Alessandra Ambrosio’s Wax Sculpture

What better way to celebrate Alessandra Ambrosio’s last Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show than with an official wax sculpture from Madame Tussauds? Watch & see the amazing year-long process.
So today's a very special day for me . because i'm getting my own wax figure . and madame tussaud in shanghai and i'm . so excited and i can't wait to see it . the whole fittings and the preparation . it took almost a year and it took more . than 20 people to get a wax figure ready . [music]. they asked me what was one of my . favorite pictures different outfits from . the shows i've done through the years. and i chose the 2008 in miami because i . had all this beautiful swarovski . crystals and beautiful gold bling . [music]. this is pretty amazing. [music]. this is a real exciting day for . montessori shanghai alessandra is one of . the biggest supermodels in the world she . is a global superstar and has a huge . following not least in china so choose . the obvious choice to add her sparkle to . our fashion zone . [music]. ready. this is one of the craziest day of my . life. it's an honor to be chosen to be . spending as angel forever . [music]. .
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