Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Reveals Least Trustworthy Avenger

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Robert Downey Jr., Zoe Saldana, Paul Bettany, Pom Klementieff and Tom Holland talk about seeing the film, reading fake scripts of the movie, and they reveal the least trustworthy Avenger cast member.
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Scandal's Josh Malina

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Cast of Avengers: Infinity War Reveals Least Trustworthy Avenger
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Caption: Have any of you seen the movie . in its entirety . >> nope. >> no. >> no one has seen it, right . >> i barely read the script. >> jimmy: even you haven't seen . it . wow. but you know the whole script, . right . >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you do . >> you know the whole script . oh, that's nice. >> you tell us. >> i read it too. >> you read the whole script . >> they didn't want me to read . it. then i harassed the producers, . the director. i said i really need to read it. i really need to read it. and then they gave to it me on . an ipad. soy read it. but now i think a lot of people . didn't read the script. i'm not sure if i read the fake . one or the real one. >> i read that script five . times. and i kept going you know what . they said no, no, no, you read . the fake one. so finally they put me in a . room. and i'm dyslexic. and i sat down with this ipad . called code red. >> i've seen one. >> exactly. i'm reading this thing and i get. to the end of it. and i ring up joe russo. you have the same ending when . you read another fight one. at that point i had given up 24 . hours of my life to reading a . script that i was never going to. make. >> jimmy: that's annoying. but imagine how annoying it is . for the writers with writing a . fake script that no one sever . going to use. they have to sit down and bang . it out and make it believable . for nothing. >> i have an admission to make. and i wanted to do it as kind of. a formal apology. when we had the long setups . between those, i was writing . fake scripts. >> it was you!. >> jimmy: and uploading them . >> as a good company man they . indoctrinated me to the point . where i was like manchurian . candidate. they said my first, middle and . last name and did whatever they . wanted. >> jimmy: who among you is least. trustworthy when it comes to the. secrets . >> oh my god, even the audience. >> i heard that. i heard that rumor too. >> did you tell them what . happens . >> so the end of the movie, i . don't know. >> snitches get -- . >> the american version of that,. even though we love your british. accent is snitches get stitches,. right . no britches. >> britches!. >> i had heard the rumor about . the fake script stuff. and i was reading what i thought. was a fake script because . spider-man is in space. so i didn't finish it. but i found out it was real!. >> okay. >> jimmy: i've seen 20 minutes . of the movie. and it is fantastic, by the way. and i'm not exaggerating to . appease anybody. it is absolutely great. like 20 minutes. [ cheering and applause ]. >> jimmy: and i don't know what . i can say. i don't even know how to react . to what tom just said there. i really don't. >> what did i just say . >> you said spider-man is in . space. >> oh, that thing, right. yeah. it's really awesome. >> men in black, every 20 . seconds, we just wipe him. he is very young. [ laughter ]. >> we can get him and ruffalo . together, it's like the perfect . storm. >> they put us two in an . interview together the other day. in china. and i think the only reason was . so they could control the . source. so ruffalo and i were in the . same place, if there was one . leak, they had to wipe one. >> how old were you when the . first ironman movie came out . >> i would have been 11, 12. >> jimmy: so you're right in . that wheel. did you go see it . >> i hated it!. [ laughter ]. no, i was first in line. i was first in line. >> jimmy: is that true . >> marvel has been such a . massive part of my life. and it's now change mid life. >> jimmy: sure. so it's been a real roller . coaster. and a lot to get used to. but these guys, it's amazing . working with these guys. i always get really choked up . about this. >> jimmy: who gives you . guidance . does robert give you guidance . >> not anymore. look, clearly, he is his own man. now. i don't want to be bitter about . it. i don't want to pivot on this, . what can you tell us about . "avatar" . >> jimmy: that's a really good . question. [ cheering and applause ]. >> i can't say much, okay . because jim is probably . somewhere. >> cameron, yeah. >> wipe me out. >> when we were shooting the . very first "avatar," which i . just mentioned to you during the. commercial break we were shoeing. in playa vista in this little . area in los angeles. and they were shooting ironman . in the lot right next to us. and i would walk over to his lot. because they had better . catering. >> jimmy: that's because they . take like 13 years to make a . movie. they have to feed people for a . full generation. >> they got better since then. >> jimmy: didn't jim cameron, i . hope i'm not confusion him with . somebody else. didn't he say he hopes this week. he hopes this marvel mania goes . away and dies down . didn't wasn't he . administrationadministration . i. -- wishing . didn't he put a pox on you. >> i can tell a, you're . misinformed as usual. b, he was probably misquoted. c, i want to be in a jim cameron. movie. and i think i just might. [ applause ]. >> as a matter of fact, tom and . i are looking for a two-hander, . jim. >> jimmy: well, who isn't really. if you're thinking about it. >> all right. and here we are. >> jimmy: so you guys can't be . trusted. you were not entrusted with any . part of the movie throughout the. making of this thing. the whole thing -- which is . great, because it will be a . surprise to you when you go in . the theater. do you all survive the film . are there characters that don't . make it . it is a war. everyone comes out, it's not . that believable. >> yeah. >> moving on. >> you actually just got a . .

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