Charlie Hunnam & Guy Ritchie LOVE David Beckham | The Graham Norton Show

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Even when he's ugly, they still love him.
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Kyra tune you're not afraid of casting . non-actors in you think this this is the. one who gave us vinnie jones vinegar . reactor yes yes one lady they're very . happy to be back in the pantheon of . thespians and we've got another . footballer in this one and he isn't . annoying to be getting so much press for . this film david must be annoying you . gotta think i'm king arthur to second . you you guys are mates right yeah so i . mean we away now i don't know you did it . you know i mean it's up the kit our kids . got the same school okay and we got its . own pub and we go to the same sort of . gauge in isn't that just jim see the . gays violent . [laughter]. goodbye . yeah and one thing led to another . as they do in gyms yeah and i've used it . before in the previous film i did man . from uncle and i've done a catholic . religion yeah i've done a couple of . commercials with him i love him he is . talking he's not here we had such a new . year's manny he's a lovely chap but it . just made sense one thing led to another. you didn't attempt to make him less . beautiful in the film denis we tried . have you got a b holly what we hear it . doesn't hit an instagram picture of the . day you would shoot yes that was down to . me i walked onto certain and said i. think you should check the contract i . have to be the most handsome i think i . know a sexy is not going to work for me . so we did to him but he still you know . yeah yeah yeah yeah what i would i . thought he was terrific . you know not only just a lovely kind . humble fella but showed up so determined. to do a good job . i mean he's not master and not i don't . think any real aspiration to be an . acting yet i think he'd hired an acting. coach and he's so prepared and sort of . nervous and determined i thought wow . good for you david beckham yeah no he . don't really need my praise yes please . oh it's very quite well about it about . time somebody gave him a legal . finally breaking sorry next we're going . here if you'd like to see even more . stuff like that that hit subscribe or . don't the free world but i know what i . do in that situation. .
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