Bernice Burgos Addresses Dating Rumors, Plastic Surgery & Entrepreneurship

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[music]. you're watching the breakfast club . [music]. morning everybody is dj envy angela yee . charlemagne to god we are the breakfast . club we got a special guest in the . building and studies show that one in . three men have masturbated there on . instagram at least once in their life . what studies are you talking about. social media study now there you go miss . bernice burgos whatever it is look how . are you i'm great . thank you first and foremost who is . bernice burgos who is granese burrows . bernice fargo is a little out of there . you go i'm talking about it you good now . okay. bernie's burger is the entrepreneur . cheese i don't want to say video vixens . i really don't want to i don't like that . word video vixen i like urban model okay . you know i'm a mother. mm-hmm and i'm just taking over all . right so you you have two daughters yes . i do. all right how old are your daughters she . is 21 and 11 i can't believe any type of . tuning when you're old doris and i had i . had her when i was 15 i know it's . terrible but i had it when i was 15 and . i mean how do you think that's terrible . yeah because you know why it things . happened but it's just like you know . just having a child at age 16 i couldn't . have to like rush and being a mother i . couldn't just be like okay go to high . school you know go to parties and you . don't playing do the regular regular 15 . yo like right so i'm over here being . pregnant at the age of 15 it was so . embarrassing because i think i have a . babyface now when i was sitting on the y . apartment stuff mm-hmm . so you guys dress that is what you don't. know inside people's like oh my god baby . having a baby oh yeah like a lot of . judgment it was just a lot of that and . it's just like you know it just felt . like i don't know it it feel good and . then it just thought you know i'm going. to be i'm 15 but i gotta be i gotta act . like i'm 30 you never say i gotta act . like i'm 40 was the father a good mother . in her life well you know i was dating a . guy from street . how old was he first of all he was he . was um i think he was 19 yeah that's . right yeah that was a good yeah yeah . was and you know in and out of jail and. stuff like that you know . so you from jersey right i am from the . bronx all comfortable but i would look . at 50 did you look the same face and all . of that my like the same free like get a . new face now i didn't seem i'm everybody . feel like the same . okay i i like the same i'm in my 30s i . would a 20 year old do that that's all . is it now how did you stop in i don't . work all the starts in the barton . because you know we all came up with . around the city same things and you were . in a bar to that person and all of a . sudden i remember one kid his boss i . remember you worked in the mall yes . anything out loud i was working i was . modeling i was you know being an urban . model one day i met this girl and i . always wanted to be a model forever 21 . was that the thought you know be easy . okay the hottest store that everybody . loved bbb okay so i walk by bb2 c/bb . right i went i went there i worked there . for three years three and a half years . and i was doing modeling and you know . twitter it was popping at the time you. know and i did to jake old video and . video was it. jake old workout okay guys can work on . video and that video was like dope video . it was just like young fresh you know . i'm in my range playing ball like you . know it was just a cute video i was the . lead girl because that was one thing you . know i it was your range too by the way . right there was an input arranging i . just got a range up at tyrants who they . may put the range in but you know it's . just just listening to them you know it . was just young and fresh no and then . three years later i did sighs find out . in anguilla yeah that was amazing that . video was beautiful it was just coming . up my shelf it was just me it's my time . i feel like it is cuz i met brittany so . a while ago . no you met me when i first thought yeah . when you first started is when i met . bernice when i was there serious and i . feel like my beneath vercetti you had a . boyfriend like that whole time yes i did . so she was real real to be another we'd . invite him to the club all the time you. see you arm he play board oversees . what's a little whole little world club . we stood on wednesdays yeah used to only . be the one with keen oh yeah you know dd . yeah it was popular . i remember i did my birthday there . losers and they the whole like . everything sold all the bottles there. was nothing everybody was doing . competition like to give me bob was 20 . and i'm winning you don't even drink i . don't even drink i wish i could drink . though i wish i you don't drink no i . don't drink anything i remember i went . to miami with cool cool i love cool and . he's like you don't drink you don't . drink i bet