Crime Patrol Satark – Ep 903 – Full Episode – 11th March, 2018

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Episode 903:
Nitin Jaiswal's murder mystery continues to confuse the police as the police aren't able to crack the case. Police suspect that Ranjana, the girl that Nitin's engagement was broken, is somehow involved in the case including Nitin's another female friend with whom Nitin used to study. The case still seemed entirely deemed until they find an important clue. Watch the episode to know more.
About Crime Patrol :
Crime Patrol will attempt to look at the signs, the signals that are always there before these mindless crimes are committed. Instincts/Feelings/Signals that so often tell us that not everything is normal. Maybe, that signal/feeling/instinct is just not enough to believe it could result in a crime. Unfortunately, after the crime is committed, those same signals come haunting.
Hello!. yes. yes, i am kuldeep tiwari. okay, i am coming to ujjain. but please stop. your useless threats. you need answers. to your questions, right . i'll answer them. but stop drawing conclusions. in vain. when are you coming. to ujjain . tomorrow morning. i'll be waiting for you. hold on. please, stop. hey! we haven't even. asked anything yet. that's what i am saying. please, don't ask me anything. because i'm in no mood. to clarify things twice. tomorrow, i'm going to ujjain. to deal with the police. i will tell them. whatever i tell you today. i have nothing to do. with this case. listen, we have given you. freedom to live life your way. and not to ruin your life. prerna, you knew the boy. who has been murdered. why didn't you tell us . mom, i didn't tell you. because i didn't know. what to tell you. i also don't know what. the ujjain police want from me. i'm going there tomorrow. they can ask me. whatever they want to. i will tell them. whatever i can. both of you. don't question me, at least. we want to talk to ranjana. you may call your husband. and son, if you want to. sir, trust me. ranjana told us only now. about her connection. with nitin. sir, we feel regret. for hating nitin. since one year. did ranjana also tell you. that she was in touch. with nitin. even after their wedding. was called off . right until two days. before he was murdered . sir, i didn't tell them. but i had told you everything. ranjana,. you didn't tell us everything. here. here are your phone records. and these are prerna's. phone records. about whom you claimed. to know nothing. i really don't know. anyone named prerna. then why did prerna call you up . ranjana, a talented and. young man has been killed. don't hide anything. just a minute, sir. are you implying that my sister. is involved in this murder case . that too because ranjana. was in contact with nitin. even after their wedding. had been called off!. would you put such. foul allegations on my daughter . the phone record is the proof. that your daughter is lying. she had spoken to prerna. sir, i don't know anyone. named prerna. i never got a call. from prerna. prerna had called you up. october 9, 2017 at 3:16 p. m. these phone records. are from last two months. shall i get the records. for the whole year . sir, i swear. i didn't know anything. about prerna. nitin never mentioned. a girl before me. have prerna and you. together got nitin killed . don't threaten us. with these mere records. don't put baseless accusations. against my daughter. get some firm evidence. my daughter. hasn't done anything. raghuvendra gupta,. you seem pretty confident. i wonder, if you both. have killed nitin. because of your hatred for him. go get evidence against us. we will lodge a complaint. against you. if you trouble us again. i don't know. why prerna had called me up. i don't have any idea. sir, i really don't know. anyone named prerna. who is ranjana . has she been murdered. as well . first, she started. questioning me. as to why i switched off. my phone after nitin's death. and why didn't i surrender. and why i left for jabalpur. before i could answer. her questions. you asked more questions. as to who ranjana is. sir, which question. do you want me to answer . i want you to answer. all the questions. and clearly at that. sir, i'm telling you clearly,. i don't know any ranjana. and i didn't call her up. as per your phone records,. you had called her up. i don't know. why would i talk. to someone who i don't know . ma'am, as per my phone records. ranjana received a call. from my number, right . it must be true. it might be a mistake. or nitin must have. called her up. you were saying. that ranjana and nitin. were going to get married. whereas, i have no idea. about it. what is the relationship. between nitin and you . friendship. how did you become friends . because of economics. nitin was doing phd. in economics. and i was preparing. for the services. economics was. one of my subjects. that's why,. we used to study together. and that's how we became friends. and we remained friends. nitin gets murdered. on 14th of november. and you turn your phone off. the very next day. and you flee from ujjain. to your home in jabalpur. students don't run away. to their homes. once the vacations are on. they rather go home happily. and they don't leave. all of a sudden. they book their tickets. a few months in advance. even i hadn't left abruptly. on 15th of november. my tickets were already booked. you may ask my classmate. and my roommate, manju. in fact, even nitin was. aware about my plan. nitin and your friendship. what was going on between. you both apart from studies . innumerable cups of coffee. and uncountable hours. of discussions. sure, but the aim of. capitalism's triple down effect. is poverty eradication. ultimately. tell me another country. where this theory is working. you tell me a country. where socialism has genuinely. eradicated poverty. from its roots. give me one example. we wouldn't realise. the time. when we started. the discussion. 