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[music]. what's up guys how you guys doing today. so if you have not yet seen yesterday's . video this weird shit went down . literally fucking turn right right out . here pull over . yo you know i'm very confused as to why . this happened these people were . literally following me for at least like . 15 minutes and that i decided to . actually see if they were a hundred . percent follow me or not by making for . right turn cuz you literally end up in . the same position where you started from . and that's like the best way to tell if . somebody's actually following you or not . and then they pull over to the side with . me and then the second i get out of the . car they just fucking speed off for no . reason no what's your fucking deal . that makes no fucking sense i don't . fucking understand people bro like they . fucking follow my ass minutes they . follow my ass and then just fucking . whatever that's fucking weird honestly i . have no idea what their intent was i . don't know why they would follow me and . then when i get out of the car they just . speed it off makes absolutely no sense . but we're gonna try and put that behind . us and just continue on with our lives . so a couple quick notes today is sunday . which is easter sunday it's april fool's . day and it is also my father's birthday . but of course i had to get my dad a . dope-ass gift and i cannot wait to show . here not only show him but show you guys . as well i kept it a little bit of a . surprise yesterday i personally think my . dad is gonna love it he i got him . something that's designer and he's i . don't think he's ever had anything . designer before so it's definitely gonna . be a first for ashley but the head over . in my parents house right now i'm gonna . give him his gift . i'm just currently waiting on lizzy to . wrap up getting all ready oh my gosh it . is beautiful out today get your gift . girl yeah we're gonna go to my parents . the door obviously that was just like . instinctively i think i walked in and. just touched it oh yeah he's gonna pee . everywhere he's gonna go crazy i don't . want you to . going yeah it blends in with the card . bit. yeah his own piss my dad is gay when i . see her get you're actually seriously . like a big deal yeah i want to be able . blogger alright so i know you've never . had anything designer so hope you . actually use it and those just leave it . on your uris because you're scared to . use it just has like these ratty wall . it's a crappy black wallets that are . like half torn apart already. yeah that's what i'm saying he uses the . black wallet there's my money falling . apart no credit cards that's nice yeah . it's i guess he's getting me an extra. man bag yeah you get a satchel bro . yeah see the old wall are you going to . got it no he's not even using a wallet . and back in the day rubber bands here's . a little closer look at it you guys open . it up so you can see the inside is dope . man there was like two versions of this . and i thought this one was the better . one so i got this as nice as i can . reveal the space in it who's gonna get . her gift now i don't work just no more . shit these are nice nice i was gonna get . those but hey hell yeah and they're glad. they go with like everything so then . dick i mean fix your buy like dildos and . shit yeah . desserts man i got to try my best to . stay away from these of course we got . dinner over here the only time this . people or romans ever used it for like . family dinners on special events like. holidays and all that she looks like a . sonia you're slacking why don't you fill . it to the top grand moms ready to dive . in one. y'all just schooled the shit out of me i. went to go pick up my fork they hit some . metal for the first thing she put under . play was done befall she said she's to . finish it i even ate it well here's . pictures of me and sabrina when our . little baby's on easter i'm sit right . damn y'all sorry i like you what are you . saying grandmom when you look the best . of your pictures in their communication . way and you still look in the eyes go . with you. check this out for myself. let's see if this is real so here's the . pictures right here grab it on those . it's literally the angle of the picture . it's kind of hard to see cuz a . reflection but the way i'm looking i . think it's literally just like you still . look like one so i had to take my socks . off because i actually stepped in water . a new socks on right now but these are . from my dad's drawer but you know what's . so funny about these socks these are my . socks where do my socks go my . grandmother had a bag of socks on . meeting yeah just peep so there isn't a . mate to go with this sock grandmum just . throws them in a bag until she gets a . mate we won't have those socks for a . whole another year until she finds them . the dogs over i'll play with g no . gee you got staying here that let coming . go bella i know you smarter than that . they're about to get so dirty you're . looking either get a bath after this but . they kind of need one anyway don't let . go taste some bella wants lovin they . want applies he's so lovable and she . have a shame that could mean an ellipse . yeah she'll show lick you non-stop . sometime wig inside your nose . she chose to eat like the boogers in . their nose i'd understand yeah you . fucking blow your nose twenty times a . day with those same tissue deals trying . to escape again how you come over here . and trying to ski . she's mine our own business you don't . want to be in the middle how is bella . when i've got the toy missed ngo is . chasing video and he fell over the . trampoline bar they just don't stop. go get him belly bowl i know . theo is trying to hump them . dad's got an easter egg k4 about this . thing happy birthday what do you want . not to take grandmum over to walgreens . grab you about to get an ra for the . first time in a while let's see if you . can get in a pawn in girl oh dropping . shit. got this i feel like i always got a like . wow that's the first i feel like my make . cards are ready oh shit maybe that's why . she was getting so many at one time okay . i'm getting her medicine i was just . chilling this chair every time she's . getting this usually takes a while so . this thing has been squeaking though you . just keep trying to look at you you're . so right boy i bet he's happy he loves . being clean all right guys so all this . time i've been telling you that i have a . secret to show you that is included with . my brand-new driveway i've been holding . it off i actually wanted to get a drone . shot of it but unfortunately my drones . broke in i had another drone that i . bought