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[music]. you're watching the breakfast club yep . mr. wilde most dangerous morning show . two breakfast club charlemagne to god . angela and be still on vacation in bora . bora we have the lovely ashanti here . good morning ashanti a new single say . less thank you jersey fling see less new . york slang - yeah already first yes that . is true. now we've been dying to get you up here . cuz charlemagne is devastated what . happened apparently you have him blocked . on twitter i've been hurt about this for . a while i've been hurt about this all . right look we're gonna make a choose . right now let me unblock you but right . now just joining me you know this was . like i don't know we know how many years . ago whenever that murder from my brave . heart album came out around that time . you know you i know but i love you . instagram blocked on twitter i stopped . talking about the incident like i want . her to block greatness do it here i'm . black yourself and you know he acts like . he doesn't know why but i'm sure he . knows what he's like i don't know what i . did what could i have said but i think . he's i think he should say less that was . years ago. it was but it's good but how are you. ashanti i'm great i always feel like the . brand of ashanti should be way bigger . because we have such star power i . appreciate that. what do you do i eat what that's do you. think having can . a lot of things happened beyond my . control. obviously being a part of a record label . i was federally indicted you know and . having associated with that and. everything that came along with the . extra that i was a part of you know it . it affected it you know what i'm saying . beyond my control and without having an . amazing team . i think things would have went way under . god you know what i'm saying . i never say you know somebody struggle. is worse than another's but as far as . myself in comparison to a lot of my . peers had someone else gone through what . i've gone through i'm not sure where . their situation would be i mean so it's . funny you know we we work really really . hard and a lot of people forget that was . beyond my control you know what i mean . so i think we're in a great place . especially with the climate you know . again in comparison to where some of the. other artists are that i came out with . you know what i mean so it's still be . putting out music and have new and . people care absolutely especially in . this climate you know you have a new . artist coming out every two weeks i mean . so it's crazy i'm super grateful when . you speak of your team is like this you . and your mom say is it difficult to . navigate the game with i guess just . women present um i wouldn't say it's . different it's a different kind of . battle you know and along with my mom i . have my attorneys in my team you know i . have other people you know with us slow . you know what i mean so my sister so . it's like it's a well rounded force but . you know we're like the the not the . mom-and-pop but we're like the the hands . on crew yes family you know and i'm . saying so that passion and that hunger . is different you know when when when. it's your mother looking out for you. it's different than someone that you're . just paying to do a job it's a different. kind of passion you know and i feel like . that's why we are able to progress and . do what we do you know what i mean you . think sometimes you don't really . i feel like you're not very vocal about . the many other different things that . you're doing you know like you've been . producing for television yeah the movie . you've been acting and you have a lot of . things going on but it's not like you i . feel you do interviews and you talk . about it but i know sometimes people . really like go hard yeah i kind of feel . like maybe you're too humble you know . what my my team says that they do they . do i mean some of it is i am humble . humble person and some of it is honestly . like i don't have the time i like to be . hands-on with everything so i'm really . putting my pictures up you know i'm . really tweeting you know times and so . sometimes i don't get a chance to do as . much as i would like to you know what i . mean but you know it'll come now that . the record is out right it's a lot to . talk about my interviews do busy all . week when you do when you do a records . like say less is it hard to make new . music because you do make so much money . off the old stuff just perform it anyway . what's the motivation to make new record . i mean as an artist you always want to . evolve you always want to try different . things you know i have a fan base and . and and core people that really . genuinely appreciate what i've done so . you know the fact i kid you not . a kid hit me on dm yesterday and just . got my name's had it on his shoulder wow . unanimous near so the fact that people . embrace me like that is always gonna . motivate me you know i never lose the . hunger i'll never lose the passion you . know what i mean i love what i do so . when i go on stage and go hold the mic . out and hear 10,000 people singing . foolish the same as i did 15 years ago . that's never gonna go away you know what . i mean so then when you hear lin-manuel . miranda talking about yes uhr ruhl . they're being inspired crazy that's like . an amazing amazing feeling . you know i said who did you go see to . play with me my mom ja and each john's . wife mm-hmm so you guys all went . together and what did you think when you . saw because i i wouldn't have known what . to expect listen let me tell you . something means i had a conversation i'm . like yo this is so corny you know like . there. it was great though listen before we . went we're like okay so they rhymin and . they have on like old traditional. clothes and wigs we don't know what to . expect but the plate is amazing i was . floored i was just like it's genius you . and john tour a lot together y'all hang . together is there ever a part of a shot . today that wants to stop being . associated with murdering so to speak . not so much being associated with murder . inc but everything that happened that . led up to the indictment and that that . it was a black cloud for a long time you . know i'm saying so all of the negativity . that came with it you know you become . guilty by association . hmm you know what i mean so it's not i . will never be able to not love and . appreciate everything that i've done . with murder inc always my family you . know we made history together we will . always be connected you know what i mean . so but the negative energy that came . with it with the indictment and and and . the beef and all of that you know you . don't want i don't want to talk about it . all the time but it's like i have to to . remind people what happened did you a . person a dark person no i mean i was i . was like why is all these sponsors. pulling out of my you know what i'm . saying like it was it was a lot there . were so many deals and like things were. just doing this you know there was so . many huge partnerships that were like on . the come-up right around that time and . everyone is like we love you but you. know what i mean did you feel like maybe . you and joe after all that happened did . you question if you were ever really . like go on tour with him again or what . did you feel like i just want to be . disassociated period was there a period . of time you felt like that see i'm a . libra and i'm loyal to a fault sometimes . too loyal you know a lot of people have . said it and seen it that i'm loyal you . know what i'm saying and it was never . about disassociating myself but . i'm feeling like we could never tour cuz . again we have we've made history . together that's never gonna go away . that's that's our child you know what . i'm saying like it's never gonna go away. so it was never a feeling of i don't . want to be around but it definitely was . hello . i'm over here doing rock with you i . ain't got nothing to do with that you . know what i'm saying and yeah you know . it was it was a very hard position to be . in and even with me feeling like that i . showed up to court i supported you know . what i'm saying you know regardless it . shows into this day hello we on tour now . you know i'm saying so and it's funny. because me and john are way closer now . than we ever were ever you know we had . like a three and a half hour . conversation before he went away you . know and then we came out it was just it . was love those are the politics of the . game people never see the good in . people's mind it is like all ashanti . just fell off but they don't see the . politics of you have no idea it was a. gut wrenching feeling and experience to . wake up to a lot of those emails and . just the reality of the situation you . know what i'm saying when you're . quote/unquote guilty by association . something you had nothing to do with but . again with me being a loyal person . that's just who i am i'm never gonna let . somebody just be off on their own and . we've been connected you know i'm gonna . go through the ups the downs the peaks . all of that makes you still love the. game um what makes me still of the game . is i love what i do you know like . there's nothing like creating records. and and and having a passion for it and . i feel like i bring something to the . table when you have a core fan base that . appreciate you like you said it's been . 15 years you know and again there's . nothing like that feeling and being able . to touch people and change people's . lives through music that you don't even . know personally you know i'm saying like. i used to really leave read fan letters . and stuff like that you know and and . when you see how much of an effect you . can have on a person causing the crying . and it's that and the other is you know . now people do fan dms oh yeah it's now . nobody sends letters any
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