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Doo-doo-doo-doo 30 right second e . squishies now cuz they have been left . for days to dry i you kidding me no way . did not even dry yet . why my gosh no i thought they dried up . enough for days oh gosh it's getting . everywhere. and this is all dad's fault it's just . one one oh my gosh now . oh mom where are you . you know when dad pranked me with their . squishies yeah they haven't dried i'm . still not dry after all those days and . you know that i need to be giving those . out to the public and the fans the . christmas party yep they're not drying . there's been ages hmm oh you think you . know how i said last time if dad touches . a message about my squishies again i'm . throwing his real computer in the pool . roll the clip. how do you feel i know that's immature . crazy right now so i'm going to go any . of this and get his real t i think no . just wait for me. do you i know . calm down let me talk to you hey just . calm down. why are you doing take stop stop i've . got an idea. okay just calm down i've got a really . good idea by sheer coincidence key . you're really careful to put your . flip-flops on quiet. okay . [music]. [music]. do you want some i've got to beat . told you . go back back . very quiet day. he's got the pop horse on so that's . quite out. go to the curtain . mmm . [music]. [music]. oh. how long are you in there for ages i . know it breaks up in in where's who . tiana tiana is watching tv why he filled . me with the jacuzzi for i'm just getting . used to the camera anyway i need to tell . your honor is not happy because the . squishes are still wet throat what's the . matter oh come on i know she's been to . something i'm no i'm job yes no i'm just . doing a little vlog around the house why . you doing that for . why not you can teach these quadrants re . about that is just a moment of attack . [laughter]. you've been pranked boy you did it again . tomorrow computer is beating crazy why . would you do that to me twice you've . done this unusual guys we have done it . before so go and check the video out . we'll roll the clip to show you guys . where we got the laptop from . do you have a silver computer a laptop. silver yeah okay thank you . i need a silver one let's have a look. what's in there guys oh there's only . telly's i think i'm going to struggle in . here i don't need to tell you i need a . laptop not good there's another box here . i can look through yes this is gonna . have to do hilarious foodie anja larry . taking way to honor my heart dry out t i . just heard a big thud what is she. pointing there yep sneaky just go anyway . [laughter]. go take leave - bye-bye . come on jonathan it's just a swishy . you've got . oh my gosh is wet them even more not a . good law can't believe the faux fur . again i mean this is just getting . ridiculous i'm going to get rid of this . computer i'm putting it in my skip so . you can't use it in any more pranks what . i'm very grateful you never use my right . t this is the one we're gonna use the . one we used in the pool last time but t . we can't put the real one in no we'll be . fine we'll get away with it too yeah . let's do it then yeah i'm still not . going to thank you you know you will . make you sorts on it use my real . computer for using both in the prank . well you guys always get me involved so . that's your choice. let it snow what's this calendar is that . on your website the link in the . description down below i've got a . surprise for you . i can see saunders name on the calendar . guys yeah by the way you'll meet . chocolates inside this calendar let's go . and have a look tea . me and mums got what is mouth so guys . you can only get these calendars on . tiana's website hospitaller calm that's . the only website where you can get your . on as much of things like this the . christmas of course and have your own . name put on them now you know get off . for squishies then . [music]. you. .
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