is a multi-system . congenital disorder that is. distinguished by hyper social behavior. affected individuals usually have . outgoing personalities and tend to take . extreme interest in others these . findings suggest that there are . commonalities in the genetics behind . canine tameness and williams syndrome in . humans now if we can just figure out why . this guy can't seem to get along well . with anyone we'd be fine did you eat all . the leftovers in the fridge dang a . triangle bob bad boy so if you were a . dog for a day what would you do let me . know in the comment section below . so . dogs are super important but what if all . the cats on earth died if you want to . know the answer check out this video . well one study shows that over a . ten-year period cat owners were 30% less . likely to die from a heart attack . compared to non cat owners as always my. name is blocko this has been life noggin . don't forget to keep on thinking . .

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