Carpool Karaoke w/ Sam Smith ft. Fifth Harmony

James enlists Sam Smith to help him navigate the Los Angeles Carpool lane. During the ride, Sam shares that James was one of the first celebrities to notice and promote his music and Fifth Harmony jumps in the car for a surprise and song!
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Caption: Hey, i know are you in l. a. at. the moment, is there anyway you. can help me get to, without. i'm in a real rush and the. traffic is awful. oh, you're the best. thank you, i'm right outside. okay. oh, thank you so much for this. (applause). >> hi, james. >> james: thanks for helping. me get to work. >> it's my pleasure. >> james: i have never known. traivelg like this. >> i know, shock a block. >> james: do you mind if we. listen to some music. >> let's. >> james: shall we see what is. on the radio. ? you must think. that i'm stupid. ( cheers and applause ). ? you must think. that i'm a fool. ? i'm never gonna let you. close to me. ? even though you mean. the most to me. ? 'cause every time i open up. it hurts. ? so i'm never gonna get. too close to you. ? even when i mean. the most to you. ? in case you go and leave me. in the dirt. ? but every time you hurt me. the less that i cry. ? and every time you leave me. the quicker these tears dry. ? and every time you walk out. the less i love you. ? baby, we don't stand a chance. it's sad but it's true. ? i'm way too good at goodbyes. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: now you, you look. like a different person from. when we first met, it annoys me. a bit because we started the. same diet at the same time. and now i'm sort of just on my. own as the big guy. and i feel like-- there's only. two ways this can rectify. itself, either-- either you get. big or i lose weight, so there's. only one way this will rectify. itself. >> i'm going to get fat again. >> james: no, you're not. >> my plan is to keep my weight. down for another ten years. i just want to live in cavtain. when i'm older in a cavtain jrs. huge sunglasses, and all you. ever talk about is people coming. up to the house. >> completely. and i just walk around with my. oscar and granny. >> james: and you just regale. stories. >> yeah, and. ? yes i do, i believe. that one day i will be. ? where i was. right there, right next to you. ? and it's hard. the days just seem so dark. ? the moon, and the stars. are nothing without you. ? your touch, your skin. ? you told me not to cry. when you were gone. ? but the feeling's overwhelming. it's much too strong. ? can i lay by your side. ( cheers and applause ). next to you, you. ? and make sure you're all right. i'll take care of you. ? you. ( cheers and applause ). (applause). >> that's amazing. >> james: you are one of the. first people to ever draw any. attention to the song. >> james: really . >> yes, you were, you did a. tweet saying you liked the song. i think i was working in the bar. at the time. >> james: no are you serious. >> country. >> james: i didn't know that. >> and i was like oh my god,. that's amazing. he likes my music. >> james: i didn't know you. were working in a bar. i heard that song and i remember. thinking i just heard a voice i. would listen to the rest of my. life. ? you and me we made a vow. ( cheers and applause ). for better or for worse. ? i can't believe. you let me down. ? but the proof is in. the way it hurts. ? you say i'm crazy. 'cause you don't think i know. ? what you've done. but when you call me baby. ? i know i'm not the only one. ? i know i'm not the only one. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: do you ever get star. truck. >> i'm always confused when a. meet actors yz why. >> because they look huge on. screen and then you meet them. and they are tiny. >> james: tennee with big. hands. you meet like brad pit, he is. very, very small and huge head. >> yes. [bleep]. >> james: ryan goesling in. person, stop, stop, oh my god. when i look at ryan. goesling-- gosling i'm like,. technically we're the same. species. >> he's beautiful. >> james: we're having. conversations like this, i. understand why when i'm out with. julys, my wife and we will be in. the supermarket or something,. and someone will say oh, this is. julia my wife, and they will go. oh. i'm now thinking what are you. talking about. i'm so manly. and then i'm like i can't wait. to host the tony awards. the tony. ? when i signed my deal. i felt pressure. ? don't want to see the numbers. ( cheers and applause ). i want to see heaven. ? you say could you write. a song for me. ? i said i'm sorry. i won't do that happily. ? when i go home. i tend to close the door. ? i never wanted more. so sing with me. ? can't you see. i don't have. ? money on my mind. money on my mind. ? i do it for. i do it for the love. ? i don't have. money on my mind. ? money on my mind. i do it for. ? i do it for the love. i do it for the love. ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? money on my mind. i do it for. ? i do it for the love. i do it for the love. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: now is this true, i. read that you skipped school. once to go to a lady gaga. concert, is that true . >> yes. >> james: did you get in. trouble . >> i got put in unit for three. days. >> james: what is unit. >> that's like all day you are. in a class really an teacher has. to walk you to the cantine. >> james: for going to stee. gaga. >> but i forged a letter from. pie dad on the library computer. and i forgot to look, and the. librarian just saw-- and then. called pie dad. and the excuse wasn't great. i said i was going to a funeral. >> james: sam can't be in. school, he will be at a funeral. and actually were you like ra ra. ajaja. ? guess it's true. i'm not good at. ? a one-night stand. but i still need love. ? cause i'm just a man. these nights never seem. ? to go to plan. i don't want you to leave. ? will you hold my hand . oh, won't you stay with me . ? 'cause you're all i need. this ain't love. ? it's clear to see. but darling, stay with me. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: are you bad at a. one-night stand . >> i used to be awful. [bleep]. >> james: now i got it down. >> now i got it down. ? i'm young and i'm foolish. i've made bad decisions. ? i block out the news. turn my back on religion. ? don't have no degree. i'm somewhat naive. ? i've made it this far. on my own. you won't find me in church. ? reading the bible. i am still here. ? and i'm still your disciple. i'm down on my knees, i'm. ? beggin' you, please. i'm broken, alone, and afraid. ? i'm not a saint. ? maybe i'll pray. ? pray for a glimmer of hope. maybe i'll pray, pray. ? maybe i'll pray. i've never believed. ? and you know, that i'm gonna. won't you call me . ? can we have a. one-to-one please . ? let's talk about freedom. everyone prays in the end. ? everyone prays in the end. won't you call me . ? can we have a. one-to-one please . ? let's talk about freedom. everyone prays in the end. ? everyone prays in the end. ( cheers and applause ). >> james: can i talk to you. about your love of fifth. harmony. oh my god, what is it you love. so much. >> when i hear them i feel free. i feel-- . >> james: you feel free when. you hear them. >> i feel free, i feel alive, i. feel like the woman in me is on. fire. and i just want to, i don't. know, at home he i listen every. time i go out, my wedding song,. i want to walk down the aisle to. it. i love it, if i got fifth. harmony at my wedding. i want them playing for me. >> james: hilarious. >> yeah, for my wedding i have. got a whole plan for it. i want a funeral for my single. self before my wedding. >> james: oh my god, this is. getting out of control, out of. control. >> i'm in akoffin. and there are all these power. point presentation about my. single life, leak how fun it was. and everyone is liking like. we're going to miss you so much,. and i raise from the coffin and. everyone raises and take off. their black and are wearing. white. >> james: god help your. husband. >> he is going to love it. >> james: god help your. husband. >> this is what sam wanted to. do, you know. your parents are like brace. yourself. do i get a feun ralt for my. single self. no, no, no. this is very much about me. oh dear. >> no, i'm obsessed with them. i'm just a harmonizer. >> james: i guess we should. take a listen then, shouldn't. we . ? ? ?. ? ? ?. ? i ain't worried 'bout nothin'. i ain't wearin' na nada. ? i'm sittin' pretty, impatient. but i know you gotta. ? put in them hours. hey, it's me, i'm with sam, and. we're doing work from home. but i feel like 2 could be sort. of elevated show. (laughter). are you close pi . is there anyway, just to give it. a lift. >> no, no!. oh my god!. (applause). >> oh my god!. >> how are you . oh my god. >> oh my god. (laughter). >> i'm actually shaking. it's insane. >> nice to meet you. >> good to meet you. >> this is my dream. >> james: okay. here we go. are we ready . are we ready, girls. >> yes. ? i ain't worried 'bout nothin'. i ain't wearin' na nada. ? i'm sittin' pretty, impatient. but i know you gotta. ? put in them hours. ? i know you're always. on the night shift. ? but i can't stand these. nights alone. ? and i don't need no. explanation. ? 'cause baby, you're the. boss at home. ? you don't gotta go to work,. work, work, work. ? work, work, work. but you gotta put in work, work,. ? work, work, work, work, work. you don't gotta go to work,. we can work from home, oh, oh,. ? oh, oh. we can work from home, oh, oh,. ? oh, oh. ? ? ?. ( cheers and applause ). >> have a nice week, guy, thank. you so much. oh my god, i can't believe they. were here. that has made my year. .

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