Wild Whale Rushes To Save Diver From Giant Shark

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7cEvSUaJaI source / https://www.thedodo.com
Marine biologist Nan Hauser has been diving with wild whales for the past 28 years β€” but it wasn’t until recently that she could credit one with saving her life.

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Caption: [music]. [applause]. he just wouldn't stop touching me houser . told the dodo i tried to get away over . and over again but he kept at it he . eventually pushed me right up out of the . water on his fin he kept putting his eye . right next to me and i couldn't figure . out what he was trying to tell me the . interaction continued for about ten . minutes and with adrenaline pumping the . worst thoughts began to creep into. hauser's mind i thought the camera crew . was going to end up filming my death . houser said one whip of a whale's tail. on you and the pressure would break your . bones but as it turns out the whale . wasn't the one houser needed to be . afraid of she soon realized that there . was a shark nearby and the whale was. doing everything he could to keep her . away from it another humpback in the . distance kept washed and repeatedly . slapped her tail onto the water the . noise can be heard underwater for miles . i finally took my eye off the whale and . saw something swimming very fast with . his tail swinging side to side houser . said whales swim with their tails moving . up and down it was at that moment i . realized it was a tiger shark and it was . one of the largest sharks i've ever seen . in my life . at that point the whale had all but . delivered hauser back to the boat . after an intense few minutes of. wrangling her and spinning her around . when the moment was right houser quickly . jumped back into the boat and the whale . lingered nearby to make sure she had. gotten there okay i just put my hands on . my face and started crying houser said i . can't say whether they were tears of. relief that i was alive or because i had . just experienced the most incredible . thing i've ever seen in my life . humpback whales are known for their . altruism and there are several . documented cases of them trying to save . other animals from danger marine. biologists robert pittman analyzed this . behavior for over 60 years and . included that humpbacks will frequently . band together to interrupt killer whale . attacks regardless of the type of animal . that is being attacked to date . hauser's encounter is the only . documented case that involves a human . even though it was an absolutely crazy . experience i feel so honored to have had . it happen to me houser said it's an . incredible quality that felt go rushing . into a dangerous situation for the sake . of someone else while houser did . experience a bit of bruising from the . encounter it didn't stop her from going . into the same waters four days later on . her birthday. a female humpback followed their boat. for miles and kept reaching up out of . the water as it to gain their attention . i just knew that she was the second . whale from that day the one who was . slapping at the water houser said i got . in the water with her and she dove down . below i thought no she doesn't recognize. me but right underneath me she was . coming straight up with her beautiful . pectoral fins out she put her flippers . around and hugged me after an eventful . few days houser couldn't help but feel . more inspired than ever to continue her . important work and to further educate . people about the issues that whales face . across the world's oceans species across . the board are consistently threatened by. pollution entanglement in fishing nets . and hunting in countries like japan . right now oceans and whales are in so . much trouble hauser said the ocean is . the amniotic sac for the earth and . what's happening to creatures in the . ocean will soon happen to us if we . aren't more careful we need to be a . voice for them . .

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