Cody did something bad so Dad and Jake try their best to find out what happened
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So i just had to throw away an entire . cake because too wanted to put his . fingers in it and sneak in it . putting his fingers and it ruined the . whole entire cake then go online and say . he didn't do it i mean you could even . cut a piece out of it he just dug his. fingers into it. what are you doing and why haven't you . that's possible christmas stuff away . until after new year's within no no i'm . going back to work . that's not gonna hook it to your laptop . how much you want drama damn boy he . wants to do what i'm doing what he's . doing what he's doing is he took his . entire set up and put it on his desk his . tv his xbox everything's on the test . good do it i doing . no i'm going to go see really i even . watch tv in bed here oh my god ryan . watched blind us from heat from pc to . bed yeah just keep growing work i can't . i can't just use the laptop keyboard . yeah dad that he will do just as well . you often windows house needs an update . should i think he's just got a virus no . i didn't because its actual computer to . do it not me. there you go no keyboard okay i'll put . there you go your way through clothes at . tv though . what are we gonna remember for your way . to close that keep that tv gosh dad i . can't do nothing about it on energy now . 90 another monitor i didn't like i'm . just a small life monitor have it right . here. hold on hold still wait . really nice of course your room looks . like crap when you were told forever go . to have this really clean who did ya . body clean this damn room up you're told . like three hours ago is legit was like . three hours ago and it's still not clean . put toothpaste somewhere in missouri . because he had two things all over his . hands and direction like this and came . over here i'm stretching i said what's . on your hands good watching so jake why . can't i don't like that . no he was yeah he was doing a white what . you're talking about this was the to . paste in a bathroom that i never had to . the rules . so that's what you were doing with the . toothpaste. look there's toothpaste on the sink. yeah you do that where's the bottle i do . it for every course the bottle next to a . somewhere in here because you went in . there in here and stop lying . yeah he knows you did i was wondering . why i was like look under the bed in . there. well there is on tap the road that . they're messing up already throw your . man obviously you are doing you're . supposed to be doing and you are up to . something else now what were you feeling . kody about my room so that's called came . out and they were to paste on the noh8 . yes you are nothing but he had . toothpaste on johnny . yes smells hands they smell like . toothpaste. where's the toothpaste not my walk out . three you're going to tell me where to . place this you're going to be writing . center just always in the bathroom which . is worried and i never should united . brush my teeth. what now i never had the time to always . be what you just said earlier . you know either time to didn't you just . say he brushes t smell my breath . yeah so what happened that fruits my . breath fresh cookies so would you have . the toothpaste for early . where's the toothpaste was to pasting . there if you don't brush your teeth what . why toothpaste all over the towel to . paste all over the towel for you play me . for her hand you could got that you . could have done that . archived on that number one in the gym . face tells me why i don't i don't play . lol what jake do that currently on the . bathroom and play with the early one who . misbehave like that tell the truth right . now i you're not no you're not because i . know when you're lying . mom you are life . no actually i'm really are you're lying . look at your face. no i didn't had it all right you're . writing sentences your without a playoff . you're over there playing you're over . there playing you're right set this for . life . yeah you do brush your teeth made a mess . in the same hands smell like toothpaste . you were caught with the toothpaste . there's something all over the mirror in . there that looks in the state of. something inappropriate your life you . have a bad track record of like you have. a bad track record to do things not . supposed to be doing yeah i'm translate . the truth means don't want to face you . can even stop smell they don't know i . just spaced so why was there toothpaste . all of your hands earlier. yeah wasn't that was a stop it was not a . stock because look you were over here i . said cuts on your hands you want nothing . go . he was over here in here ya hear yes . look there's to face right on the wall . there right there that is to face it it . is toothpaste it's not it's not that's . toothpaste no i know what this is this . is ms lotion what this is endless lotion . yeah you got car right handed so would . you do whatever's would you do it emma's . where's the lotion net know where is it . so what were you doing with it my hands . not giving you my hand against know that . low she would you put the lotion code . because that was awful lot of revolution . obviously the trip down there and i saw . all of your hands and put it like right . thing . no you did not you it's in here . somewhere because little piece . why is therefore to close those are . folded clothes coding