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Do They Know It #130 - DO PARENTS KNOW MODERN MUSIC? #17 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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Caption: And none of a sudden i'm so good at math . so good at math not from here in a rap . song i actually have never heard this . before so now we're gonna go seek that . one out if you do goddamn music okay you . do this to me every time i think let's . test you on some water music today oh i . do so bad at ds oh i've been trying to . be better i've been trying to listen to . music sometimes on my commute i'd be . lucky to get bands that i already heard . before honestly there's a lot of songs i . i know the melody i know the you know . what it sounds like but in terms of the . artist and the title . i'm usually i believe that i'm going to . do absolutely 100% terrible today but . i'm gonna do my best . [music]. i hate the n-word. i like the radio version though with an . antic blood step out i like the original . song when they sample like it's gonna be . a little somebody it's probably like the . number one song in america or something . huh actually yeah his voice is really . cute he's probably throws the n-word . around and words to sound a little more. badass because he has such a cute level . i just know how to russell's little hair . do you know it i don't think i know it . no i do not know i've heard of it though . but i couldn't tell you the name of it . i'll just guess drake that is nice for a . what by trent drake nice for what this . is nice for what buy drink oh nice for . what i just saw the video i'm so . disappointed in me now mad at myself cuz . i do love drake but i don't love that . one . is that me this song samples lauryn. hill's 1998 hit x factor it also . features the voice of big freedia who. was credited for making the new orleans . style of hip hop called bounce popular . oh my gosh i love her so much even when . she went a little oh i love lauren elle . and of course big frida's genius come on . it sounds just like auto-tuned and poppy . and just like everything else out there . god i sound like a grandma . [music]. and not weak men targeting sessions so . pull me huh so i got to pull me close . hurt this before . [music]. how this water music is so overproduced . i think it'd be easier to know who the . artist is if they didn't put so much . like auto tuning on it well i'm . certainly hoping the name of the song is. in the middle or something about the . middle pretty catchy definitely a car be . bopping along down the highway kind of a . song do you know it no but i've heard . the song before i haven't heard it but i . would say the title is meet me in the . middle it's called the middle but i . don't know who it is the middle but i . not sure who sings it so this is the . middle by zedd maren morris and gray oh . yeah i've never heard of them . oh for to see tumbling this is very . humbling oh i've heard this . [music]. oh. god . [music]. like that guitar. nice guitar . [applause]. i really like the song it sounded like a. few other artists that i'm kind of . familiar with do you know it i have no . clue now i was gonna guess greta van . fleet but i don't that's definitely not . that music good i forget. it's muse and i don't know the name of . the song this is thought contagion by. muse oh god i am totally out of it this . time it was kind of cool a little bit . different but they wanted it though oh i . was like ah just like the other songs i . like to be it's not for me i've never . heard this before . come on you're in a rap song count it up . count it up count it count it up count . it up count it up counties can't take it . when you die but you can't live without . it that's true that's very insightful . lyrics do you know it no no i'm gonna . guess that it's counted up i don't know . the artists i know the song i have no . idea what the name is and i can't place. the artists atm by j cole this is atm by . j cole oh j cole oh oh atm by j cole no . and no have not heard of him he's. usually trying to send a message in each . song you know he's really a good artist . i really like jacob . [music]. [music]. this is like dancing at the club like a . beach with a drink in your hand . [music]. it's a good sign i actually have never . heard this before so now we're gonna go . seek that one out do you know it nope no . clue and i have no clue who it is i do . not know it it's called familia i don't . know the artist i'm guessing it's one of. the one direction guys because that's . all i know. this is familiar by liam payne and j . balvin what okay i would have never . guessed that look at liam look how he's . going babies growing up oh okay i knew . there was a hairy guy in one direction . that's the only one i know playing . rolling about they like similar i hate . that kind of beat i hate that be crazy . this isn't this isn't music that i think . it has any originality at all do you . know it i have no idea who that is i . have no clue my guess is migos but i do . not know the name of the song yeah . walking like i talk it by the mego the . song is walking target by amigos and. drake this is walk it talk it by me dos . featuring drink. oh hey drake's again hey what's up drag . how are you doing . long time no hear now i need to be . stopped because me ghost is amazing and . trick what the hell is wrong with me . today. i think they have a long future ahead of . them they're gonna keep on making good . music . [music]. oh my gosh so familiar great i don't . know what it is i've never heard of it . if only had a ponytail right now it'd be . perfect so do you know it i don't know . it i don't know it i do not know it i . don't know the title of the song but the . voice reminds me and i believe it's . ariana grande no tears left to cry . already grande this is no tears left to . cry by ariana grande oh yeah sorry . ariana i love her actually i really do . this kind of stuff nobody's gonna. remember half these songs five years . from now maybe not even five weeks from . now i don't think that any of these . sounds are something that's going to . break into a new genre and start really . gaining popularity thanks for watching . do they know it on the react channel we . have new shows every day so subscribe . what song should we listen to next time . let us know in the comments bye everyone . hey i'm katie a reactional producer . thank you for watching be sure to follow . us on instagram @ fb e to see what . happens behind the scenes bye guys . [music]. .

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