Worst Prison Experiments Conducted on Humans

What are some of the worst prison experiments that have been conducted on humans?
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The united states has the largest prison . population per capita in the world . behind the seychelles but in terms of . inmates the tiny island nation has . nothing on the us according to prison . policy in total if you include all the . various forms of detention such as . prisons jails juvenile correctional . facilities and more there are currently . about 2. 3 million americans behind bars . violence property crimes drugs and . public order offenses are why most of . those prisoners are doing time what goes . on in us prisons is also a matter of . ongoing controversy often depicted in . movies and documentaries but the . atrocities of the past in those prisons . and prisons all over the world are even . more shocking that's what we'll look at . today in this episode of the . infographics show worst prison . experiments conducted on humans don't . forget to subscribe and click the bell . button so that you can be part of a . notification squad perhaps the worst of . all nightmares is being surgically. experimented on by a ruthless physician. such a narrative has been a mainstay in . sci-fi and horror fiction for some time . with recent examples being deadpool and. before that the human centipede these . ideas didn't come out of nowhere . indeed we might look back at an american . doctor and eugenicist called leo stanley . he was the chief surgeon at california's . san quentin state prison from 1913 to . 1951 as a believer in eugenics the . principle that we can be improved by . controlled breeding and modifying the . body. he started off at the prison by . sterilizing all the men he considered . beyond redemption that was the least of . it he also believed he could make an old . prisoner more virile by implanting the . testicles of young men that had been . executed into older inmates it didn't . really work but he carried on only with . not enough dead men's nuts he turned to . using the glands of rams boars and goats . on thousands of inmates such surgical . experiments might make us wins but far. worse was done with disease one such. case started in 1956 and went on for 14 . years during which researchers took. mentally disabled children from . willowbrook state school in staten . island new york and purposely gave them . viral hepatitis the kids were given food . contaminated with the feces of infected . persons which the doctors had told . parents amounted to a vaccination this . wasn't true and the case goes down as an . immoral experiment to find the treatment . for the disease while this is not . strictly a prison experiment the . children were for all intents and . purposes in detention if not for medical . science then prisoners have been used in . military experiments one such experiment . happened over . period of 20 years in the 1950s and 70s . at the now-infamous and closed down . holmesburg prison in philadelphia the . prison became notorious for its perfume . experiment a name the prisoners gave the . experiment but was also known for . mind-control experiments using mostly . black prisoners scientists at the . university of pennsylvania working with . the dow chemical company the us army and . johnson & johnson performed a series of . tests by injecting them with powerful . toxic chemicals in order to see how the . skin reacts to them toxins were also . added to prisoners toothpaste deodorant. shampoo skin creams and other products. many of the prisoners became very sick . and many had painful and horrific . looking skin conditions . it's thought nine out of ten prisoners . were tested on one of the chilling facts . from this time is what the leading . scientist said when he first walked into . the prison and realized how perfect it . would be for testing all i saw before me . were acres of skin it was like a farmer . seeing a fertile field for the first . time he said if that wasn't bad enough . many inmates were also given lsd in . mind-control experiments one of these . psychological experiments involved a . substance known as ea3 167 the drug used . in chemical warfare is set to cause . delirium and other psychotic behavior . elastic from three to four days with . subsequent amnesia while it's thought . such methods are on their way out former . detainees of the usa's notorious. detention center at guantanamo bay have . reported that they too were experimented . on with mind-altering drugs we will now . turn our focus away from the usa and . towards germany detailing nazi . atrocities would be a show in itself so . we will talk about perhaps the worst of . the worst regarding experiments. performed on prisoners and concentration. camps again it is the surgical . experiments that make the skin crawl the. most some of these were conducted by . nazi scientist josef mengele who it is . said during 1943 and 1944 performed . experiments in almost 1,500 twins and . mccants twins were initially saved from . the gas chamber so the doctor could . conduct his tests in the name of . eugenics stories differ on what he. actually did but according to the bbc he . would sometimes take out organs without. anesthetic the bbc also wrote that he . had a collection of human eyes of all . different colors stuck to his laboratory . wall he was fascinated with eye color . and it said he would inject dye into . children's eyes to change the color . adding to the horror and mystery behind . the strange case of dr. mengele whom . according to some surviving twins had a . fatherly side to him. there is one story that says he sewed . two gypsy twins together to make them . conjoined they later died of gangrene it . was reported after spending three days . in terrible agony some prisoners were . set to have bone muscle and nerve . transplantation performed on them. without anesthesia . the nazis also conducted all kinds of . other experiments including freezing . prisoners to study hypothermia infecting. them with diseases poisoning them and . burning them alive japan also has a dark . past involving its treatment of . prisoners of war many of the worst . atrocities were carried out on american . pows something which has been told in . all its lurid detail in one such article. the guardian explains that u. s. prisoners were injected with seawater . one man had his lung removed and another . man had his head drilled into so doctors . could take out some of his brain in an . effort to better understand epilepsy . it's also reported that one of the . soldiers had his liver removed for it . later to become dinner for japanese . soldiers the charge of cannibalism to . the japanese soldiers was never brought. though due to a lack of evidence . according to a japanese man who was a . medical student at the camp the . experiments had no medical value they . were being used to inflict as cruel . adept as possible on the prisoners said . the man the japanese imperial army's . penchant for torture didn't stop in. japan a research and development center . located in china known as unit 731 was . the place where chinese pows would. experience a kind of hell on earth it's . now believed that thousands of pows . experienced live vivisection without. anesthesia not only soldiers but local . women and children had their organs . removed in the name of science most . would die it said that other prisoners . had their limbs removed so the japanese . could study blood loss and sometimes the . doctors would attempt to attach the . limbs to the opposite side the list of . cruelties is a long one and it's thought . thousands of civilians died in the end. many of whom had been purposely infected . with a number of diseases other . prisoners were killed when the japanese . were merely testing how well their guns . bombs and flamethrowers worked over to . russia and life in the gulag the russian . prison for so-called . enemies of the people one of a number of . horrible ways to die in the gulag was to. have poisons tested on you it's reported . that a famous doctor used scores of . patients while testing deadly poisons at. the gulags laboratory 12 aka the chamber . head of the lab gregory miranov ski was . looking for a poison that was tasteless . but could kill a man in seconds it's . reported that many of the victims of the . chamber were previously well respected a . cadet. politicians and artists well that's the . end of today's rather macabre joke do . you think that we as a civilization have . moved past experimenting on prisoners. what do you think it's still going on . today let us know in the comments also . be sure to check out our other video . called most painful things a human can . experience thanks for watching and as . always don't forget to like share and . subscribe see you next time . .

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