Buying First Pet Fish from PetSmart Family Fun Trip animals toys with Gus the Gummy Gator

Buying first pet Fish from PetSmart with Gus the Gummy Gator! Gus has a fun trip going to the pet store to buy a real fish with fish tank for the pet to swim in! Watch Gus pick out the fish and bring it home to it's new home! Great Kids Video for children and toddlers who wants to buy their first pet and loves animals!
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About Gus the Gummy Gator:
Hi Friends! I'm Gus the Gummy Gator! Do you know what I like to eat? Gummy!!!! Give me that Yummy Gummy! Children will have fun with DIY Kids arts and crafts and how to make yummy candy treats while learning colors, letters, words, numbers, shape, size and more! Fun DIY kids video for preschool children that integrate education learning! Adventure with Gus is where Gus goes on pretend play activities and fun real places for kids!
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Caption: Hey you look like you just woke up . what's going on dj hey danny . i'm good be commentator hi you later . taters here we are offense mike we're . gonna go get a fish today you know in. this dark fish hmm . wow you're really scared well get the . big ol cold fish . hey you go fish yeah honey . maybe i'll take you home we're efficient . communication player and get the gators . where are the fish is good looks like . they're scared of alligators come on . over here hey yeah don't be scared we . can be friends so what are you then run . a truck you disparage generation fish . look at this baby shark looks like they . haven't grown their teeth out yet i can . relate going to get our fish come on . fishies. hey you need a fishing spear coming home . with these all packed up ready to go now . that we got our finish click see what . else they get get a kitty here kitty . kitty kitty no hey yeah what's your name . then jesse gator yeah yeah hi you look . like you just woke up what's going on . dj's little birdie oh yeah you know . don't be scared we can be friends you . know here we get is daddy pig . guinea pig you know mr. guinea pig nice . to meet you weaver says you could be . related to him here we have some a . hammies cousins . rover hipsters keep running keep running . hey where's it going yeah you like . hiding out under there you be out in the . birdie don't fly away where are you . going you can skirt . 139 sellers wow . yeah what's this yep toys me you can kid . king in the animal kingdom . wait a minute this is a bird toy yeah . well. [music]. what 1 a. m. i know this is another cat . toy ma wow just colorful what's all this . anyway look . brushing hmm it feels real good. [music]. yeah right hmm big caper finish batman . you look cannon hmm would you hey what . are you in pain of a dragon pretty cool . look a turtle pee mr. turtle night and . then renew from being in the swamp ring . doing new and you said hey you kick oh . once you're on tv - come on out now . let's get a home for our fish oh it's a . fish mansion your big hmm there's too . many fish in there hmm man not my style . you'll make it fit . it's that's right nice yeah take it now . let's get our fish some plant our fish . needs a toy what you think yep ready to . go no right your aquarium joe put . together look at our new fish how you . doing he's got a bright orange strike . they can go call him stripy yeah hey . stripy come on in . [music]. no right hope you had fun today. litigators thanks for watching see you . next time if you had fun today click my . other videos to see me in my journey . come click on the red button to . subscribe to watch more of my videos in . my year . girliness pictures . [music]. .

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