3 Scary TRUE Forest Horror Stories

It's the fear of many; finding yourself lost in the woods, alone in the woods, or maybe realizing you're NOT alone in the woods. Here are three stories in which unsuspecting people finding themselves in some rather disturbing situations out in the middle of the forest.
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Every so often when we were little our . parents would go away for a weekend . while our uncle ron would watch us our . uncle ron has been single his whole life . but he always loved kids so he always . happily did it one friday night the same . night our parents left town we were all . watching titanic during a monster . snowstorm me my two brothers my older . sister and our uncle ron i remember . certain parts of this night so vividly . but other parts i just draw blanks . i do remember however that the power . flicked off briefly and we had to reset . the vcr to get back to where we were in . the movie shortly after that our uncle . ron was fast asleep we let him sleep . while we kept watching the movie it was . at the part where rose was running with . the axe back to the room that jack was . trapped in one of my brothers was coming . back from the bathroom and on his way he . went outside for whatever reason likely . just to look at the snow he came back . inside yelling for us to come take a . look at something starved for a little . excitement i guess the three of us ran . to the back door we could see what he . was talking about now there was a set of . footprints in the snow it led from the . back door then to the window and then . back in the direction of the yard and . woods to make the matter even more eerie . he said he heard the back doorknob turn . our sister even though she was the. oldest by three years ran inside . freaking out my brothers and i on the . other hand were kind of excited by it . and wanted to follow the footprints . our sister was threatening to wake up . our uncle run as she saw us putting our . coats and boots on but i convinced her . it it'd be fine and we weren't going too . far and that we'd be together she went . back to the living room to watch the . movie without us while we all marched . out into the cold snowstorm following . the footprints that were quickly filling . in with new snow the footprints led to . the woods in the backyard the deeper . into the woods we got the deeper the . footprints were we weren't sure if that . was because less snow was falling to the . ground under the trees or because the . footprints were fresher we were . following those footprints for a while . until finally we saw where they were . leading to a cabin literally tucked away . in the woods . it was dark inside though no light was . emitting from the windows the footsteps . led to the front door of the cabin but . we didn't dare go up to it instead we . crept over to the closest window to peer . inside it was too dark to see anything . inside though but we noticed it wasn't . actually a glass window it was just a . screen then there were two thumps from . inside of the cabin and then the sound . of something sliding we didn't see what. caused the sound though suddenly one of . my brothers screamed and pointed behind . us we turned to see a head poking out . from another window of the cabin but it . was so dark all we could see was . blackness no features then the head . disappeared from view as we heard rapid . thumping sounds inside of the cabin and . then the front door to the cabin burst . open we all screamed and ran for our . dear lives back in the direction of the . house following the footprints i don't . think we were actually chased though . the next day we tried taking our own . quran and a hike to that cabin but we . couldn't for the lives of us find it the. creepiest thing to this day we still. live in the same house and after all . these years we still never came across . that cabin again in fact we can't even . find it on maps or google earth if it . weren't for the fact that i was with my . two brothers i would question if this . ever even happened my friends who all. referred to as s and j came along with . me on a little camping trip near blue . mountain national park we set up camp . near a small pond just because it seemed . like the coolest place to chill the . point of this whole trip was mainly just . to get out drink a bunch of beers with . friends and chill i cracked open my . second budweiser laughing it up with s . and j talking about some of our other . friends with music playing in the . backgrounds overall just having a good . time then however i saw s reach over for . the speaker and turn it down all the way . and then shushed us and pointed out to . the pond. s whispered do you guys see that j and i . looked out to the pond the campfire had . a glow that partially reflected on the . pond water but even yet i couldn't see . what he was pointing at s whispered . there's something in the water . i went into the tent to get the . flashlight from my bag when i came out . as said don't but i turned it on anyway . and aimed it at the pond the light . didn't reveal anything or anyone but we . did all hear the sound of water being . pushed as of someone or something were . walking in it i turned out the light . just because i was freaked out and. looked at my two