6ix9ine Explains Why He Loves Being Hated, Rolling With Crips And Bloods & Why He’s The Hottest

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Morning everybody is dj envy angela yee . shala mean the guy we are the breakfast . club we got a special guest in the . building takashi 6:9 no young takashi 69 . what's happening my brother how you . feeling this morning last night shit no . tink is some business made it yesterday . you got pulled over me . yeah hip-hop cops arrested you i'm sure . that's happening a lot more lately huh . you know you don't think you bringing it . on yourself down no i don't shout i help . a police man knows . let's talk from the beginning i want us . talking beginning of your i'm out for me . please. see the government sound bad on the make . he's the gun police sorry . how'd you get the name takashi six now . let's talk from there yeah i want to . start there i'm gonna start i'm gonna . start somewhere else see what y'all . ready to own jump right into this oh . let's go alright well there's been a lot . of issues like we said i mean you said . the hip-hop police have been bothering . you we've been seeing a lot of things . with you online why you cause problems . for yourself sir i don't cause no . problem and i'm saying i addressing . that's me that's i'm the hottest artist . in the city and i'm coming over here in . the city. yeah you know how did it caught he be . now cardi b cardi b doing honey no i'm . saying she cardi b is different shut up . cardi b gotta be some relationship and . i'm saying with more publicity the . country's three top tens no i'm. definitely and why you say that um i . read something up rise is makes . billboard top 100 i don't get no cosines . i don't got no gz clothes on i'm gonna . offset cosign you know i'm saying wait . like. i'm self-made i started you know i . didn't have that in the beginning no she . had her two mixtapes out and then boy . that yellow was a song by self that's . why that's why i was such a big deal. with smart a number one she said she had . two what two mixtapes . i'm on my first project was top five . billboard debut she did you don't go . voter mixtape second my first one no . guys not no come to sharma i like i said . shout out cardi b i'm the hottest . artisan for me that's why i'm i feel . like i'm most hated you know i'm saying . everyone wants to come for me how many . people came for me how many people a lot . wow and nobody ever gonna take you don't . they told you to suck your dick online . got anything do it sounding suck my dick . every day . you know don't you know you know my . father used to always say if you tell . somebody suck your dick man you got to . be ready to either kill or die i and i'm . ready diane i'm ready. jesus christ that's not what we want to . kasi listen young listen to me my thing . is right look this is the way i look at . it right i look at it if i if i could . walk around say i'm the king of new york . right don't you think somebody would . give you some time is a lifetime i don't . think you should be bringing that kind . of energy on yourself i tell everybody . all the time test my gangsta right . oh god i tell everybody test my gangsta . a lot of people don't like me but no i'm . saying i'm not here to too tough such a . fit in my message is to be yourself and . i'm always myself i'm always i always . push that message to be yourself and . embrace yourself who you are . listen i'm gonna kill a rainbow here . right mm-hmm okay with rainbow teeth . where me how am i shaking up the . industry like i am she's not supposed to . happen nobody went down for a reason i'm . just saying like you know i'm saying . like a lot of people don't like me a lot . feeling like my heart so you really get . to know me have a conversation with me . i'm a very humble genuine do you don't . want people to like you know why you say . that because it seems like certain . situations get. blown out of proportion and you take it. from one let's bring the situation . alright let's talk about you soon . i myself was okay you see a prince he's . just saying look i don't even know you i . don't have no issue i just know things . that i heard but you do have to check in . and at least like show some respect . that's not a bad thing what happened in . that situation which a prince . john oh no tommy i ma'am we was in a . sneaker store it was a it was a saturday . i believe right we're gonna sneak store. a dude invited us come you know show his . shop some love give some sneakers you . know i'm saying . so boo me in a sneaker store and the . dude and the duke comes up to me that . they do with the sneakers is just like . yo like um do you know who's jay prince . and i'm like i heard name yeah it's like. yeah well he's coming up so at this time . it's just me and my you know my mom my . friends mina mina sneak stuff i see this . dude walking when he walk in hot dressy . you know i'm saying cuz he coming with a . mob of people his son jay president me . and my thing is i just might get up i . say your father so the