10 Heaviest Wrestlers Ever (And What They Actually Weighed)

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How much did Yokozuna really weigh?
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You know what's great about pro wrestling massive people for some reason there's just something captivating about human being that defies physical limitations you can still get in a ring and move around like they're lighter than air the problem is that wwe loves to lie to us about what these behemoths actually wait we all know yokozuna was massive then he really tipped the scales over 600 pounds because that is humungous i'm simon from what culture and this is the 10 heaviest restless ever and what they actually wait number 10 nelson frazier junior or better known to you and me is mabel viscera or big daddy v an absolute mountain of an individual is most successful run did come as mabel where he won the 1995 king of the ring and challenge diesel for the wwe title at summerslam in the same year that's a bit better than just hanging out with the undertaker in the ministry of darkness during this time he was billed as weigh 168 pounds which is madness although this would be dropped to 487 pounds under other two characters it's the latter way you can put your money in terms of accuracy what many people forget is that nelson was insanely told to a six foot seven unfortunately he passed away just four days after his 43rd birthday in 2014 9 the big show for years we were told the big show was 500 pounds because of this and his height he was the largest athlete in the world the world is pretty big so that's kind of cool the problem is if you look through his career his body shape and weight have changed considerably as well as being announced that 441 pounds during his wwe tenure he also clocked in at 385 pounds and 425 pounds during his wcw daisies around the 450 mark this is where we can make a fair assumption though the big show was far leaner in wcw and he was in wwe there's every chance for a while he was a legit 500 pounds especially because the drops are always come after he'd been off tv for a while and shed a few pounds all that matters is that today the big show is nowhere near that number is a lean mean fighting machine for the massive big number eight akebono the first non-japanese born wrestler to reach yokozuna in the world of sumo is a ranked by the way you don't conquer sumo wrestling them become former wwe champion kosuna akebono thought a screw it let's try my hand at some pro wrestling and see what happens this as we know led to a wrestlemania 21 sumo match with the big show that was horrible when he walked the are however he was announced that 504 pounds and is plenty of evidence to suggest that was one hundred percent accurate the major piece comes in the sense he clocked in at five hundred and fourteen pounds for the rest of his pro wrestling career which was his official weight when he was doing sumo sumo wrestling doesn't make up weights he was massive number seven andre the giant the clue is in the name people andre the giant was dubbed as such because he was huge mostly due to suffering from a condition known as gigantism already six foot three and 240 pounds by the age of 12 terrifying he entered wrestlemania 34 his most famous match against coco gonna 520 pounds given that this was his build wait for almost his entire career you be inclined to believe it's true especially as wwe would changes right all the time one day be seven foot one that'd be 745 interestingly enough after he passed away his height was confirmed a six foot ten that's like that for what you will given that no one ever much around with his weight however and the fact he wants trying 219 beers in a single session and i think 520 pounds is a fair show number six yokozuna debuting with the wwe in late nineteen ninety-two yokozuna was almost an instant success not only did he win the royal rumble in 1993 but he also had two runs as both the tag team champion and world champion too shabby when he first walked into the company he was around five hundred and five pounds but anyone who was a fan of the time knows how big yo co got within a year the number had risen to 550 pounds then after another 12 months 568 pounds it picked a ludicrous 641 pounds let's throw that one out the window straightaway yokozuna was definitely oversized forgiven he was only a touch over six-foot there's no way that is the case desperate for him to lose weight wwe even threatened to release the samoan if you fail to do so that could mean ii tinkered with the 600-pound mark but i would say 568 pounds is a far better bet that's still not small number five man mountain mike you don't just put the word mountain in your name lsu well look like a mounted that's why during the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies we have man-mountain like joining the vendor wwwf in 1975 and hanging around for a good six years he was constantly build is weighing over 600 pounds which is 272 kilograms or 42 stone grief while it's fair to question such a number a quick google search yields no evidence that this was a lie mike is the beast and looks like the world's most intimidating farmer tried to take their word for it before haystacks calhoun at the same time as man-mountain might was pushing the limits of size so was haystacks calhoun slapped with a 640 pound tag he actually waiting close to six hundred and twenty-five pounds which still makes it more the biggest pro wrestlers of all-time he even teamed with the mountain occasion which would mean they're combined weight would have been well over 1,200 pounds they could have literally flattened and killed someone if they wanted to a constant draw throughout his career is simply due to how big was he didn't ever really need a title to get himself over people just have to see he was a big man number three giant haystacks named after the calhoun himself giant haystacks wasn't satisfied with just being inspired by and went one step further getting up to six hundred and thirty pounds of those often build a 670 haystacks a british wrestling legend had a famous few with big daddy on the uk seen their matches would often be watched by up to 16 million people pretty good while he never made it to wwe he did have a short 1996 run in wcw under the name loch ness remains a household name in many circles his legacy lives on and does the impressiveness of his massive frame number two mcgwire to its you can find about 45 different weights for the mcguire twins thankfully because they are legitimate wins massive twins at that the guinness book of world records got involved in here we have an official number for both unsurprisingly it's crazy with billy weighing in at seven hundred and forty-two pounds and benny slightly less 723 pounds they are officially the heaviest winds of all time and who the hell is ever gonna be that record imagined you saw him coming down the street you'd run a mile just two identical people who look like they could literally eat you alive number one happy humphrey happy humphrey may have often been billed at 700 pounds he regularly sat eight hundred pounds eight hundred pounds and even know what that means harley race claimed in his autobiography that humphrey would often top 1000 pounds on occasion we're not even gonna humor that idea is madness it does give a lot of credence to the idea that he was a legit 800 having his most famous match in madison square garden with vince mcmahon senior booked him against haystacks calhoun just imagine those two monsters circling each other this isn't what is most impressive about the man that came in 1962 was diagnosed with a heart condition that forced him into retirement and dropping a whopping six hundred and thirty pounds many afterwards he waited mere 230 he did put a lot of this back on before his death in 1989 that's some force of will and he shall forever be known as the heaviest wrestler of all time least i hope so i think i can handle on that big in the future know of any other heavy wrestlers let us know in the comments below and don't forget to like share and subscribe you can even come talk to me about them on twitter simon 316 i'm simon from what culture and i'll check you again soon [music]
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