BREAKING: Safaree Robbed At Gun Point & Shares Traumatic Experience w/ Angie Martinez

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Just hours after being robbed at gunpoint by two men, Safaree Samuels sat down with Angie Martinez for a gut-wrenching and emotional interview about having a gun put to his head early Monday morning right outside his own home which happens to be in a gated community.
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So safari is my guest today what's . happening first of all are you ok what . do you mean just now just like right now . a couple hours ago i just got robbed i . to do two turns just ran upon me i mean . face down on the floor i would have gone . to my it it just took everything they . took everything. so the police they were working on it . you just told me not to really say too . much until they figured the things out . but it just happened couple hours ago . where were you at a club as you said it . was today or last night i can't really . give details cuz you know the police is . still do what they got to do but cuz we . don't you you say he was at the club all . you left with no id left . i wasn't like i wasn't in you know when. i was there i was with my security i . like about 30 people noah but then you . know when everything was done and all . that i'm like i was cool everybody got . peace out and then it's caught me just . caught me by myself you know it was me . in my arm i was one other person i was . my chef you know got on my car my car . they just came out of nowhere and just . clearly upset so clearly i remember i've . never had a gun put to my face and it's . like i don't know who the hell these . people were i don't know where it's . coming from crazy that we i just i don't . know why i would think because the . worlds we live in sometimes it's like . you don't realize that something how . traumatic yeah about being robbed all . the time like it's no big deal but like . people don't talk about how traumatic it . is to actually think you're so mad i got . in your face clearly you have a moment . where you think your life is finished . how traumatic that could be and my uncle . just got killed for robbery . the last thing i'm thinking is you know . what my mother would have to go through . shoes to get that call yeah what do you . do so what'd he do you call the cops . yeah like you know i was i was laid out . on the floor and then i just waited till . i just knew there was nobody standing. over me anymore and then i just got up i . ran you know i didn't have my phone i . couldn't call the cops i took everything . you know some people that call the cops . thank god it wasn't worse yeah and. that's what i was thinking - i'm just. like damn i'm like this guy's about to . shoot me i got security hugi i'm in . class but i'll never be you know i'm not . the type of person to walk around i'll . do the legal gun nonsense you know i'm . saying so it's just crazy i'm like . everything is on the up and up for me . and people see that and they just so . jealous and envious and you know any guy . gotta be somebody who who know me was . close i'm just i'm still like a shock . yeah yeah i can tell what are you gonna . do from here there's somebody that's . gonna i guess if there was a police . report the police did definitely they're . definitely going hard right now i'll . give him that but you know i'm just . gonna just as far as my security no i . just need to always you know have armed . security yeah . it's not even about having the big . strong muscle security man these dudes . is out here with guns you know i'm . saying they see $50,000 watch and all . that like they want it . shayne's do you think this would change . how you move i'm not gonna lie like it's . just it's it's like traumatize it i . guess it just keeps i'm sure you need to . have but that's what i'm saying it's . like with what i deal with day to day . just as far as it's like me working and . everything that i do is for me i can't . even take days off i can't say oh no i'm . not taking this flight to go here like i . got contracts to be places wednesday . thursday friday saturday sunday every . week for like the next few months so . it's like i can't really be like i know. you know people they don't they don't . understand they're not like all right . cool we sympathize not they're gonna . follow suits and do all that and say all . right well hey you breached the contract . like you know i'm saying so i still got . to do what i got to do so far we this is . not what i expected today i was like oh . finally i was so excited to him like . damn i finally get to sit with angie and . this is the day it happens you know but . that's what i'm saying they were like yo . you wouldn't like not doing that i'm . like my life is like it's out there you. know i'm saying life is a reality show . kinda at this point so people are . invested like they know you they know . you know yeah it's like out of a movie i . swear it's like it's just always . something you know i'm saying what . they're definitely gonna catch whoever . did it. yeah what does your stance on like you . know some people be like you you put a . gun to my face you took me i'm not