BKCHAT LDN: S3 EPISODE 9 – “If You Don’t Cook For Him, Another Woman Will”

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[music]. how important is a woman cooking and . cleaning in a relationship it's . important it's important is the mood i. think it's important but not from a max . perspective yeah i think it's important. as long as there's balance . of course this is important i think all . the woman should cook woman she clean i . think we should work cooking clean but . it would from as a man and this order i . want to say this as as this guy . something that feels so nice is like if . something carrying a bite and i think . and everyone says how are you you china . china is sexual okay okay this is go get . your white man to order takeaway for you . i think it's nice and nothing it's nice . when a woman is i think because women . are naturally nurturing and some people. say oh it's not everyone but i think a . lot women are naturally nurturing and. it's something that is just so woman . usually when a girl says are you hungry . especially when it's something you're . accustomed to i was if a girl who some . once you shoes to that she's like happy . and i want to come and cook for you i . hate cooking so for someone to leave . their house all by ingredients carry . bags and go sit stand in the kitchen for . an hour it just makes you appreciate . them more and a lot of girls and only . reason why you stay in relationships . there we go so i really appreciate i . think it's really nice cleaning and that . it's a favor like even if i'm quoting . someone and they stay over they're not . papa i come home and my yard is clean . it's important at something i think it's . important but not it's important to the . point where i wouldn't be was on who . couldn't cook and wouldn't clean that's . how important it is unless we had unless . we had cleaners in chefs what do i mean. by in a mess kind of where everybody . knows what i mean when i say i don't . want something in that kind of way . matt's nothing . maximum capacity he doesn't add up most . max ability he's just maximus prior . minute so yeah it's not like oh yeah my . woman must clean my mum i must cook but . she she should i think it's important to . teach your children independent living . skills whether they're male or female . because you want your children to grow . up with those skills because like a lot . of people are trying to look for . requirements in relationships and not. mean the requirements are they looking. for in relationships women going i'm one . man that knows how to come when a man . that knows that drives a bmw but you're. still an oyster card and want a man that . is god-fearing what was the last time . you spoke to god yourself . i would a man that's intellectual but . can you spell intellectual holy some the . keuken like because there's women who . can cook they can't cope very well in . its i feel like it's kind of down to . your standard of what you like how do . you like it to be cooks i feel like that . the cooking is a bit you know hit or . miss generally however the cleaning . aspect you have to be able to know but . maybe if you can't clean there's a . standard of cleaning as well i know . cleaning and hygiene personal is. something i take very very very you the . way you carry your house if i go to your . house yeah and this time i don't care . about if you cook me food and i don't . like it again that's hit or miss if i go . to your house and your house is say no . shit i'm not even drinking water from me . so for me. you have cleaning is not even what . well you can clean . i can clean up after myself . but my thing is i'm not gonna be with a . woman who does not want to clean you . can't wake up as well we gonna live in . brandon you probably look of the . relationship i see that we put cleaning . and cooking. it's very domestic and oftentimes we . attach that straight to the woman i knew . this was coming but for me now i'm just . saying i'm never tell you let me get one . thing straight i do not think there's . anything wrong with a woman keep cook . cooking and cleaning for her man . i don't think there's anything wrong . with that there's nothing wrong that too . but oftentimes we do take those ideas . those domestic ideas and we directly . attach them to women as you said he went . into someone's house and it's filth as . human beings whether you be a man or a . woman those are basic things like . they're very very basic we should be . able to do those things for ourselves . anyway so for somebody else i wouldn't . really for me other pc as a big deal the . only difference though is this is where . number one someone starts demanding it . thinking that it is they're almost like . they're inside tools they're right and . in fact woman that i think is wrong and . also when it becomes a thing we're back . it's only the woman that's doing it . that's when i take for me no sorry it's . okay . when missy we said when it becomes. demanding and a must yeah but from i . can't speak for everyone i'm from an . african background and to be able to . cook him clean it's very intimate . and to be honest majority of girls if . you if you were here some girls say oh . i'm not ready to get married if she . feels that she can't. upkeep a household or cook it even has . an effect on how you see yourself and . how the man . how you feel that the man who's from a. different rate some girl from now going . take time to come and learn yeah yeah my . concern is that he's saved money will . have an effect on the relation yeah i. mean some men david they do major where . ever do you think is important for women . to cook and clean but it's also . important for the guy to cook and clean . because like i said before these are . basic skills that every human being . should have no mal you be a girl or a . guy i think certain cultures especially . african cultures have put a lot of . pressure on women and made it as though . that is all that a woman is kind of . expected to do but i think as time has . gone on we've come to understand that a . woman a woman is expected to do so much . more just as much as a man is important . but it's not the end times there were . choices so it seemed more suppressive . now i do this . [music]. because when you're with somebody and . you have the reason why i said that's a . bit of a problem about what he said was . because like i said before i don't feel . there's a problem with a woman when it's . cook and clean for our man again it's . not a big deal but that basic the fact . that the placer doesn't even know how to . put as a math like but just by yourself . do you know do you not know you need to . be able to look after yourself as well i . think women are naturally nurturing . which being domestic comes with it i . think naturally we want to look after . naturally we want to protect we want to . care for and so you know one way that . you can show that care and that . affection is by doing things like . cooking or making sure that that the . space that you're in is clean or making . sure that you know i don't know the . clothes or whatever it is it's clean so . i don't yeah i definitely think that . women are nurturing and that's an. element of nurturing care . historically women in position second . with one say to you yes if a man does . not serve you know six my mom told me . that useless because the choice and . women you to understand the difference. between accepting that your man is the . man and you knowing that you have a . choice also reaver you were saying that . obviously it's our role as a woman you . want a fool like oh you want to please . your man or whatever i bought for me . what about the man cuz you know why . can't you cook for me my household my . dad is the only one that cooks since i . remember so i'm looking for a man that . can cook as well because i don't want to . cook so if i say i don't want to cook . and i want to be the one that goes out . it's 2017 for me oh sorry . it's a dual brake car if you kind of . quite frankly it's a dual brake car if . you can't cook as a man yes so would you . cook would you cook occasionally i'm . gonna i expect the man to cook more than . me my dad's like what would you want but . you see what you will say but you see i . think the way i think is how you're . raised as well because you're saying. that your mom taught you that were you . going to be useless or some a fool that . sometimes women that moms moms moms moms . tenth love with daughters and sons they . treat them slightly different and they . sort of you know as a door oh you should . be able to you know with my mama so give . me a ten i had to season the chicken for . example just bad not bad and not have . the season she but would she do that . with mike she didn't really do that with . my brother for example which i . understand so sometimes when we're. growing up in a household as as the . female in the house would you do gain . those responsibilities quite early on . and sometimes as parents we don't really . with a male child we don't really teach . them to be each other style so you start . growing up . as well as it being the way we're . brought up is also what you attract well . however your mom raised your sister if . you had a sister you would have taken . note of that so when you are going out . to find your woman you kind of know what . you want do you understand that lucas . you've got sisters i'm sure growing up . you've seen certain things that i know . when i go out to look for my woman those . are the attributes she needs to have and . as well as that as well as that don't . get it twisted though you see where my . mom was raising us like you said my mom. didn't allow my brother because she was . a sink i think being a single parent as . well and saying i don't want you to be . like this i want to raise you to be . better so even if you don't have a man a . woman like you were able to defend you . be able to learn these things for . yourself . so with my brother she always used it as
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