4 Scary TRUE Airport Horror Stories

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The airport can already be an unpleasant place, but what about when you have an unexpected, unwanted encounter? These are 4 allegedly true horror stories that all take place (for the most part) in airports.
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The summer of 2007 when i was 10 years . old the family and i had a trip to . disneyland planned our flight was booked . for midnight on a tuesday to save money . and my mom figured my sisters and i . would sleep through the flight my . sisters were eight and five at the time . the gatehouse was for the most part . empty as we waited for our flight my mom . went to go to the bathroom with my . youngest sister and a minute later my . dad told me to wait there and watch my . other sister well he went to get a last . minute bite to eat at the cafe as the . middle-aged woman came and sat next to . us she put her hand on my back as she . acted all excited to see us and asked . where our parents were i told her they . would be right back . then the middle-aged man came over as . well and started acting just as bubbly . and affectionate towards us as if he. knew us the man then proclaimed that he . just ran into my dad at the cafe and . finally introduced himself and the woman . as our dads cousins my sister and i . looked at each other and we both said . hello really shyly the man reached out. his hand for my sister to grab while the . woman reached out her hand for me to . grab they told us to follow them because . they wanted us to meet their kids my . sister and i naively got up took their . hands and followed them the two started. leading us out of the gatehouse past the . cafe down the stairs and towards the . lobby of the airport when i realized . they were leading us to the entrance of . the airport towards the parking lot i . finally asked where are we going the . woman looked at me through her thick. frames glasses and with her cheeky smile . said their kids were outside by the car . as we walked outside into the dark . parking lot i looked at my sister and . became really uncomfortable i broke my . hand free from the woman and said we . wanted to go back inside while also . taking my sister's hand from the man's i . noticed the two looked at each other . they're cheeky smiles both gone the man . turned quickly to us and then. aggressively wrapped his arms around me . as the woman did the same to my sister . they started to literally carry us . closer to the parking lot as me and my . sister screamed we heard yelling in the . distance from two men who turned out to . be airport security the crazed pair let . us go and ran quicker than i'd ever seen . anyone run quickly disappearing into the . parking lot one of the men chased them . down or at least tried to while the . other talked with us for a bit then led . us back into the airport back to our. parents another sister it had only been . a few minutes and my mom was already . sobbing like a baby being that i was so . young makes this a really weird and. uncomfortable memory to think about it's. also weird to think that i didn't see . any red flags go off when the two didn't. give us their names. it was minutes before boarding my flight. to north carolina for a job interview . the next day it was on the stormy . february night everyone was bundled up. and keeping to themselves i was sitting . in the terminal room waiting for my . flight to be called it wasn't going to . be a very busy flight because there . weren't many people in the waiting area . someone sat down two seats away from me . which wasn't too weird itself but also . was a bit annoying considering most of . the seats were open but it went from . annoying to downright disturbing when i . looked at him to see him weirdly staring. at me i looked away and pretended not to. care but i could tell he was still . looking at me then he leaned over to me . and whispered close to my ear that the . two men sitting a row across for me were . going on the same plane and we're . planning on kidnapping me once we landed . in north carolina i didn't know what to . say other than what the heavy man then . got up and walked away at the same time . my flight was called and i nervously . boarded the plane while paying attention . to the two men they sat down ahead of me . and as i walked past them approaching my . seed they both stared me down at that . moment i started to wonder if that man's . warning were true a few hours later we . arrived to nc and on my way out of the . plane and leaving the airport i . cautiously looked around trying to spot . the two men when i was finally outside . in the dark cold parking lot i spotted . them the two men were peering their . heads at me from around a red minivan . and i guess when they saw me looking in . their direction they hid behind the van . i walked back inside of the airport . waited half an hour called for a taxi . waited for it to pull up front and rode . to my hotel so many questions i don't . know who that man was who warned me i . don't know how he knew of those other. two men and i have no idea what they . were planning on doing to me if they . were actually looking to kidnap me . so this happened a few months ago i'm 26 . i was at jfk airport in new york with . five friends all of us were about to fly . down to florida to spend the week in a . beach house we had a few more minutes to . kill in the airport before we would . board our flight and i really had to go . to the bathroom all of a sudden i was . baffled to see a line out the door for . the bathroom i noticed a