Logan Paul is So Sorry. After a huge mistake he made caught an immediate backlash from the internet. This is my response
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You know usually when there's drama . poppin off about a youtuber or people . are making a bunch of videos about. somebody or people are asking me my . opinion on a situation i tend to stay . out of it i choose to stay silent . because number one it's not my business . number two i've got my own problems and . i don't want to be the kind of person . who's getting on video casting judgment . down onto somebody else when i've . clearly got enough problems to fill a . stadium with right like i've got a lot. of stuff going on and maybe this is one . of those times where i should just shut . my mouth maybe i should just say nothing . at all because this guy has a legion of . fans that are number one gonna smack the . dislike on my video number two . unsubscribe from my channel and number . three. send me death threats on twitter and i'm . talking about credible death threats by. the way i'm talking about real stuff i'm . talking about logan paul and if you're . not familiar with what happened . yesterday he decided in the infinite . wisdom that carries him on throughout. his day that he would upload a video of . a person who committed suicide in japan . let that sink in for a minute . logan paul in the middle of a vlog found . a dead body in the woods and he was like . yeah bro we're gonna film that that's . top to vlog material bruh like instead . of being a smart person and walking to . the parking lot which he admitted was . several feet away and calling the police . he was like yo give me give me give me . the camera what's poppin lo game you are . not gonna believe this bro like my mind . is frickin melting bro like hold on it . might not be compassionate enough i'm . not being compassionate enough right . okay. [music]. you guys i found a dead person no i need . to look sad somebody spit in my face no . just i need tears spit in my face like . i'm about to do to this guy's family for . some reason logan paul found this dead . body and rather than telling the police . he decided to start vlogging again and . i'm not talking about like a couple of . quick shots from around the corner i'm . talking about he walks up to this guy . and he films his hands he films his feet . he's like yo the stuff in his pockets . like what what you cannot get more . disrespectful than finding somebody who . committed suicide and going up to film . like this guy was tormented enough to . take his own life and if there's anybody . watching this that ever feels that low . that that there's nothing worth living . for there's somebody you can talk to . there are suicide prevention lines. there's a number on the screen right now . that you can call please reach out to . somebody if you ever feel like life just . isn't worth living anymore because we've . all been there at times in our lives . i've been there when something like that. happens the last thing that they want is . some like giant idiot coming up to them . with a camera and being like you're not . gonna believe this oh my god it's a . popular game and guys it's like it's i . can't even find the words to describe . the level of disgust that actually is . the level of inhumanity that it has to . go up to a dead body and film them . because you want some clips on a video . you know i want to get this right off . the bat i like logan paul i'm a fan of . his work i think he's entertaining i . think he's a good-looking guy i think . he's he's he's funny he's you know he's . got a great like view one life in his . videos and i think he's supremely . talented his brother i could take him or . leave him . but the problem that's going on in logan . cause life right now is he has too many . yes men he has too many people that'll . just say yeah that's a good idea because . they want to keep the money flow and . they want to they want to keep him in . their video so they can skyrocket and . they can make money too and they'll say . whatever they think he wants to hear . what do you guys think you think it's a . good idea to film a dead body i think . it's a genius idea logan . totally genius can i come to japan too . you could totally save us for suicide . prevention that's a great idea boss you . think they got really good sake in japan . what is the matter with you dude you . need to stop surrounding yourself with. all these people that are gonna look you . in the eye and say yeah that's a great . idea you need to surround yourself with . people that are gonna go yeah that idea . sucks because some ideas that you're . gonna have are gonna suck walking into. the suicide forest in japan and filming . a dead body is one of those ideas that . kind of sucks watching the video and . seeing how he's laughing and having a . good time and just really excited that . he found this dead body really makes you . wonder just how inhumane of a person he . actually is makes you wonder just how . self-absorbed logan paul really is how . much he thinks the world revolves around . him you know . behind me is a painting of my father and . i hung it up in his video on purpose it . was painted by a very talented guy named . jorge mendes and when he was done with . this painting he painted one more of . logan paul and i find it ironic that in . the painting that he did for logan paul . he decided to paint half of his face as . if it were the world itself as if the . world itself revolves around logan paul . as if everybody is here to bow to his . whims and his needs and that's just not . how it works and you're probably . wondering michael in the beginning of . the video you said this is none of your . business . why are you saying anything at all well . number one this is the type of video . that my dad would have responded to he . would have had me on the phone last . night. my . shit what the hell is going polish . problem i thought he was smart enough i . thought he was smarter than his brother . gabe and number two this does affect me . so in the absence of my father being . able to say anything because he's no . longer with us . i decided to say something on behalf of . the both of us on behalf of the entire . youtube community i don't really know if . he cares that he affected all these . people i don't know if he cares that . what he did has such a profound impact i . don't think he cares that he took this . power that he has and he wielded it for . the wrong reasons i don't think he cares . he released two apologies number one had . an emoji and as if that's how people . actually apologize like if somebody . apologized to me like you're what's up . man look i'm sorry for what i did peace . bro like i don't think i would accept . the apology i would like yeah get out of . my face print like i don't think i would . accept it the second one was in the form . of a video that he just uploaded and . yeah he had a little you know he had a . little emotion in it but guess what he . had a lot of emotion in the video where. he said he was colorblind too he totally . admitted that was fake. so how can we trust a damn thing that . this guy's saying all he cares about is . the money that's my opinion and i hope . that i'm wrong because i genuinely do . like logan paul i think that he's . talented i think that he's funny i think . they'd be was a lot better than his . brother is but you can't make too many . mistakes like this man you you can't . keep doing it because it affects more . than you it affects the millions of . children that are watching your videos . it affects your fellow youtube community . and i don't know if you care about that . but we do we we we don't want another ad . pocalypse because some idiot decided to. walk into the forest and invade some . person's privacy what if his family . watched your videos that's somebody's. son what if he has a daughter who's part . of the lowe gang and she turned on your . video and saw her dad who committed . suicide in the forest do you hold no . like responsibility for what . you've done to harm their family that's. the kind of stuff that you have to think . about you've got to stop hanging around . yes men you've got to get a better . support system and like really think. about the moves that you're making on . youtube because they affect more than . just you they affect a lot of people . they affect a lot of lives including . mine and you can't keep making mistakes . like this you know if dad was around . right now he would look dead in the . camera and he would say little beep all . worked up oh okay . i cut a lot of customers out of that i . got to admit we ran an ad pocalypse . right now and maybe because of logan . paul another one so i need to just relax . a little bit you know guys everybody was . asking me my opinion and that's what i . think i think what logan paul did was . irresponsible it was reckless it was . stupid and i hope he learns from it and . i think he will i think he's gonna . realize that he's not indestructible . like he got famous so quick by doing the . dumbest shit that maybe now he's like oh . i can't do anything that i want and yeah . you can't film like a person who just . committed suicide you can't do it not a . good look. so that's my opinion on logan paul . incredibly stupid incredibly stupid but . i think you can learn from it and low . gain if you're watching this i don't . hate your hero i like logan paul please . don't click dislike on the video and if. they do i hope the ones that do agree . with me hit the like button to combat it . thanks for watching you guys that's my . opinion on the big logan paul idiotic . plank . whatever that was dad . hope i made you proud that's my first . rant on your channel i know i couldn't . capture what you do but i hope what i . said got through the logan paul even if . he never sees it . somebody related the message. you. .

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