that completely went missing so i . don't feel like it's absolutely . necessary to buy a drone just for this . one specific shot but i'm just going to . show you guys anyway i think it looks . fucking sick i'm definitely excited for . it i hope you guys are excited to you . guys ready to see it . check it out so if we come over here in . my driveway you guys can now see the 210 . logo oh that is not an easy guy that . dude that looks fucking awesome so when . you come all the way up to the driveway . this is what you see a man it's fucking . i'm super happy about that man is logo's . sick i love it i'm very happy that we . got that done on the driveway my mom was . like okay we're gonna do something in . your driveway i'm gonna keep it a . surprise and when i first saw i was like . oh shit man that is sick we actually . wanted to put my logo and the pool as . well it would be on the pool liner but . the pricing that we got for it was just . way too expensive and it really wasn't . worth it but we got here and said it . still looks fucking sick funny story a . couple people actually pointed it out . the other day in the vlog i think when i . showed the broken window some people . commented they said they thought they . saw the 210 logo but they weren't a . hundred percent sure so whoever picked . up on it you are right bella looks so . cute i wish i could show you guys what . she does every night i'm gonna record it . one of these days you know we'll try . every single night she comes up to me . cuddles with me and especially last . night that she literally lays over on . her back and she'll get real close to me. and i'll just like rub her belly and i . quote her head and i'll just look into. her eyes man she loves like my little . baby it is so weird it's so good she's a . really good dog i'm happy we found it i . know me too. and theo has a loyal friend yeah she's . about to be bigger than your challenge . right now it's changing colors yo her . ears oh my gosh when they were wet they . looked so dark . yeah her hair is getting more like jeez . i like it though i like that like a. little discoloration i know we do it . different. this is a kid and they hope you like it . from morgan acraman okay so i'll be sure . to give this thing another gift for andy . hey morgan oh cool oh my god we got an . entire thing of double bubble gum joe . this is 380 pieces that is it hi i never . loved john so i got so much of gum into . it from shannon kapur thank you so much . shannon shannon says shudders with a . longtime supporter beth don't like the . shape of these boxes . it reminds me of a movie board i - tech . squad this is for your home show you can . put inspirational messages or course. like we did on the whiteboard in la in . the old apartment hope you like it from . morgan anchormen thank you so much let's . check it out you're probably outside the . thing on the front right chefs really . hard over there's a bail man i know i . did that. obviously the qts package oh sweet of . that said i don't like the letters and . it's almost like like gas stations how . they would do it that way with the with . a stick that's pretty cool right our own . message thank you for that appreciate it . thank you josh pistachio. check it out we got some fried items . later there's no letter on the package . but whoever said this thank you this is . fucking on the real . so thoughtful like nobody ever has to . send anything it's kind of like the same . thing when i live through to like people . send in donation not once have i ever . asked people for a donation is just like . people are very very kind enough to . donate and send packages and the fans . now it's just like it's my love you guys . are very very nice and supportive of me . so i really want to say thank you but . don't you wish i could just reach your . arm out what's your say know your wish . you can just reach her i'm not give them . a hug oh yeah maybe on that tour and . whatnot this would look like i'm trying . to hug someone . this gift is for baddest girl on this . necklace represents health and longevity. and i thought it was really beautiful . just like grandmom . hopes you like it for a board in . aggregate thank you so much hello yes . this time what is this it's like a . brings a box with a grift yes i saw . animal and i thought it was shit for me . this one is from rebecca skye not only . that but yo get your merch at last do . 10. com she wrote that on there that is. sick thank you. always plugin we've got in here ginger . candy jam-packed with positivity zesty . lemon i wonder how this takes real . indonesian ginger so does that mean it . was like clean my palate when i eat this . shit that's pretty sick about that sweet . thank you for that this is the healthy . positivity flowing your life . you guys are spirally everyday a video . is that it makes me happy to see you . guys happy i hope you like them again . for morgan this is a chain bracelet . sweet and i think it's got some . different color-coded gems and then . that's pretty cool . and the other another one thanks for . that barley that we got some more fan . art that we can actually hang up on the . wall as you guys can see back here . there's still some other ones that we're . gonna hang up as well there's a lot of . shit that i need to get done this one . also has all of our names on it thank . you. performers a package a good pressures . only is it frank . [applause]. [music]. what is that i don't know it has . instructions they cops they're balls and . bowls on the church's whole cereal bowls . [music]. it's got fucking lizzie has been so many . of these cupcakes look at this literally . the entire box is almost gone got about . five left yeah you made the majority . girl yeah yeah . chris's concentration level right now . we're trying to put on this to town well . on this momentous all area he sat there . for like the past three minutes trying . to make sure it's perfectly even and . right i mean you can always cop your. merch if you want because i want another . hoodie okay no it's because we have like . a limited amount and like my merch store . upstairs and chris is literally gonna . come over every single day and get a new . hoodie or something and he's gonna run . me dry alrighty guys that is gonna do it . for today's vlog i hope you guys enjoyed . if you did make sure to smash that . thumbs up button and do not forget to . turn on my post notifications as i get a . notification shoutouts every single day . to people that have my notifications . turned on here's how they shout out to . the day boom boom boom boom boom and . other than that i will see you guys next . time. [music]. [music]. .
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