doing . all that nonsense you did it like you . know i'm saying like no no kid street . called street rules what's that's gonna . do guess you get you killed it's not . gonna do nothing for me . like the laws the law like i'm a good . dude i don't go out here setting people . up on dude none of that nonsense you . know i'm saying so you don't want who . did it. you shouldn't've did it what evers . people you know what if you find out it . is people you know it's gonna be really . good for me to know that i know who it . is but i definitely feel like it's . somebody that i do know who has . something to do with it are you loose . with who you have around you i used to . be but i feel like i feel like we're . like how like just now i'm very you know . i'm saying i won't be really just having . anybody around me i'm very like tight . since i moved back to new york like . before like back in the day i used to be . going places or having 75 people with me . and not knowing who all these people are . you know i'm saying but now it's like . even if i do have a lot of people i know . exactly who's around me and most of the . time is family and it's messed up people . are always like i'm so personal i'm so. humble when they meet me places and all . that but then it's like but stuff like . this happen it's like i don't trust . nobody you know i'm saying you weren't . hurt at all. jabs like that i know i keep going back . to your uncle because i think that's a . big part of why it's affecting you so . bad you know saying that's what i that's . what i was thinking yeah . then they catch two guys in it's my . cousin's ex-husband his people you know . what i'm saying . so that's what they got in custody i . can't imagine what that's like then that . doesn't even give you closure right cuz . it's like war yeah drama safari i'm . sorry you're going through this man. that's terrible i'll do it . have you slept at all . you probably need to get some sleep - . i'm asleep after this i was in the . pre-suit all night so you know oh you . just came here from the precinct yeah . wow. take your coat no probably too big to . carry it's also a flashy coat it's not . like they around this bring down a treat . that coat mean i can't point i sort of . footage - rose i got i watched it you . know i'm saying i've seen everything and . it's just like you see me and my big red . coat laid out i keep doing what i got to . do i can't like i feel like the devil is . trying to really just ruin whatever. great is about to happen for me because . i feel like you know everything for me . has just really been going up and up you . know i'm saying so i think that's all . that is just a devil just trying to . throw a wrench you seem to have like a . real strong work ethic that's why that's. crazy do you see that i feel like . sometimes that works so much that . sometimes it could seem normal people . are people don't even realize it's . happening or i've worked so much - i . don't know it's like it's weird because . my first impression of you i didn't know . you i know you always say that no i . really did it i didn't know you sold my . impression all i had was from what i . think the time i interviewed nikki is . she and she was emotional because you . had just broke up that's like my intro . that's like that guy . and we both doing the same thing she was . here crying i'm seeing it need a time by. the way i just want to say for the . record but that looks like so that was . that's who i thought of you as like you. were the guy that was she was crying and . in the studio but then i you know i see . you work at that i see you around i see . you meet you a couple of times and you . always always see you in such a big . passing door i'm like you i never ever . get to really see you and speak to you . yeah well every time it's very it's . quick yeah it's like a pat but you . always seem like . your honor and you always a gracious and . nice to everybody and you talk to . everybody and you just you know you have . a good energy like i could tell but . anyway i see i say all that to say that . you've been out here working like it's . noticeable yeah cuz i could just i feel. like i can't give up it don't make no . sense to just be where i'm at you know i . feel like i have some influence and to . just be half-assing it you know today's . not your favorite day i get it yeah the . day you want to come see me that's what . i'm saying i'm like i didn't even get to . like you man i was gonna had a different . fern everything like this happened i'm . like what was the fire it was like a . different colorful one but it was just . one that no one's ever seen before you . know no i'm saying but everything . happens for a reason i didn't say . nothing about it yeah either i can't i . don't even have my phones to even what . did they take everything everything i . like a lease lease had 175 on you what . do you mean in jewelry wow i took . everything are you gonna re-up on that . are you just gonna be low lower key mean . not really not would like saying that . day one you know i'm saying but luckily . thank god i had oh so far you so we're . gonna have to like regrou
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