Charlize Theron: It’s Not ‘Brave’ To Gain Weight For A Role

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'Tully' star Charlize Theron remembers her first makeout session with a boy whose mother was outside honking.
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Caption: So nice. is that so nice to have you. here. >> thank you. >> stephen: now, we have met. once before. >> yes. >> stephen: i interviewed you. once before but it was the old. gig in character, and i'm. looking forward to actually. talking to you myself. >> i don't know who this person. is. >> stephen: that other guy was. an idiot. i'm an idiot, too, but i'm. honest about it. >> i like you both. >> stephen: thank you very. much. well, i found out something. shortly before you came out here. that you were originally going. to be a dancer. that's what your goal in life. was. >> that was my passion, yeah,. for sure. >> stephen: and you came to. new york to dance. >> i danced here for a little. bit. i thought that was what i was. going to do the rest of my life. >> stephen: why didn't you . i'm not really built to be a. ballerina. i'm a little too tall and too. much weight on my knees and at. 19 my body just kind of said no. more. so i said movies. >> stephen: so you're slumming. now, with movies. ( laughter ). did you go to los angeles after. that . >> i did. it was the craziest, now when i. reflect back on it, i'm, like,. what was i thinking . i'm so naive. my mom came out to new york. it was the winter i was super. depressed, i didn't know what i. was going to do with my life. she put together that really. what i loved about dance was. storytelling. she said, you should try the. movies. we knew nothing. she's, like, i hear they make. them in hollywood. she's, like, you don't want to. be 80 and on your death bed and. always think about, you know, i. should have given that thing a. shot. so because i had no money, she. bought me a one-way ticket. the travel agent sent us the. ticket and it said, los angeles. and she was, like, ah, (bleep)!. i told them hollywood!. and i was, like, mom, fix this!. we knew nothing!. i tell that to my kids today and. it's, like, are you crazy . >> stephen: you are a movie. star. it worked out. many fans, of which i'm one. for people who don't know you. grew up in south africa. what was your genre to go to as. a child. fantasy or romcoms or what did. you love most . >> i loved everything, a lot of. tom hanks movies. i had a weird thing with horror. which had a lot to do with. making out with boys and that. was a sure way to get a boy. close to you. >> stephen: talk me through. that. how does that work . >> well, maybe i'm the only. person who thought this, but at. 12 i was, like, you know, when. you get scared there's a reason. to move closer to a boy and then. maybe they'll put their arm. around you. >> stephen: because the boy. wasn't going to do it himself . >> no, no. did you do that at 12 . >> stephen: oh, no!. no!. ( laughter ). no, i didn't get close to girls. till my mid 30s. finally got the courage up. >> i made up for the first time. ever after watching "friday. 13th. ". >> stephen: really . like after the whole thing was. over. mid "friday 13" . >> no, it was a very planned. event. we're, like, we're making out. tonight. >> stephen: both of you said. you're making out . >> and three girlfriends and. they picked three guys. we weren't even. boyfriend-girlfriend, we're. just, everybody's making out. tonight, to matter what!. >> stephen: wow. his mom was honking in the. driveway and i said, dude,. you've got to do this now. >> stephen: so the movie is. over and it hasn't happened yet. >> yeah. it was not good. >> stephen: it was not good . no. >> stephen: have you asked. this young man about his failure. at this stage in his career. because he might be regretting. it. >> no. nicky smith, what happened. >> stephen: nicky, you dropped. the ball!. ( applause ). you said you love tom hanks. movies. >> yeah. >> stephen: but you did a tom. hanks movie. >> yeah, i did. >> stephen: it's that thing. you do. >> the second movie i ever did. >> stephen: did you audition. for tom hanks . >> i did. i did. oh, it was not good. >> stephen: well, it was good. if you have. >> i don't know why he gave me. the role. i mean, honestly, i was to. nervous. i mean, imagine you are 19 and. you meet this idol, like i. idolized him. i watched "turner & hooch,". like, 500 times. >> stephen: some have said his. finest work. ( laughter ). larry crown and "turner &. hooch. ". >> i'm one of them. >> stephen: i like your taste. o to audition for somebody. who like that is frightening. and the character who plays my. boyfriend in the movie his name. is guy. i got so nervous in the audition. i had to do this scene and tom. read with me. oh, it was so mortifying. i got so nervous i couldn't say. guy and i kept saying gay, and. the more i tried to correct. myself the more i just said gay,. and it was so horrible. he literally said at one point,. you know, let's just take a. break, we'll come back. and i was, like, oh, i am. sucking right now!. >> stephen: just enough,. though. congratulations. >> thank you. >> stephen: well, the new film. you have is "tully. ". you produced it. you play marlo, a mom of three,. and this is a strikingly. realistic look at being a mom. it can be beautiful but. certainly not easy. what drew you to this . because i know you have two. children of your own. >> yeah, jason rightman who i. worked with before in a film. called young adults and me the. scripts, when my second kid was. around six months and i just. moved her out of my room and she. just started sleeping through. the night, i had a 3-year-old at. the time as well who's, like,. where is my mom, because you're. just in the zombie state. i was just becoming a human. being again and he sent me the. script and i was, like, oh, boy,. this is so real, i just lived. this. there was something about it. that just felt -- something i. haven't read before, just, like. you said, about the honesty of. how messy it is to raise kids. >> stephen: and how you don't. know how everything gets done. >> no. >> stephen: you know all the. things or you try to know all. the things the child needs, the. things you need to do, but this. film really beautifully,. dramatically, sometimes. heartbreakingly explores that. it's impossible. >> it's so impossible, and i. think we all have been in that. place where we all think. everybody else knows but me. i had nights with my kids where. i was just, like, am i the only. person who doesn't know what to. do right now . and i think this film made me. making it just not feel so alone. in raising my kids. so i hope that that can happen. for other parents out there. you know, you don't have to be a. parent to get this. i think there is something about. just all of us not wanting to be. alone in whatever the experience. is we're having in our lives and. want to have reassurance that. we're doing okay, it's okay. >> stephen: and if you don't. have kid and you see this film,. it's excellent birth control. ( cheers and applause ). yes. >> listen, the world is. incredibly overpopulated, and i. am a u. n. messenger of peace. >> stephen: very nice. so lovely to see you. >> thank you. >> stephen: "tully" is in. theaters tomorrow. charlize theron, everybody!. .

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