Abandoned Amusement Park – Big Clown In Trees !

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Are we going again bro yeah yeah i'm . just gonna try my best a little scare on . this forget it. let's get it. [applause]. [music]. joey flores i'm super excited i'm inside . probably one of the most untouched theme . parks i've ever been in now nothing is . ever gonna compare to our dreamin our . dreamland is my favorite event amusement . park but also my favorite abandoned . place in the world was a roller coaster. but it did get removed but overall this . park literally whatever's left of it is . still untouched so that's why we're here . so the park first opened up in may 27 . 1993 as flamingo land . now there was flamingo land but then it. was also pleasure island but they're . both right next to each other pretty . much on the same land but by may 2010 . they fused together . independently calling themselves. pleasure island but as time went on . obviously as all parks and all things do . everything goes up must come down this . place wasn't making enough money by 2016 . on october 29th this place closed for . good it was their last day on the 29th . they did the fireworks and that was it . no one has ever came here since and here . we are it's only been closed for a year . so that's why this place is pretty mint . let's get it explores we're here we're. exploring it let's go now this ride is . actually pretty sick i wasn't able to do . this ride until a bit later in my youth . because i was too scared to go on it . pretty much it goes up and it flips over . round and round i was a bit scared of . riding on these rides before but it's . called chiraq and it's still pretty mint . there's steve up there by the way shout . out to him subscribe to it boom oh oh . look at that there's slides behind there . later we're gonna slide on them but not . yet almost reminds me of six flags new . orleans i never been there yet oh so you . did i i got that on you i got that on . him yeah we were talk about all the . places we've been cuz we all been to . summer spots but he'd never been there . either. yes he did he's dead battleship island . oh that's good but he didn't douche . ennoble appears to be some railroad. tracks is probably like a train ride . brings around this whole entire park but . yeah we're gonna be doing slide races . soon like i want to do this whole part . first. check it. kentucky derby no idea what that is i . see i think this was a show behind here . it's called sea lions down there . i love of an amusement parks it's . probably literally my favorite abandoned . theme one that when i do explore oh you . can win a prize here crazy pool only one . large prize per player so here's the sea. lion spot we were just talking about. down there what's interesting about is . that when this place goes down two or . three months after it closed down there . was actually still sea lions inside the. pool they ditched it when the park . closed they just ditch the sea lions . they only knew about is because the guy . actually flew his drone over the place . and seeing the sea lions so it made news . and everything it's really interesting . [music]. there is still like those little balls . for the sea lions frozen in the lake . what i love the most about coming to . theme parks that are abandoned is the . fact that this is one of the most . happiest places on earth theme parks and . when they come all grim gothic ii like . abandoned just left behind and forgotten . about it just gives you a way more . spooky er like filled to it because you . knew this place was like alive back in . the day everyone was happy and now it's . just boomed dead . [music]. i'm a bit bummed out that the . rollercoasters gone . [music]. i think that possibly could be bumper . cars the dodgems or dodd gems yeah this . is totally the bumper cars that stuff . that they sold the bumper cars . [music]. you. well what we know right now is that this . section was for the kids spot like the . kiddie ride area there's some fish and . chips . this no idea looks like it was just like . a restaurant right here i'm starting to . feel like this is not a roller coaster . because it's not two tracks there's one . single one maybe like a little like a . sky type walk thing it just takes you . around oh i got some ice cream right . there got no idea what this did i'm . assuming it just literally went around . in circles he even said this was . actually laid down so they're packing up . the last of the rides they're selling . them you know they're selling them but . not only they selling them quick but . they're selling them quick because . they're they know they're gonna get . vandalized so they gotta sell it quick . before it does get before it gets to . vandalizing they can't do anything with . it. now camelot had a roller coaster that . was supposed to be sold but what . happened was at the camelot amusement . park. someone actually came and vandalized the . seat tracks that you sit in and that and . then the chinese come he didn't buy it . so it was a spaceship ride right here . it's gone now damn man this little . village keeps going real castle it's. like an entrance food coffee oh hey we . can go up there oh those are really epic . such a nice design yeah it just takes . you around the little track food courts . locked up oh damn you had a pedal on . this to keep it moving it just it didn't . move by itself you know if i was on this . ride i would have got halfway and waited . for my friend and then pedaled again so . we were pedaling together explorers this. is amazing jimmy just check it this now . this is. the foodcourt game well with the nice . gate in front it looks like really wonka . like to really like a chocolate factory . game but also not like that it just . looks amazing like freaking castle front . just to get inside the food court and . it's abandoned i man such an amazing . feeling coming to coming here i just . love being put inside of like a magical . world that was man-made created like an . amusement park and just being placed . inside one but with no one else around . it's like going to disneyland but no . one's there no way this is like a . walk-around haunted house i such we . can't go in though that would have been . epic just waiting for the train that . will never come bang is left over here . [music]. yo that is awesome . dude so dangerous some of them actually . i fell off so we got go-karts . white-knuckle valley and kids in picnic . areas well the carousel ride i love that . sign what if we can peek in if the rides . still here wow it's actually really . they're all mint condition that's . amazing we have to get closer to the . clown god he is what makes the theme . park what it is his name is mp oh man . y'all gotta stay back the clown god will . not take a picture with you guys because . you guys aren't gods either only i'm a . god so i can get a picture with the . clown god i like anime but this is legit . gig this park is what makes it the best . is because of the clown god dude i don't . know i just think it's so awesome how . there's a clown in the trees this is the . only time you ever see a clown this big . inside of a tree just chillin bozo the . clown it's the clown whatever you want . to call him he's here he's waiting for . everyone he's snatching yo kids . the weapon of choice right now pick your . weapon of choice i don't want these guys . these are the best no this is the best . one yeah yeah i got it whoa that's mine . this is very cool that's pretty cool too . i use that that works too that would . work this is hilarious oh my god already . that was so wild don't go wild . [applause]. well what do you know. i'm finally back to my lone wolf status . everyone's gone now i said goodbye to . helen i said goodbye to exploring with . fighters i said goodbye to robin i even . said goodbye to steve so what happened . was ended up leaving the theme park and . steve was like yo my mom said you can't . stay over casillas family i'm like what . because they said i could at first so i . was like oh my god when i gotta do so i. hit up evan who lives here with lucas . other dope youtube vloggers who um you . know i did the whole cruise ship with . them i'm like hey can i come crash at . your house and they said yeah so that's . where i'm going right now i'm about one . stop away it's been a long journey it's . like 11 p. m. at night i'm sore i'm dirty . all those freaking slides were sliding . down it was actually one of the coolest . things ever seriously we're doing this . explores the whole fun about exploring . and doing adventures is like the journey. to get to these places and i love being . solo and feels good independent you know . [music]. [music]. .
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