Curved iPhones Are Coming, iOS 12 Siri Overhaul & Apple Ditching Intel!

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Apple's Crazy Future. Curved iPhones, No More Intel In Macs, Siri Overhaul, Mac Pro Delayed & Insane iPhone Smuggling. Apple News!
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[music]. don't know if you guys remember her but. this is ava i had her in one of my . videos years ago she was just a puppy . back then she just wanted to stop by and . say hi i believe it or not soon as . your iphone could actually be curved . inwards like this much like the lg flex . apple is supposedly working on an iphone . with a very gentle inward curve from the . top of the screen going towards the . bottom so it's a lot different than . samsung's which goes outwards on the. edges and this is potentially what it . could look like i mean this is kind of a . funny little concept obviously it's not . gonna have a flip out thing like that. this is inspired by the nokia 80 110 and . it's a martinez x version of it now . bloomberg actually released this really . long reports detailing some new features . coming to futuristic iphones and it's . kind of cool because when i hear . bloomberg talking about it you know . there's a morsel of truth and beginning . with a technology that would allow you . to control your phone without having to . touch it literally you would just hover . your finger over the display and then . you get certain prompts or gestures. based on what you do or how many fingers . you use there are very little details . about this but bloomberg says apple is . working on it and it will be coming in a . future iphone and to give you an idea. i'm gonna give you microsoft's . presentation of this and it is actually. incredible if apple were to implement . this even half as well as they did it . would look so amazing in ios so they had . several examples one you're watching a . video and you don't want to actually . have the on screen video controls and . rob ting you so you bring your finger up . to the display and they just pop up . there look at how handy that is if . you're holding it with one hand you get . different controls and vice versa so . that is so cool and also one in a . browser you bring your finger up close. and you'd get an option to see where you . can click which links are clickable and . there's also this really cool one apple . doesn't really have much support for . this but let's say in the files app you . were to select a file and then bring . another finger over and hover it over . the display you'd get more options about . what you can do with that file so really . cool implementation of this depending on. how many fingers you have you'd get . different options it just all around . seems like a great solution and even . though personally i don't believe apple . takes full advantage of 3d touch yet . with time you know they will keep . developing that and having this as a . display input option would be great i . think and bloomberg is reporting that as . soon as 2020 to 2021 we could be seeing . a display that curves inwards on an . iphone i can't imagine why i would need . that . the display is so small would you really . notice the benefits of that but apple . knows better of course it's unknown why . they would do this there are very little . details on this right now but maybe it'd . be similar to something that lg flex did . although i did not like that phone it . was uncomfortable in your pockets it was . just a bulky phone i don't know how . apple could do it and make it work but . who knows a few years we could be seeing . this futuristic banana tech in our . pockets and at the end of the reports . they added the apple is still working on . micro led technology but we won't see it . until three to five years from now so a . lot of people were hoping to see it this . year on the apple watch but the soonest . we could even possibly see it digit . times as saying his 2019 because apple . is apparently working with tsmc on . producing the micro led display and they . could possibly be releasing it next year . but certainly not this year in any case . oled is pretty great on the iphone 10 . it's such an improvement from the last . generation lcd and i'm happy with its i . mean micro led is cool it'll come in the . future but i'm more than happy with all . we have now with organic led now for. those of you waiting for apple's new mac . pro the redesigned modular version where. you'd be able to swap out parts apple . did announced this last year that it . would be coming this year unfortunately . they just talked to a techcrunch editor . that visited the campus and they said . that it will not be happening up until . 2019 so we have another year to go they. wanted to be very clear that for anybody . that was holding out to upgrade to the . mac pro it won't be happening until next . year so you can buy whatever you need to . this year unless of course you want to . wait another year and the really great . thing is the apple is actually working . with a bunch of award-winning artists . you know just people that work with . computers on a daily to produce our to . video you know programs stuff like that . and they're trying to find friction . points things that annoy them that. frustrate them they're trying to patch . that before releasing this product so . that's finally great that apple is . listening to what people wants not just . giving it to them like they did with the . last generation mac pro which you can . see how that ended up so it's really . great that they're doing this it's gonna . be another year but i think it's always . better to wait longer than to receive . something you didn't want half-baked and . we all knew this was gonna happen. everything was heading towards this now. bloomberg is reporting that apple will . be ditching intel in 2020 or as soon as . 2020 apple has been building their own . chips for iphones for quite some time . they've been madly successful at its the . numbers speak for themselves . and now it looks like they'll be . applying the same strategy to their . computers as well as the ipads of course . they're going to continue that into the . future so bloomberg is reporting that's . it's just not working and the intel . gains are very slow they're not making. much progress you know the tick-tock . schedule went to tick tick tock and the . gains we are getting just aren't enough . so apple wants to seamlessly integrate. to the processor with mac os and the . only way to do that to really take . control of the battery life the entire . control over the cpu is to build your. own cpu so that's what they will be . doing and a new report today is saying . that apple will be working very closely . with amd to produce a custom chip that . will be used on the mac so it won't be . entirely built by apple but it will be . most of their own architectures so . they'll have more control over its . bloomberg is saying because of that . they'll be able to get better battery . life better performance out of the chips . just because of how closely they can . work with it and as soon as iowa's 12 we . could be seeing a major overhaul to siri . something that apple has desperately . been meeting for years already and of . course the home pods the home pods with. siri right now are just bad honestly why . would they release it with such a. crippled version of siri so what's. happening with apple and siri apple's . been hiring so many developers to work . on siri engineers i mean they've got . over a hundred 60 listings and that's . more than any other year in relation to . siri engineers so apple is definitely . ramping that up and to top it all off . apple just poached google's artificial . intelligence chief with probably a lot . of money to come over for them and . probably work on the cirrie project so . siri. could be getting much smarter as soon as . iowa solved possibly in a future version . but it definitely was rumored that siri . would be improving in ios 12 and . futuristic crime is pretty damn. impressive. so china just cause some smugglers. smuggling eighty million dollars . american equivalents of iphones over the . border and this is refurbished iphones . they were using drones and bags filled . with iphones on a 660 foot cable so they . were zipping those along and overnight . they could transport as much as fifteen . thousand i phones in these sacks that is . crazy imagine how much batteries they . must have had stacked up charging and . just replacing those as zipping it down . coming back replacing it adding more . iphones that is so crazy . 80 million dollars worth and i feel like . this is just the beginning i mean . criminals are getting smarter so i if . you guys remember back in the day people . would strap iphones to their bodies go . through the airport like that . this is the next generation of that sort . of transportation and it was thought . that was really interesting but anyways . guys that is the latest on apple a lot . of futuristic apple products that are . very excited about see materialized in . the next few years the future is bright . we think the apple is a lot of . innovation a lot of people say that it . is simply not true they've got so much . planned i feel like we're not even . prepared for it but anyways guys stay . tuned and thanks for watching . these. .
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