where . because you want here put your dirty . clothes under my dad what do you got my . dirty clothes in your basket sure your . emotions show you exactly words i used . so why was it all over your hands and i . was supposed to be in her stuff. oh so why are you in here digging in . herself come over here i'm taking your . story what might be able to slip she . want my room flip my lego table over . this do that because you were in her . stuff now we should get for jake come on . now. you didn't need to do that oh you know . you don't need to do that always wanted . to do another people stuff that you . weren't putting nothing back in and you. were building with the legos and you're . not even clear like mom told you a . hundred times where is it where is it i . took it . you no longer feel i don't come crying . about friends it should be you have a . damn black crying forget what i do . bye dad . let's cry and forget what i do . everything going bad for me that's why i . was great to hurt again it's a lego . ability that like canada took forever to . build two tiny little pieces really cody . you're taking the focus off of what you. did wall and put it on something else . like you always do you have to read that . i don't even know why we built that . works construction supposed to be clear . anyway i mean you can't believe in . strong life was my cable playroom clean . the room right now i'm gonna break . something you love no not no you're not . no damn leg ok it's sent me . oh my god it's 420 doesn't give a damn . about legos that nobody got a feeling . it's like something my gtm destroy your . not going to destroy i want to have a . gta like i said i don't play that your . deal like you feel like you need to get. people back. yes really so that's why you're bad all . the time for me matt lamination can get . this hold on. so if someone does something bad to you . you do something bad to them . yeah it takes a second sister ok so if . someone does something good for you to . use do some good for that and i don't . know you don't you're told to clean your. room all the time and it's an all-day . fight with you every single day. why is a fight every single j-just clean . your room just make your damn bed and . clean your room part that goes away and . clean the damn room and you stay in hell . out of your sister's room every single . day you told to clean your room all day . fight that's ridiculous when i come back . look here again look at me if i come . back in this room is not clean . what am i going to do what exactly . get cleaned. maggie what are you doing what you doing . girl and you look old get out of that . bed. what you doing buddy huh . we do it dead buddy come on bud what's . everybody doing . would you like the christmas my wife . don't put me to work your fireplace with . camera. this looks like a job for a montage . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. okay here it is . oh the win . oh i'm going to get in there and i'm . going on a traumatic are you gonna crash . my car . stretch your car yeah question carl . there . yeah if you had another one it will look . right into the thought about buying too . bad and these right here these shells do . hold a lot of shit and keep it up off. the floor. yeah it looks right into the side that's . what everyone has their drive to the . garages i am less that's what we use a . brush for we have your whole walls la . this would be the best thing box . facebook they all look in and screw into . the wall . we're going to die in science that's . what all those three trolls are screwed . to the wall they got only two . recording now . yeah i really don't want to take cody . stories way i don't want to do it i'm . not gonna do it i'm gonna walk off and . walked off i'm gonna give them a little . more time i really don't want to take . away his toys because i really really . don't breaks my heart to do that i can't . be riding with him now that clean his . room tired so tired of it. what is this face okay what what are you . looking at what flight . what is your deal yeah but what if you . gotta go outside take mega park talking . hey talk to me if you want to go out . ok boy . it is snowing everybody giving them . cloud . ok that dog pee just copy the old squat . look at guys it's snowing . look at that . ain't that something are you doing why . you're always complaining about playing . with my parents pairs . hey wait. click on it. [music]. he's no fun no come here . really. your mom had how you answer to me when . you're bent so we're down here ryans . room and his mom yelling at him the . whole time and it's microphone was still . plugged in so everyone in his game just. her to get yelled at. humiliation are you humiliated but you . should just unplugged it . what your microphone i just- dude . humiliation on you that tree a huge mess . and not true stated here now part of the . house trees must go out to after new . years i want my fucking trees while . playing by the net area so yeah thank . everybody for watching this video i hope . you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy. this video want to see more videos like . this video right here leave a comment. down below and let me know and also. don't forget to check out the rest of my. videos and don't forget to follow me on. facebook instagram twitter and don't . forget to like and subscribe to daddy 05 . [music]. .

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