friends who were both . wearing cringing faces i told us to shut . off the speaker's completely now we all . sat in our chairs not really saying much . anymore just listening to the . surroundings about an hour passed and . within that time nothing happened so we . grew more comfortable again and things. went back to normal . eventually i went to my tent and snj . went to the tent that they'd be sharing . and we all went to sleep now that i was . alone with my thoughts however i started . thinking of that thing that as said was . in the water he never actually described . what it looked like if it was an animal . or a person my sense of hearing was . heightened as i was in the state of . alert and because of that i heard . something from the woods i sat up since . that always seems to help with . concentration i needed to hear one more . sound before i could confirm something . wasn't right there was the sound again. much closer now and i was able to . confirm it was a foot hitting the . grounds . whether it was a person's foot or an . animal's foot was still unclear however. i heard another footstep this time much . closer it was clear someone or something . was sneaking around our campsite there . was one final footstep it was really . close to the tents i started texting s . but i was only able to type out the . words there's something before the . gut-wrenching blood-curdling scream . pierced through the walls of the tension . i couldn't tell if it was the scream of . a man or a woman it's hard to explain . but it was deep enough where it could be . a man but not so deep to the point that . it couldn't be a woman the scream lasted . about five seconds then there was . silence i didn't know if i should get . out call for my friends or stay silent i . texted s dude we have to run he . responded what was that i didn't answer. right away instead i tried to think of . what we could do but pretty soon as . texted me again saying the coast is . clear. run for the car i grabbed the keys from . my bag open the zipper to the tent and . sprinted to the car which luckily was . only about thirty seconds away we stayed . in the car all night and went back the . next morning for our stuff which luckily . was all still there still have no idea . who or even there i say what that thing . was at our campsite that night just . happy we got out okay . skipping most of the background of the. story i once found myself walking . through the woods during a slight . drizzle all i had on me was my backpack . with the spare pair of pants a. flashlight a tripod a camera and some . granola bars i'm a photographer and . video editor and i was recording footage . of a forest during rain a river during . rain and snagging some pictures as well. long story short i found myself lost . trying to find my car it was the worst . day of my life i was panicking stressed . screaming to myself in anger just . wanting to find the car i'd say an hour . after getting lost i started to pick up . on noises around me i don't mean . multiple noises at once i mean at times . i hear the same noise just on different . sides of me . the noise was footsteps undeniably i was . starting to panic that i was being . hunted by it there that was only at . first though i slowed down to quiet my . own footsteps so i would more likely . hear where the other footsteps were and . when i did i turned my head as quickly . as possible in that direction i saw half . a person's body jumping behind a tree . instead of calling out something or . confronting them i did what i still . think was the smart thing i walked away . fest playing it off like i didn't see . him there was starting to get darker . every minute now and the rain was still . coming down lightly but my heart was . racing faster than ever i checked my . phone every 10 seconds and finally got . one bar i stopped walking wipe the . screen of rainwater and open maps first . thing to find the nearest road which was . very close i let out a sigh of relief . only to hear footsteps closing in on me . from behind . i turned and spotted the person again it . was a men and i know that in of itself . doesn't sound so disturbing just really . sketchy but i'm telling you the sight . was horrifying i can only see the man . briefly before he jumped behind a tree . once again as if he thought i couldn't . see him but he looked huge really tall . average build maybe a little overweight . jeans and from what i could tell a dark . blue jacket with the hood up half zipped . down exposing a white shirt underneath. he also had on glasses but that's all i . got of his face he was hiding behind a . tree maybe 15 feet away and over the . sound of millions of raindrops all i . heard was. now i ran i didn't care anymore i was . borderline about to have a panic attack . i continued running when i found the . road i ran until i thought there was no . chance of him catching up to me then i . continued walking until i finally . hitched a ride from the passing car . who took me back to where i was parked i . didn't bother mentioning what happened. to the driver i just told him i got lost . is all he went on his way as i got into . my car and drove the half-hour trip back . home all the while reflecting on what . just happened and it's my life . .
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