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Frozen Anna vs Sleeping Beauty Aurora Smoothie Challenge for Kids Battle & Drink Gross Stuff
Gross Smoothing Challenge Alert! This time Frozen's Princess Anna vs Sleeping Beauty Aurora battle it out to see who has to drink the most disgusting smoothie ever in this smoothie challenge for kids. Watch as their fellow Disney Princesses and villains like Queen Elsa and mean old Hans help them make their tasty selections as they draw numbers and open the corresponding bag to see what ingredient is inside. There are ten yummy flavors and six disgusting, cringe-worthy ingredients to choose from and the girls have no idea what they're going to get next. Once the girls have made all their selections they blend the smoothies up and drink up. Whoever drinks the most of their nasty smoothie wins and the loser is forced to drink some of the winner's yucky concoction. Stay tuned to find out which one of these Disney Princesses can handle the epic Smoothie Challenge.
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Caption: Oh well funky hi i'm princess on and i'm here with my friend aurora and today we're going to be playing this smoothie challenge so we're each going to make a smoothie with eight different ingredients some good some not so good so the way it works is that we have all our disney friends here say hi everybody and their each holding a little number that matches a bag like this and inside is an ingredient that we have to put in our smoothie so let's get started okay should we do rock paper scissors okay here we go rock paper scissors oh ok that means you go first here i go i think i'm gonna pick my sister up she won't let me down okay number one ok so let's move at a friends out of the way so we can see with can you move i have no idea what i'm about to give you that lol ok i guess this is going to my smoothie oh ok it's your turn i think i'm gonna pick ariel love her 12 hmm ok i picked well let's see what's in pounds i hope it's not the girl i know oh maybe it's like the tune of the feet and that to your even smells bad yikes ok on a your turn comp luck kick let's see number that you're good lucky number seven which those are my favorite then fruit just gonna be a getaway gonna be all drinking out wow you're i think i'm going to pick the bundle number rule yours was a pretty good one last time i hope i catch up yeah hopefully it's not chicken oh ok ready mhm that's maybe an interesting one chicken and apple okay now it's your turn oh i pic hm i personal ah oh you crazy go nuts ok let's see what she gets me number three how we're gonna be on ursula oh i don't know it's gonna taste with me give me my onion i think that might have peace it better with my yes you know your i think i'm gonna pick cinderella hmm cinderella is a really sweet girl i feel like she give me a good care up oh actually kind of sounds it was really good with your chicken you gonna be okay here we go pineapple jelly that's actually really good i think it smells really yummy whoa i'm excited yeah all right next i'm going to pay yes don't come on oh ok guest on number six better be a good one cheese cheese oh a lot of cheese all right i like this game your girl i think i'm gonna go with maleficent interesting choice 15 writing a trick for you in a bad way better chicken apple and apple i kind of work right like sit somewhere weird and interesting about that it's like a little concoction that my fairly fairy godmothers would put together we'll see how that goes ok oh my gosh this is getting exciting let me go away if crystal number those are awesome you got lucky baby so many grapes to make sure that ranch flavor get that in there hmm i think i'm gonna go with tiana oh yeah you should definitely have a good one 13 what - what is it gonna be so very yogurt you're good ones that doesn't look pretty mighty it okay i'm gonna go with my fellow redhead miss married up all right let's see you what i good number five here we go oh that's a good one barry i love raspberries owners they're taking those in our garden all the time they're so furry hmm your turn hmm let be getting down five he will go with snow white number nine owe me 94 getting naughty interests ha so we got like a fruity and a selfie thing going now you're actually might be good i don't know i'm really not online your turn ok chance her all right number here we go wow you're out barry that might be one of the bad so we're when it comes to the pack ok mine is gonna be super fruity all right your turn hmm let's see here i'm going to use bell so what's number two that helps but a round a rotten banana oh what it's ok on the inside that little that matters get on the inside i'm not a good look your turn ok i'm really cons for you know how to get it all right number for last ingredient jab boom in like definitely the hood the juice that's coming out you know we get in my belly oh i'll write my through he's all yours let's see what you got for me gentlemen last last one oh no burger and chicken well don't you put - i just i have to put to just go for it just go for it let's see what yours looks like your soul except i had something pretty gross you had a ranch in there i'm hoping that all of fruit i mean that's over that onion i guess it's time to blend this ok it's time to make our smoothie let's recap all the ingredients ok so i had some peanut chicken banana apple and yogurt we had some of this pineapple jelly and apple juice and don't forget your barbecue sauce - okay so i had frozen gummy snacks young and onion strawberry lemonade raspberries ranch dressing and cheese i'm again oh my gosh time to make our smoothie and whoever drinks the most wins and the loser has to drink the winners smoothie - so what we're going to have to drink to smoothies all right now it's your chair haha oh look a little funky that smells like three thoughts ok now it's my turn wow you're going to looks really good it's a little thick though oh chunky what oh my god i think that both of us are going to be losers now let's pour these only not here we go oh do you aurora i got a little more in mind you gonna top yours off girl no i was trying to think what is hope yeah soon enough no no no no i can't do it just watching you weeks but i have my opinion that oh i have peanuts in my teeth what is escape i don't know if you know one of us are going to be winners i can do it i can just smell it oh ok that's it you win i can't drink anymore sorry i'm doubting you have to drink the same amount that i drink of my during let me pour that for you my friend mmm that's way more than what you drink got to get all the chunk in there for you got a drink okay fine god it's good well i yeah yeah i get my favorite ingredient was the cheese you can really taste the time mhm we have to be the winner two more - are these while we wait sure you don't want another taste it then are you one more stop yeah you did yeah wash it down with a gummy snacks i'm so glad you came today so that's it for the smoothie challenge and i am so glad it's over and i and i'd like to know what other challenges you want us to do and make sure that you press the like button if you like challenges bye

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