ADULTS REACT TO LOGIC – 1-800-273-8255

Logic Reacted to by Adults. Original video links below.
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NOTE: When we filmed this episode, we showed more of Logic's music and discussed more about his career, but seeing the material that came from 1-800-273-8255, it made sense to make it its own episode. We will be releasing the other footage as a second upload in the future.
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Adults React to the very powerful music video, 1-800-273-8255 by Logic. Watch to see their reactions.
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Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid
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Adults React #33 - ADULTS REACT TO LOGIC - 1-800-273-8255

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Caption: - i love logic so much. (sniffles). (exhales) i'm shaking. - this is a really. intense music video. ? (industrial music) ?. - ? (man humming) ?. - it's logic!. oh my god, yeah!. - is this logic . you're gonna make me cry, no!. - aw, fatherhood. don cheadle. - oh hey, don. - i cried watching this. i just watched it. for the first time this last week,. and i was just like. - ? i've been on the low ?. ? i've been taking my time ?. ? i feel like i'm out of my mind ?. - it's a sad song. - (singing along) ? i feel. like my life ain't mine ?. (softly) ? who can relate ?. - ? woo ?. ? i don't wanna be alive ?. - what . - ? i don't wanna be alive ?. - he doesn't wanna be alive . - ? i don't wanna be alive ?. - oh, wow. ? i just wanna die today ?. - got the kid from. modern family in there. - ? i just wanna die ?. - what a chorus, dude. "i just wanna die. ". - aw. - ? i've been praying. for somebody to save me ?. ? no one's heroic ?. ? and my life don't even matter ?. - oh no. ? i know, i know it ?. - the disappointment his dad had. - okay, i'm getting it now,. like, the lyrics. and everything. that sucks. - ? i want you to be alive ?. ? i want you to be alive ?. ? you don't gotta die today ?. - oh. uh-oh, i'm getting flashbacks. (knocking). ? (soft guitar music) ?. - this part, man. - (gasps) he's gay. - oh my gosh. bless his heart. ? (somber music) ? . - i like the fact though. that that dad was processing. rather than just instantly was like,. "what the f is going on ". - ? it's in the lightness. in the air when you're there ?. ? chest to chest with a lover ?. - i love her. - i love her. she's so natural,. you know unfiltered. - i love logic so much. (sniffles). (exhales) i'm shaking. - ooh, so uncomfortable. - people are starting to mess. with him. that's so messed up. - high school kids are evil. - ? i've been on the low ?. ? i've been taking my time ?. ? i feel like i'm out of my mind ?. - i know so many people. in this situation. - no. no, no, no,. no, no, no, no, no. - this is deep, man!. - this is a really. intense music video. - (pleading) no. i hope he doesn't. - be strong man. you'll get through it, bro. don't do it, man. ? (haunting choral music) ?. - ? but i don't wanna cry ?. - oh, he didn't die. - ? i wanna feel alive ?. ? i don't even wanna die anymore ?. ? i don't wanna ?. ? i don't wanna ?. - that is so awesome. - did they grow older. and get married . yay! aw, it's a happy ending. - okay, it still. makes me sad, though. ? (soft string music) ?. i'm happy for him,. but that was tough. - yeah, man. i was reading this morning. that the numbers increased. for the line by 30%,. and they're at the highest. that they've been. for the second time ever. just because of the song. and it's extremely important. - i relate so much to this song. i've had depression,. and i still have it. (exhales shakily) so every time. i hear this song, i wanna cry,. because it feels. like it talks to me. - that's rough, man. (softly) oh my gosh. (sniffles). that was good. i have students i've talked to. about this, battling that. and then the depression. that might come along with that. as someone who's also. battled depression,. i can see where you. get to that point,. but i'm glad there was. a good end result. - (fbe) that was the music video. for the song . by rapper logic. - logic, yup. - oh, is it the suicide hotline . (gasps softly) wow. - (fbe) so what'd you think. about the video . - i thought it was great. logic is a great rapper,. underground cat. i knew him. from, like, years ago. - we need more videos like that. to feel like you wanna kill yourself. because of your sexual orientation. is just so sad. it doesn't. have to be that way. - it's tough when you don't have. anyone to help you or be with you. through that process,. especially in high school. you feel that it's nobody else. going through your family problems,. your friends problems,. and it's actually everyone else. we all go through the same things. we all suffer from it. different life challenges,. but it's definitely the same thing. - i know a lot of people. that have struggled. with wanting to commit suicide,. and it's just like. ugh, why am i crying . a close family member. of mine right now. is dealing with this,. and i really want him to know. that everything's gonna be okay. i wonder if he knows this song. i'm literally just gonna be like,. "please watch this video right now. ". - i kind of dealt with the. same thing in terms of sexuality,. in terms of that when. i was in high school. especially in high school,. regardless of what. you're going through or who you are,. there's always kind of that sense. of. (clicking) how. would you say isolation . i was bullied a lot. and everything was. it was horrible. the locker rooms were--. i didn't wanna go. in the locker rooms. i didn't wanna do anything. the music video has a good message. i like it. i'm glad. that it was a happy ending. - i've had depression for. since i can remember. "i wanna die. " it sounds. like it's me saying that. and the second verse,. when he's like,. "i want you to be alive,". it's like he's talking to me,. saying "don't. you can do this. ". and then her verse is. you know how it goes. and then the third one, it's like,. okay, you know what . i actually do wanna be alive. life is precious. with his music, especially now,. today, i can feel down,. listen to this song,. cry out what i have,. and feel so much better. - i've been suicidal before. it happened once, and it was--. i started seeing a therapist. right after, because it. was just quite intense. and it was just because. of all the things. that the song sort of says. when i was a kid, i used. to get bullied by other kids. they used to say that i was gay. if i would've been gay,. then it would've affected me. a different way, but it affected me. in a way that i'm like,. man, why are they saying. these things about me. when they're not true . i started questioning myself,. like, dude, am i. what's wrong am i. is there something about myself. that i don't know am i gay . it left me in a place of confusion. i think what hit home. the most to me with this. is that it was family related. you know, maybe if it wouldn't. have had nothing to do. with my family,. it would've been a different case,. but i have cousins that i love them,. and i love them, and they didn't. wanna hang out with me. when i was a kid because of that. being suicidal,. it's sort of like a. it's an emotion that takes over,. and it's like a flash. (snaps). it hits you, and you're like,. okay, where is it where is it . bam, bam, let me do it. i still ended up. reaching out for help,. but let's say if i wouldn't. have had that connection,. then that number would've. come in handy for me. i feel like this song. and what this song is doing,. what the video is doing,. it's reaching out to these people,. reaching out to the people. that feel they are alone. - (fbe) so the number is actually. the official suicide. prevention hotline number. - i thought that's what that was. - (fbe) what do you think. about him not only tackling. this issue in the song,. but to use the platform. to have the number available. to those who need it . - he's good. he's doing it right. if they're going through that,. sometimes they don't wanna accept it. and they don't wanna. google through it. they don't wanna find the number. they don't want to get it. but the fact that he's. putting it just out there,. very simple, very easy,. it's a great way. - it was such a clever idea. for him to put that,. 'cause everyone's gonna. remember the name of the song,. and it's, like, everyone. goes through these emotions. of always feeling like. things aren't gonna get better,. and they always. end up getting better. - for someone to have that platform. to just put that as the title. of the song, brilliant. people are gonna remember it. because they love the artist. it's still super emotional. it still hits me even afterwards. 'cause i'm just processing it. and thinking about it,. and it was very good. - when i saw his vma performance. and i saw all those people standing. and explaining that's what it was,. it's just like--. it hit me even more. i think i watched his. vma performance over 10 times. - (fbe) logic has kind of. an amazing story. of how he rose to prominence. he grew up in an unstable household. where both of his parents. suffered from addictions. he started rapping when he was as kind of his outlet. and has been releasing new material. as a rapper every year since 2009. - okay. good, as he should. - he got skills, man. i mean,. the skills speak for themselves. he's really speaking. on important subject matter. - (fbe) so while he struggled. to get his songs played. on the radio over the years,. he completely embraces the fact. that he's an underground artist,. saying, quote, "if my objective. was to be the next. coolest mainstream rapper,. i would've been upset,. but my objective was to sell. records with real music. ". so when you hear all this,. what does it make you. think about logic . - on paper, that sounds great. but, you know, the more. people you reach,. the more people you can impact. so, you know, good for him. that it's not, you know,. it's not screwed in his head. about fame and different. things like that. - a lot of rap is about. bragging about opulence, right,. and having all these nice things. and having money. it's not something. that regular people,. you know, like you and me,. can relate to. i respect the fact. that he is doing something. to where you can relate to it. to a degree. and it's just personable. if he stays with. what he's doing now,. i think that there's definitely. a whole lot of potential,. and that opens up a lot of. different doors in different ways. - instead of him following. the same path as his parents,. he was like, "no. i'm gonna make music. and help so many people. ". i'm sure the way that. that song impacted me so much,. i'm sure it extended. to a million people. - we were used to having to need. a sponsor for us to create art,. but now because of the internet,. because of channels like youtube. and different other sources,. soundcloud, if you're an artist,. you could do it. you could. start working on it on your own. - i think he's got his mind. in the right place. i think he's focused. on the right things. if he keeps those. priorities straight,. people are gonna love him,. continue to love him. - he doesn't care about. all that, you know, fame. he just wants people. to listen to what he has to say. i really hope that he. still continues,. and he's gonna go up to the top,. probably one of the best rappers. we've had in this generation. - thanks for watching another. episode of adults react. (clicks). - logically, if you wanna see more,. subscribe and hit the bell. - what artist should we. react to next . let us know in the comments. - bye, everybody. i'm gonna go listen. to some more logic. - hey, guys. kyle from fbe here. thank you for watching. this episode of adults react. we hope you enjoyed it. see you guys later. .

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