janitor walking . by so i asked her if there was another . bathroom nearby that wouldn't be so . crowded she left and told me she . shouldn't really be telling people there . was another bathroom past the door she . was pointing at down the narrow flight . of stairs and to the left i thanked her . because she was extremely nice and . followed the directions she gave me sure . enough behind that door that no one . would think to open was a small stairway . that led down to a really poorly lit . skinny hallway it was so narrow that if . two people were to pass by each other . one person would have to stand against . the wall to make room i found the . bathroom right away the door was . extremely heavy and hard to push also . the lights were on inside the bathroom . and it was filthy in there it was . evident that nobody ever really came in . there to clean now this is a little . embarrassing to mention but when i go to . the bathroom in public places i always . try to make sure nobody else is around . to possibly hear me going so after . checking the stall to see that it was . unoccupied i went back into the hallway . for a second to take a look down both . directions to the left there was . somebody standing at the end of the hall . in a dark unlit section of the hallway. it was a disturbing sight to say the . least all i could do was awkwardly pull . my head back into the bathroom and tried . to pretend we didn't see each other i . went into the stall and just stood there. biting my fingers for a minute dreading . the thought of that door opening and of . course it did i saw the man's black . shoes onto the stall door as he walked . to the stall next to mine he shut the . door and then there was silence . no sound of the man unzipping his fly or . sitting down nothing i realized i didn't . really have to go anymore and when to . unlock the stall door that's when i . looked up and saw the man's head peering . over the stall looking at me i nearly . had a heart attack as my screams bounced . off the walls with the tiny bathroom i . ran back up those damn steps not that . door and then casually walks back over . to my friends i was breathing heavily . but nobody seemed to notice i didn't . tell anyone just because it was . embarrassing and i didn't want my . friends to make fun of me in any way . i know i guess that seems stupid now we . went on to have our florida vacation and . all had a good time of course the . thought of that creepy man haunted me . every night that week . [music]. my wife recently took a trip to . california with a few four girlfriends i . was her ride to the airport and i was . there for her ride back from the airport . as well i waited around in the lobby for . a while her flight ran a little behind . schedule so it was about 15 minutes late . i breathed a sigh of relief when i saw . my wife michelle and her four friends . heading over in my direction. michelle wave capilene ran over to give. me a big hug and kiss i said hello to . all her friends as well . michelle suddenly started patting her . pockets and a concerned expression . appeared on her face she looked at me . and told me she lost her wallet and keys . so michelle and i along with one of her . friends who was kind enough to help out . all went back up to the terminal looked . everywhere we asked one of the airport . workers to have the plane check for a . wallet and keys long story short we . spent a great deal of time looking . around the airport to find nothing she . insisted she had both the wallet and . keys after she left the plane though . eventually we had to call it quits and . went home a worker assured us that if . the items came up we would be contacted . immediately michelle was in the sour . mood the whole ride home because of it . when we got home michelle went up to our . room and i could hear her throw her . giant bag onto the bed all the way from . downstairs as i was in the kitchen about . to make a quick snack for myself that . was when the scream of my wife from . upstairs hit me cold in the chest. i ran to our room to see here pointing . at the bathroom door i looked at it and . then the two closet doors across the . room they've both been opened and all of . our personal belongings had been thrown . all over the floor box is opened with . papers that were once in them scattered. all over the floor she stuttered out the . words there's someone in the bathroom to . me i felt like my heart stopped in . response to those words but i had to be . the man of the house and step up i tried . the doorknobs to the bathroom but of . course it was locked . michelle left the room in a hurry which . i later found out she did to call the. cops downstairs . i started ramming at the week-old door . with my shoulder and after five solid . hits i busted the door down . only the bathroom was empty and the. window was jammed completely open wide. enough for someone to squeeze through i . comforted michelle until the cops . arrived and listening to her description . to the cops was bone-chilling she had . just thrown her bag onto the bed not . even having noticed the closets yet and. out of nowhere felt something brush up . past her when she turned she saw a . massively tall man walking to the. bathroom staring at her the whole time . with wide eyes and a blank expression . she was only able to get a scream out . after the man locked himself into the . bathroom it's safe to say he found my . wife's keys wallet and so on easy . opportunity to break into a house we had . our locks changed the next day and never . saw the man again. .
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