50 Cent, Gerard Butler, O’Shea Jackson Jr. Pablo Schreiber Tear Up The Breakfast Club

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[music]. you're watching the breakfast club more . than everybody is dej envy angela yee . charlemagne to god we are the breakfast . club we got some special guests in the . building you know 50 always up to . something i'm here baby the cast of den. of thieves yeah . 50 cent tell us about this den of . thieves oh man this action pack is you . gonna see a different version to draw . but you never seen this version it's a . whole new character whole new energy. yeah i wouldn't call myself a corrupt . police officer you know then just doing . doing my job but i like this bad man . yeah i think that's listen that's the . cool thing about it as you you know . there's no real good or badness you know . you kind of follow the bad guys as much. as you do the good guys you know and you . cannot get both sides of the story so . yeah you see the impact that living the . life that we do takes on us . anna i definitely i'm living a pretty . dark dog life cops can be real crooked . here mm well we just hung out with a lot . of coke we're hung out with sheriff's . department them cops some detectives sat . with them went through the stories went . on the road with them um . you know just kind of heard where they . were coming from see some of the cases . they've had to deal with you know they . can impact the has on their lives yeah . exactly where you know where they have . to go talking about when they're dealing . with some dodgy characters you know when . you're dealing with the worst kind of . people and sometimes you got to be as . bad as them you know if you want to win . and that's what this movie is about it's . about it's about two different tribes . that want to win and they're both. willing to go you know do what it takes . to get there now with the iconic movie . right i kind of movie what made you want . to work with hip-hop royalty and hip-hop . legends over there did you listen to 50 . cent music before of course he did no i . do. yeah i do i mean and i've actually you . know i've worked with ludacris of world . with jamie foxx on the chorus part of . hip hop but i'm always on the rise and . finally i've got to work with 50 so i . haven't made no it's sam listen to be . honest to get these guys in the movie . it's been it's been awesome it's sad i . think people are way more excited about . him being in a movie than me so i'm i'll . take it always applies for that it was. not quite true but they are really . excited about you being in the movie i'm . excited to be there you know nobody at . the source hosted screening tonight is . coming for certifies hey looking okay . see it was asking questions early on . like when you will get tomorrow nope i . was like i gotta money to make it make . it make sense but he was like you know . took my let me see what it is first do . it but i'm like you know especially if . you respect a man cuz no feet that . family to feed everything else so you . come when the bag is this so i'll just . gave it back that was just for me i'm . recovering. you was down bad do you feel like you . could potentially rob a bank after . filming a movie like this and learning . how several times you have to make it as . realistic as possible yeah yeah we tried . to be very realistic obviously they're . you know christian go to guest our . director did a lot of research and the. scenes that take place inside the . federal reserve are thoroughly. researched and it looks amazing it looks . like just like the real location so but . you know you got a hope that places like . the federal reserve get some secret . stuff i went to the federal reserve and . i gotta say there is no fucking robbing . that bank cash away a day is that true . freely i don't know how much they do a . day but that that particular one in la . has literally trillions of dollars on it. at any one time so bills they shred all . the old bills oh yeah yeah at least 30 . million a day it's very frustrating to . be there when that happens no no no this . my third one with this one this just . another blockbuster you know ingrid goes . west. i ended up getting a top ten . performances at sundance for that and . you know that's a big deal with my . family sundance no really . you know be knocking on the cube family . oh please he brought me life why'd you . choose these i mean you know look at the . look at the names on the list . you know i know i needed i needed when . you go in d after something like . straight outta compton you know i needed . another good uppercut to this combo and . you know this is a you know this is a . action-packed movie it lets me show my . range as an actor you know besides . rapping and you know dancing on stage. and all that so it allowed me to show a. different level of my skills and you . know i got you you see the group i'm . with it just seemed like a homerun so . why not take it dip the part to like the . you know the lighter skin is gonna be . bigger come on now then the dark a great . start . music i remember when he was omg now i . got some coming for you now your fun is . a very strong word you know pablo likes . deadlines mmm there was lines that was . in the movie they were my lines for me . so when you watch the movies gonna seem . like he's the leader started but in the. banquet came in the first thing we do is . my life he said get the floor i looked . around then he said the next line and . the director didn't say nothing so i . just shot through you know . [music]. i started talking to direct i'm like you . know i think i could play that military . training the first week it was cool . second week for some reason they got . real cold but we was out like in the . woods like and i seen it it was a moment. where she was like different time zone. against playing a cop in this movie are . you like your bad guy okay . the whole energy like no getting it . together. pablo got so into it while we was . training that he was like he was like . evan jones chalobah he's like what the . cause he was having like cheddar ball . moments he had a lot of drills and a lot . of stuff they became like first nature . like by the time we got done in the . first two weeks we was doing it and in . it in a different setting we wasn't in . the trees it wasn't it was an urban . setting but to get it right we worked . through the process giraud you know who . jenna bobby's know . it was without that's my user kousei . wasn't like in a lot of scenes with was . any pressure with him no cuz since he's . such an established acting like you know . i got to make sure i don't look bad at . all haha i come like that all the time . like i did with righteous kill . since then like i got the narrow to do . freelance with me hmm . and i was like a passion project so i . like cuz it was my i started it and he . was supporting him and forest whitaker . following that project i really didn't . really feel pressure like that until . like when you just to look back at all . the performances because roger got a . license away from me and i watch it and . i'm like and i don't hear the accent and . i don't hate any of this stuff that you . see right now right you're not gonna see . this in the movie cuz it's a whole . nother thing that he built and it's what . makes it exciting you know i mean i know . people see it's gonna blow him away and . a lot of the in the movie i have a lot. of one-on-one with your are so you know . me being the new dude oh it was a you . know of course that pressure is there . but it's more like butterflies see where . you know the police have me and they're. choking me out and you know jarrar being . a professional that he is you know he's . not really trying to put it on me but i . had to let him know you know i've been a . little brother before you could choke me . out spawn so you know we really got down . in that scene it's one of my favorite. scenes in a movie and you know i . definitely felt the pressure but did i . not hit them all i gotta say i've made a . lot of movies where i've had to be the . share of people who i have never had to . beat the shit out of anybody i mean i . was very very impressed and i'm talking . about earlier his performance he i would . say times watching him doing his thing . and it would blow me away . really seriously every time you get . something different every time it would . be totally believable and every time it . would take . my surprise and and and pretty much . every scene i had with them i was . smacking them punch and i'm choking yeah . you've never am never complained he just. got on with it then . but you ice cube son nope so you get . hands put on you growing up by choked . out he not homer simpson but uh you know . it's it's for the art you know i went to . i went to college for for cinema you . know usc fight on so like you know it . i'm a film student at heart and i don't . know that yeah a lot of the times when . you know you're making your short films . for for class or whatever you ain't got . necessarily the budget or whatever you . got to cheat some stuff and i know a lot . of the times you got to go for the scene . if we want to get out of here and so you . know it's cool so everybody thinks it's . nepotism they think you just popped up . in the spirit out of condom again but . you actually put in that work but yeah i . was at usc for two years before straight . outta compton was even being like talked . about as a serious film and during my . second year he you know he was like yo . you know you want to do this and from . there it's blown up into something like . dinner thieves where i feel passionate . about it in and i love the story and now . you know they might start taking a boy . serious do people have a question if you . could really act simply because in the . role of in the movie you played your . father of course but that's not that's . just they're making it easy for me . because your expectations is so low give . that to you know i don't w
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