dudes like yo sup . like you know i'm saying like he he he . took my energy coming off like you're. just kid like he just came up to me . don't come was head down down down like . he already though you breathe like i go . to him i go up to his man but the energy . wasn't the energy was enormous i'm like . oh it wasn't like was good like it was . like was good but it was just like he . didn't even like he didn't it was no i . don't know no snow static between us i . didn't feel no yeah it wasn't nothing he . dressed us and we up god strike me dead . make me swallow my tongue i'm talking to . my daughter on my daughter who's in the . room for like what 30 minutes or the . sonny bono sneaking . nothing he was just there who's they . have 30 minutes and he had any any any . problem thing he he had he could have . addressed blood i want to tell you i was . there my man shot him i'm in slash man . jack the they was a mob blood and it was . strapped and sneaks though i'm just . there you know being myself like i . always am now that i was saturday right . right i leave i'm like i must because i . leave once i leave he you know i'm. saying so anything he wanted to say he . could have said to me this is what . people understand boom i guess the next. sunday he had his birthday party . youngster i'm saying so he text he text . us like he takes my man shouting he's. like yo pull up set up pull up to that . arm come to the club come to come to my . birthday party i 12:15 no later so i got . shot he takes a man like we can't make . it at 12:15 we definitely come to and . show some love so we go to the club like . around i guess when we get to . the door he said 12:40 no later no i'm . sad but we a text from i know we ain't . making that to a 15 so i guess it was a . situation we like now like this is a . situation we got to address in private . before we make it public so you wanted . to have a conversation with you before . you was in the club and take pictures . bly we could have had the conversation . in a sneaker store we could have had the . conversation some you think you want. like you disrespected a minute nigga . stop i don't know yo i'm human blood . like yeah if i came up to you right and . i say yo what's good and you tell me . what's good in front of all these people . blood address the situation you got with . me but i don't wait to this uh-uh all . your people hands for you to get the . battery in your back to be tough mmm . right up right so i guess we showed us . his party son said like y'all ain't nah . let us address it boom i'm like when . when that went when everyone . knows that that happened on sunday of . his birthday if you go back and track it . on the internet it was posted wednesday . three days later . that's cloud chasing blood i'm saying . away into that blood like you a . grown-ass man with kids a family i'm . saying why didn't you show up do you . show anything all right so born . i showed up they just um i saw boom . let's think like let i'm gonna get to it . um let's think like booking agents and . agencies and and yeah yeah do um yeah. yeah be having like little shows right. it's like a good at the barclays is a . boom perfect so boom say powerhouse . right you booked a headliner which is . like what future you say like the . weekend the weekend future right. whatever so when you booking when you . booking uh just let's go with future . something all right . say you booking future right you booked . future but he's your headliner correct . at the world starts on austin i'm the. helena i'm the main event like this t . grisly risk in wife anne rollo wall that . was alana i'm the helena i'm leading the . show i'm saying you book show i . powerhouse right . futures you're headlining right you're . the booking agent either you're the the. stage manager you're this what are you . gonna do to make sure that jim you book . them you don't when i gotta pay him . right are you gonna make sure your main . event is safe like for them to perform . and give the crowd what they want . absolutely absolutely right . so me i'm not dumb you know i'm saying . and let me address this when i travel . out of town. i don't travel with a hundred people i . don't travel you know who i travel with . to three people when i went to la for . all-star weekend i'm with school people . um it's me and two . people i don't walk around walk cuz i . let my nothing like that's that's bottom . on you can't contradicting yourself . though because you said that if you got . if somebody got an issue with you don't . wait until they got a hundred people . with them to address you so if you're . walking around proclaiming to be this . big gangster this big tough guy you got. to show up even if it's just you now . listen to this right now listen to this . listen what he just said right remember . he just said so so worst all right i'm . the main event so boom i'm show up you . know i'm saying i show up so world stars . like y'all we we may so we got you . security cuz i'm lik
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