Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet Talk Passionate First Rehearsal

Actors Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet revealed that their very first rehearsal for the coming-of-age drama "Call Me by Your Name" was an unforgettable "icebreaker" that included a passionate roll in the hay.
Oh, this movie is so good. it's so good. it may be my favorite. movie so far this year. wow. that's how i feel about it. i texted you--. yeah. --after i saw it and said. how much i-- by the way,. you were on a plane with a. friend of mine and his baby,. you were playing. with his baby and--. oh, cool. i have two of my own babies. so i'm pretty well practiced. i see a baby and it's. just a natural instinct. he said you are very sweet. ok. so i-- this is your. first time here. welcome. yes. if i explode,. everybody, forgive me. awe, well, thanks. i hope that-- you're doing very. well right now, you're into--. well, i'm still in--. you should have seen. him in the green room. yeah. he's not even joking. i'm in one piece so far so, yes. oh, well, thanks for being here. thanks for having us. so i love small. independent movies. i just-- i love small movies. and i thought, oh, i'm just. watching this small movie. that not a lot of. people will see. it's getting oscar buzz, you're. winning all kinds of awards,. and the performances. are amazing,. and i'm so excited that. people are seeing this movie. because i really thought. it was just a small movie,. and it's getting. a lot of exposure. so tell everybody what. the movie is about. you want to--. no, you take this,. nothing you can do now. no, you do it. all right. it's a love story. it's basically-- i play. a graduate student who's. finishing up his. doctoral thesis and goes. to stay with a family, a. very well-educated, sort. of like polyglot family, of. which timothee plays elio. their son. and over the course of. this beautiful summer,. you just get to watch. two human beings fall. in love with each other. and it's--. who wouldn't fall in love with. this guy right here, right . yeah. it's-- so the movie is about. the two of you having like this. amazing chemistry. you had never met before. and-- and so-- and. you had one rehearsal. and the rehearsal was--. hilarious. well, we hadn't had a. really proper rehearsal yet. armie tells us that our--. armie tells the. story better than i. do so i'll let him cut me. off at a certain point. but, you know, we were. rehearsing the villa,. we were-- where. we shot the film,. where the film takes place. and luca, our director, one day. says, ok, let's do rehearsal,. we're going go into. the back yard, join us. and so armie and i. are very enthusiastic. we had our scripts, and we went. in the back, in the backyard--. and we get out to this. sort of like patch of grass. and he goes, ok, we'll. rehearse right here,. let's just pick a scene,. let's do scene 71,. and he just kind of arbitrarily. throws out a number. so we go, ok, great. we go to our page, and we get. to the page on the script,. and all it says is elio. and oliver roll around. in the grass making out. [laughter]. and we kind of. look at each other. and we're like, all right. all right. here we go. that's why we're here. let's do this. so we kind of get down. on the ground and start. making out, you know, and--. it's a little. awkward, it's awkward. --he goes-- he goes no, no, no,. no, no, no, stop, stop, stop. what are you doing . and we go, i don't know,. we're trying to make out. he goes i want you. to make out like you. want to make out with each. other, like passionately. and we're like,. good direction, yes,. that's exactly what. we should be doing. let's do it. so then we started making out. and then we're making out,. and we're making out,. and we're making out--. and making out. --and no one's saying stop. and all of a sudden,. we both kind of stop,. and we look, and luca. had just walked away. [laughter]. and just left us like that,. rolling around in the grass. [laughter]. and that was our only rehearsal. that's hilarious. yeah. it was a bit of an icebreaker. yeah. destroyed the ice. destroyed the ice. i heard that you had a little. bit of a problem because. of razor burn . that was your biggest--. that's true, yes. oh, yeah. now you understand. armie didn't have. to deal with it. because i am on. the cusp of manhood. and i don't really shave yet. so that's all right. but this is-- there's. a beard going on. yeah. that's a real thing. people deal with. oh, yes. i'm sure many people. here know about that. i don't anymore but i did. [laughter]. well, you dodged a bullet. that's mainly why. that was-- it was. that was the main reason . that was-- it was. number one, and there. were a couple of others. but-- so-- so has your. wife seen the movie yet . she has and she loved it. i mean, she loved the. movie, she loved the book,. she called it one. of the sexiest books. she's ever read in her life. it is. it's one of the sexiest. movies and it's beautiful,. the scenery, everything. and has your family seen it . my parents have seen it. my grandma has yet to see it. i think she's going to be. in shock when she does but--. don't tell her anything about. it, just make her watch it. but-- but it really is. because i really-- i know. armie, but i didn't know you. and you're heterosexual. and i was like, the commitment. and the beautiful way. you told this story,. and especially. knowing that you're young,. and you're straight,. and you did this, it made. me love you even more. because that was. a beautiful job. well, thank you, ellen. that's like-- that means. the world coming from you. i really mean that. yeah. no, it really was. and i have the tremendous gift. of absolutely nobody knowing. who i am. so i thought if this. doesn't work then--. yeah. [laughter]. onto the rest of life. well, when anybody. sees this, you. are so sexy in this. movie, you really--. you really--. yeah. --are. ok. ok. you are. i mean, yeah. [audience clapping]. oh, my god, it's going to. be a lot harder looking you. in the face now. no, i knew it--. i feel--. --like the girls are. going to go crazy,. guys are going to go crazy. it really is. you're-- you're amazing. and you learned italian for. this, you learned piano,. you learned guitar. i mean--. he's got all kinds of skills. that you don't even know about. no. well, you know--. what the hell does that mean . all right so there's a. clip of you being a rapper. that i understand. that we have that--. yes. yes. --let's-- let's take a look at. the clip of you being a rapper. this makes me so happy. [video playback]. look at me. [inaudible] bout to hit them. with a [inaudible] let's. do a problem, let us see. the probability. you see me on tv. 10000 trillion percent. i'm a statistical wonder,. a statistical gem. one in a zillion. [inaudible] than a million. [end playback]. [audience cheering]. the back story behind that--. the back story behind that. is that that was. a school project. that he had to actually turn. in for a statistics class. so everyone else wrote. out all these big stories. statistics papers and all that. and he turned in. this awesome rap,. and the teacher only gave. them like a d plus on it. oh, no. yeah. shame on you. shame on you. wherever you are, shame on you. wherever that teacher is. yeah. and let's not forget that. you are sexist risk taker. yes. yes. let's not forget about that. i thought we were just. embarrassing timothee. [audience clapping]. you should both be proud of. all of your accomplishments. [audience cheering]. now, i knew he was sexy,. and i knew he took risks,. but i didn't know he was. the sexiest risk taker. sexiest risk taker. oh, my god, i hate you. no, there's other risk takers. he's the sexiest. [no speech]. .

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