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Caption: [music]. thinking like a like a big slap he's . supposed to get his hair not your finger . hey everyone it's kayla and connie from . we're different and thailand and . everybody and we're on our way to the . beach we have to get our beach time in . before we move although we are going to . be going to the beach there too in . california compete the water feels like . a little bit warmer we want to go play. in the water for a little bit we have . some fun really fun games that we're . going to do when we go to the beach so . you guys come with us and we're gonna . hang out we have made it for the beach . and it is a gorgeous day out we've had . nothing but rain for days and days and . days and we are taking advantage of the . sunshine today governor i bet you . anything and a couple hours it's going . to be raining but that's how florida . works here so we had to get up and get . out take advantage of all weekend cuz . you never know how much sun you're going . to get in a day yep . and tyler you didn't bring in sunglasses . what you hiding his face because he . never remembers the sunglasses you guys . wear sunglasses when you go outside. because it's really important to . remember those things the sun is not . good for your eyes we forgot to bring . our sandcastles boy. the cables add a guess . are we gonna be small okay we're good so . we're pleased we are gonna play some . beach ball game . and that way you guys get a good idea . what it's like you decided to be for . like two black jesus beasts all stops . nothing 99 cents apiece baby yes awesome . [music]. yes i'm going to miss about coming here . is finding shark teeth they do not have . the shark's teeth in california i don't . know why maybe because they don't have . sure hahahaha excite for some reason all . the shark's teeth come here so we're . trying to find at least one before we go . because i know that'll be it and we . saved them all . we have a collection it's really cool. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. they happen to spoiler crap these waves . are a little sketchy today it's like a . fake real current right now it's do like . it's growing all over the place on the . water yeah it's a little bit happy today . oh panicky feeling we got that time was . a doozy . [music]. there's life. stayed by the lifeguard time that's . right. should i do like my big watchdog down . the beach . [music]. [applause]. [music]. alright guys we're gonna do a couple of . silly relay races yo here we go first . round lots of blood . by one what do you guys say who i am. [applause]. practiced on trying to save the kid's . life we lock the sunglasses in the ocean . i'm so bummed they're like my favorite . pair that i've ever owned my entire life. and they're gone now i'm lucky kids . going to find them playing on the beach . like a week from now i'm a cat meow . scratch test is i'm sure they're pretty . much garbage at this point anyway we . gotta go and get him a new pair of . sunglasses. yeah and kayla she's got to get ready. for a birthday party could be fun and . then yeah so right now we're gonna head . out looking like a big flat . [music]. now he's supposed to cut his hair not . your finger you're right . let me get you baby i have not cut . myself doing people care and probably a. decade this is the first time this has . ever happened oh gee colored was the one . it looks give it to a woman let me get . you a band-aid look at this oh i like . cut it in a v because the tip of the . scissors shot my finger when we kiss . your boo-boo make you feel better . [music]. okay we just finished tyler's hair yeah . you know i was flattered him completely . with bloody fingers yay we're done now . you're good yeah he's super modeled out . taylor's gotta go to her party so we're . going to show you some of the stuff that . she picked out for her friend kendall we . can almost yes are you ready it looks . like we gotta do your hair and stuff too . hopefully i not had any more fingers off. in the process why are you no i'm not . cutting your hair okay so i'm about to . go to kendall's birthday party but we . wanted to show you the stuff that we got . her first so the first of all things we . got her the pretty pink headband got . like little pink flowers and then gold . leafs in the middle pretty got that from . claire's . sudan we got heard this minnie mouse . pillow beside and then it's like masking . on the side minnie mouse emoji pillow . and i got her this because she's in love . with just uh miss mickey and minnie . mouse so it's really soft and mushy . i'm jealous i wish i got one and then . the last thing we got her is this alex . and annuals bracelet with her initial on . it and then it's got a charm this charm . says recycle this trim says alex and . annie and infused with energies and then . the last one shows that it was made . famous al we got this little bracelet . and i think she's really gonna like it . so do you guys gonna do today we're . going to go to a hotel and we're going . to go play in the pool and then tomorrow . we're going to do an artificial wave . machine so like they give you a boogie. board and you just like right on and . then. have many dolphin stuff like that - yeah . - well we better get the boys feeling so . we can say goodbye everybody it's that . way we can get you to your party and put . this in the back yeah you better start . decorating all right all right guys so . this is it for today kids it's going to . go to our party yes john's going to get . his sunglasses because he's through in . the ocean and they got washed away. apparently you cannot catch fish with . sunglasses so knowing it doesn't work my . little girl yeah or you can't save . little girls and you can't hit fish so . it's not worth it don't do it yeah and . charlie wants to get back to his gaming . i'm gonna go with john to go get his . glasses we got drop off kayla she's got . to make sure i overclockers all done so . and i still got to keep my finger i spit . a bandaid on it so that's good and all . is well in the world so we hope you guys . had an awesome day today - and nothing . ice enjoyed this video like subscribe to . different billion . [music]. [music]. .

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