BOX PUNCHING… is a bad idea

dont break yo fingerz
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Best Day Ever 352
i practice my parking
then we open some boxes from the homies at Razer!
some visitors stop by
then family time.. i reeeeally like spending time with family.
see ya tomorrow.
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Sweet there's one for every single computer slow down the chicken i love how many people were worried about my parking job yesterday guys write the space station there's like 20 lots and the only people to park here army and tall chicken-and-egg infants branded like i can park however i want and there's still plenty of space for everybody else but i also do understand that it's annoying when ppl park like that in real circumstances but this is noel circumstance hey so mad nice parking job outside thanks ok let's play game load up all your nerf guns get all three bullets in this is parker's family came to visit the space station for thanksgiving i feel like you need this gun parker socks off on the green screen your job is to dodge every single bullet and they all agree that their favorite part of the best days ever is watching parker fall like every single day okay line up right here partner if you can dodge a nerf bullet you can dodge a ball your daughter full of all right three two one porsha oh yeah they do you i names on the wall before you guys go looking seriously to lucky charms chickens me so mad he's not here today these boxes are really cool inside hey c'mere standard there to get stand right there haha yellow but these box these chickens gonna be so mad he's not here cracking that why you always do that do it just do it do it you got it little work but if you do i'm not the tape like right there wow that hurts so bad let me do marquΓͺs serve as the worst dodgers got always just make fun of weight one soundbar to rule them all that's a sound bar oh holy crap oh my gosh this real life who a personalized no congratulations there's no turning back says justin village yeah who are these old that alright we unboxed it let's see what we've got who's that dude look at this thing what does this do that's love the bruise about that bass bout that bass now channel i just looks complicated we're going to set up in just a minute let's keep opening boxes of you do the honors yeah brandon you got that don't make your fingertips and how it hurts when someone's keep calm doesn't work out here this this is the worst unboxing ever this is what happens we tried the box without chicken confirms same feeling that is awesome think your razor we have redact are unboxing or we could just use the other footage replayed old footage and hold this will never know anyone wants to copy parker's house key that's what the ridges look like you got that o. o cloth edition oh block mousepad who do that feels nice cloth sweet there's one for every single computer whoa get that on the chicken august on this computer screen this is the second grouping of packages the razor has sent us for the new space station 1. 5 and that's why we love razor is hooking it up their official space station sponsor oh the fight basically thing is those exact sound bars we just got but mini versions for when we go shred school oh wait no these are different hold the phone can you say / rocket league say it he said it rocket league could be starting just the five dollars come see while can bring a coke can get in free tag africa which i just felt like a monster truck announcer guy dude this looks awesome who have these controls we have one for each of us thank you and your final brazil black widow tournament edition always fight looks like this keyboard to the museum over here you will see that people are made in the 2016 century by the finest of plastics from friendship p. m. companies are all we call it raisa we look look at the high fumbles buttons do the same leave a comment using your keyboards we got another one of those huh they must have just said these for me and pookie interesting alright called unboxing thanks razor that's why we're bffs brandon i just finished the blog now we're going to listen to on this guy aah yeah let you guys know how it goes oh and i set up my new keyboard right over there so far thoughts we've had the previous razor stuff for a long time mouse is incredibly good the keyboards are awesome the the mechanical miss like that you hear it click and type i really like that i don't know why is the chemical keyboards good headsets incredible there's some that have normal headphone jacks and then some that have usb headphone jacks to be honest i have not like the usb jack's because i don't know it just seems to always mess up like my computer won't recognize her like some programs well i don't know if it's something i'm doing or it's a headset button so go normal audio jacks if you do the headsets mousepads really cool i've never had a mousepad that big look how big these mouse pads are that's the old when we just got the new cloth ones but awesome having a large mousepad highly recommend it uh parker honest opinion razor stuff what do you think i tried a new controller brandon had used raised before we think love the giant mouse pads great for editing andrew for gaming anyways razor thanks for setting this stuff will continue to use it like it no we think i'm really excited to use the giant leviathan soundbar also of course brandon is digging chickens chair brandon how's the king's throne nice see why he never leaves who we're gonna be getting brandon his own dx racer now that he's spending more time the space station there another official space station sponsor we love their chairs pookie you like your chair we love the space station sponsors they're always looking it up they probably have black friday cyber monday that kind of stuff going on this weekend so i'm gonna put their websites in the description so check them out get yourself some christmas presents or put them on your christmas list to santa claus or something look at all the people jenny just brought over family hi there how's your black friday and tobias tashi yeah was no generally buy stuff one thing what was a seven dollar gross what was it a surprise bradley well fun ok bring the ammo set it right here get your guns loaded up parker c'mere oh me alright parker versus nerf darts around to all right good like parker three that's the best part about hanging out the space station you get a shoe parker she's going for the cookie crisps hey what are you guys doing in here hey oh no grown-ups allowed she doesn't like grown-ups alright i guess it's a visit the space station day today because there was visiting holy and set up a new controller looks good alright we're going to clean up all this stuff and then we're going to leave we've got the blog up and cool new space station stuff the harry potter food challenge thing up and now we're out of here is that grandma ah she loves you and family night round number two hey mom away and jenny's phone dropped on babe makes you sad just a fumble sadly found a racecar no standing in the ride like wow job miss look there's a big buddha 000000 d mug o stripped bare oh that is no beep no we didn't want wow o. o hahaha hm we're playing a drawing game well sadly just laying on the floor being weird about we're playing driving him don't even able to have a wizard this is voldemort minion what was your word wedding ok and what did you drop so i do a stick think you ought sage guess the job done andrew wedding my wedding i think what we're sweating well shoo what we gotta cut that out before you weirdo
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