'sometimes at coffee shops'. 'and at some other places. as well. '. we will get 100 examples. in the world. which will prove. that capitalism is. such an economic system. which is encouraging. inequality. but socialism is not. a democratic system either. 'sometimes we used to. gather at nitin's place. '. 'but our discussions. would never end. '. our last topic of discussion was. the statistical data. of unemployment. for a change,. both of us agreed. that data collecting tools. and interpretation tools. need a radical change. prerna. we are not having. a session on economics. come to the point. was your affair. with nitin serious . hello!. i am telling you. that we never thought. beyond economics. who has narrated you. this love story . even i would like to know. or is it mentioned. in the phone records, too . nitin had told ranjana that. he had an affair with a girl. how did you conclude. that the girl is me . who was that girl, prerna . anjali. - who anjali . i don't know. prerna, don't test. our patience. same to you, ma'am. you have put this blame on me. when you learnt. that nitin had an affair. though i've been telling you. that there was nothing. between nitin and me. all right then,. even i gave you a name. anjali. prerna,. i am asking you directly. answer me clearly. have ranjana and you. together got nitin killed . had ranjana sent you to nitin. to seek revenge for her . answer the question, ranjana. i am prerna, not ranjana. ma'am, you are getting. confused. i don't know. who ranjana is. and i have been telling you. from the starting. and we've been asking you. a question from the start. nitin is murdered. on 14th of november. and your phone. gets switched off. why . my phone was off. because i wanted to study. without any disturbances. i learnt about nitin's murder. on the 16th. 'i was shocked. '. 'shall i tell you. why i was shocked '. go ahead. the news article read. that nitin was murdered. on the night of 14th november. while he was. going back home. do you know. where he was coming back from . where . i had visited nitin on. 14 november for joint studies. he was going back home. after dropping me. at my home in ujjain. all right. bye!. bye! your return ticket. is for the 30th, right . right! holidays will end. on the 30th. call me up if you return. before 30. of course, i will. happy journey. - take care. bye!. - bye!. so, i started thinking. that the one. who shot at him. must be waiting for him. while he was going back. just a minute. was he the one. who was following him . his name is manish nishana. i did not see him. i was trying to recollect. if i saw anyone that night. when we left. from nitin's house. no, i did not see anyone. i was at nitin's place. from 6:45 p. m. to 10:45 p. m. did you not get to know. from my phone location log . lokshakti colony!. you know a lot about. call records and phone location. sir, i am preparing. for services. it's general knowledge. you may also know. how to manipulate the same. what do you think . that i contacted manish nishana. and would have. given him money. and asked him. to shoot nitin . and also that i have. planned everything. so that my involvement. isn't traced . is this what you feel . - absolutely. you are smart. now, tell me. how did you get him killed . what was the need. for me to get nitin killed . i didn't love him. it wasn't. a casual affair either. nitin and i were. good friends. you are not ready. to believe this. all right, sir. catch this person. and let me know. if he mentions my name. even i should know. why i got nitin killed. may i go . - all right, go. but you won't go. out of ujjain. anyway, do you have. any other suspect. apart from. a soft target like me . now, you will lecture us. on investigation!. sir, a little bit. i knew nitin very well. sir, he was a decent boy. he was focused. only on his studies. why would anyone. want to kill him . i don't think. he was involved in any fight. then what do you think . i don't remember. anything exactly. but nitin had mentioned. his brother. nitin's brother, mahesh . no, sir. his cousin, yogesh. i don't remember. the exact date. but he was talking to yogesh. over the phone. and he sounded very upset. yogesh,. i don't want to talk about it. what happened . my uncle has a son named yogesh. our fathers had dispute. about a land. owned by my grandfather. he is calling me incessantly. and irritating me. and my elder brother mahesh. he says that it was unfair. and wanted a bigger share. in the property. but if we haven't got. our own share. how can we give him. his share . i've been trying. to explain him. that once i get my share,. he may keep all of it. yet he calls up incessantly. and irritates me. i told nitin that property. and money is temporary. anyway, i am saying this. out of compulsion. or else, you will. doubt me again. okay, bye. she confused us and left. by the way,. nitin's uncle jai prakash. and his cousin yog
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