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Caption: I like the song too so we're going to . test you on some modern music today oh . i'll get worse and worse on these i'm . gonna do oh oh my favorites i did not do . good but i'll try . i hope i'm up to speed i hope i know . alright i'm ready for it i mean it . sounds like adam levine cost about a . girl needs a girl like you. so hyped when i saw this video is so . cute love it love it like this big love . do you know it i don't i don't know if . i'm not mistaken that is maroon 5 girls . like you i hope it's adam levine girls . like you girls like you by maroon . girl like you by maroon 5 this is girls . like you by maroon 5 featuring cardi b. that's maroon 5 okay i know who marin. five is i've even seen the video i don't . mean that how do we do it present . anybody here but that means to mourn . horn but beep beep. [music]. i can't help but to smile and i hear his . mic . it's a catchy music there's a band that . comes to mind . all our boys sounds a little bit like . them. [music]. always have high high hopes hey it's a . positive song do you know this well i . don't know it i don't know i could . embarrass myself and say like fall out . boy i have no clue who that is high high . hopes don't know the band i'm gonna go . with high hopes that i don't know who . it's by panic it's disco . i hope so this is high hopes by panic at. the disco i would have never got i've . heard of panic at the disco but night i . haven't heard this song okay if i would . have been a little harder you know what . bands sounds like fall out boy's i would . say panic at the disco the way you move . yeah what's her name sounds like what's . her name. i'll stretch hey it's like there is no . house music. so that beat makes me feel good into . chess do you know no i don't know it i . don't know that cardi b but that's not . who it is i haven't heard the song . before but that sounds like du le pas . it's one kiss by du liebe one kiss by . dual eepa this is one kiss by calvin . harris and do a leap up to aleppo okay . oh yeah i have never heard about so this . track plays omage to 90 style house . music mm-hmm i can see that for sure . yeah i could tell i'm from the 90s the . voice just brings everything out to you. and connects with you very very much a . lover. [music]. okay . [music]. i love this one doesn't really sound too . original but the the beats okay you know . it i don't know the song but i think . it's cardi b cardi b but i don't even . know her stuff and she kind of has that . but like weird sounds i'm gonna go with . i'd like it like that but i don't know . the artist i don't know the artist so i . gonna guess is it party b's i'm sure . i'll try to be and i like your like that . cardi b i like it like that j balvin bod . bunny cardi b and that is i like it like . that so yes this is i like it like that . bye cardi b bad bunny and j mouth shut . up i got a song i never get a song it . doesn't sound like she's overdoing it . she's just like crazy talented so she . just throws it out there and it's like . yeah this is kind of what i do what is . he saying. [music]. wow that voice doesn't sound familiar . do i listen to music that's what makes . me wonder. [applause]. i have no clue . i like it i like it a lot actually and i . can't wait for you to tell me who it is . so i can come look at so do you know it . i have no clue who that is i don't know . i don't know who that is so this is fake . love by bts my daughter's gonna be mad . at me so bts is arguably the most . successful k-pop group of all time we . have broken through the american market . okay . guy okay kpop i've heard of like as far . as like the whole genre and stuff that i . just haven't heard this group kpop wow a . lot of people in this world love kpop to . see them grasp ahold it first in their . own country and then mainstream it it's . pretty fantastic and it's certainly not . easy to do yeah like it . i recognize however i think we got to . snap get to snap . it's taytay. [music]. i know this voice sounds like they took . a lot of instruments out so it makes it . more mellow really cool . guys are killing it i don't know who . picked out these songs but good job well . like do you no no no not no i like it . but i don't know who it is i do not know . that song i don't remember the name of . the song but it's taylor swift . oh god please on timers taylor swift. it's not so so this is delicate by . taylor swift oh wow . really it really makes me sad that i . like a taylor swift song wow and . taylor's my girl i don't care what . nobody say i love me some taylor swift . uh i heard this one hey . two artists it looks like . give it a poem give it a damn was this . girl or a guy they're changing the game . these tomb-like damn . sounds very generic do you know it no i . have no idea i haven't heard it before . it's beyonce i don't know the song i . don't know the name of it but i know . it's beyonce and jay-z baby by beyonce . and jay-z this is ap by beyonce and . jay-z yeah no way oh boy oh their new . song i've definitely go listen to . beyonce and jay-z they sound a little . bit too much the same for me but this is . only the beginning of summer oh we got . ya some more months to go see what you . know who else puts whatever out and. we'll see thanks for watching do they. know and on the react channel subscribe . for new shows every day hit the like . button if you liked this episode what . songs should we listen to next let us . know in the comments bye everyone . hey guys i'm catie react channel . producer be sure to check out our. instagram at fbe and check out our . stories to see what the community team . is up to. bye . [music]. .

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