you i'm gonna give you a . good i'm gonna make something what i'm . telling i don't drink i don't like it . alright alright he's he went to the bar . and we're in a club he went to the ball . he's making the drink himself doing it . and he's like try this and i'm like cool . the start ended not like it was just. like you did to that dude it today you . know but talking about talking to my . bartending bartending was one of my is . so much fun bartending right now it's a . little different but three years ago i . think that's what a years old or year . and a half ago um you know y'all ruined . it for the script was right it's not no . no no no it actually made it better we . made it better we did not ruin it . because it's just like at the end of the . day you know we doing customer service . you want to drink i'll make you a drink . i mean i'm saying can you get me this . can you get me that can you bring my . singles strippers can do that you never . say so we there to entertain a little a . little drug if you don't do it you know . what i had to land it easy stuff you . know. hennessey and and red bull michael yeah . how i can ever enough you know go . between belligerent you don't say no . when people used to be like can i have a . um what the exact oh my gosh . nah they used to act with the normal . patron and in a motor iman lime juice . yeah margarita desolate come to me with . the lime juice and all that like i don't . got time to come to me about his only . bottle to my case mission you know so it . was like a blessing and i'm saying i . felt like you know making the money that . i was making i was only working there . only out of sunday you know coming home . you know i don't like to talk like i'm . coffee and stuff like that just coming . home with $8,000 good day to do yes . that's why i say i ruined it for the . screw . no they made a money to because i was a . type of person i can you if you want if . you want to mess with me and we're gonna . mean i'm saying like i already know we . working just interact and i'm gonna make . sure he throw you some money and we all . here to get money i've been to stalls . before and i don't remember when none of . the script was look like what i can. remember with three or four girls on the . bottom are you remember the nice-looking . yes and the thing is you just bring in . more customers into the club in general . to make it more popping for every . bitches bringing is just and then and . getting like celebrities to come out . right maddie hi agony but it's just like . how is how you carry yourself . bernie's brought a lot of love is . everything yes i did it's how you carry . a sum of who you are and i'm saying like . right now at this stage bartenders is . not you know carrying themselves like . because they feel like they got to do . anything for them to just throw $500 no . be a bartender and i'm saying even . though you exchanged numbers know how to. deal with these people you know i'm . saying they already know oh can i get . your number sure when you come next. sunday you don't say i'm right here if . you need me put your mobile on let me . know i give you my number but when they . come with it what's up man no honey i . have a boyfriend. on that interesting if you want to come . and bring your girlfriend and we could . all have a good time we're going to do . that you know someone's name and you . know what they found me i fucks with you . because of that you know what i'm going . to come back next sunday and i'm going . to bring my friends with me i'm gonna . have a good time and it is what it is . you don't saying like we all it's just . like right now it's not like that no . more everybody despite all heats up . sheets of my customer all she did is she . did that everybody's having attitudes . that why are you gonna have an attitude . with we all making money why we can't . all get it all by not making money . that's why but it they will get along . where everybody they would because when . i had a lot of customers coming to my . bar i'll go right to my group gracie got . somebody coming out she's saying now or . whatever can i put them in your box you . know i'm saying because college is crazy . crazy. it used to be so much fun you know i'm . saying what why did you retire that's . why you got rid of doing it it's not a . thing i'd be tired i don't call it every . time i call that i just want to just . like stuff you would want to mix up the . next step i had to focus on balls and . beautiful i have a pajama line you know . i felt like you know i got it i wanted . something everybody loved the way i . dress everybody's always giving me . compliments i'm layman something little . twist isn't something different i like . to wake up and feel beautiful and i mean . let me give something you know design it . me and my daughter actually you know her . name is ashley she was telling me and . she's designed and she was like my i . think we could do this and do this . together . you know eve
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