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Staffie-mix, Caitlyn, captured the hearts of millions worldwide last July when she was rescued by Charleston Animal Society (CAS) with devastating injuries after her muzzle was cruelly taped shut. Her amazing resilience and inspiring journey from victim to ambassador against animal cruelty led BarkPost to give her the ultimate holiday gift: her best day ever.
A huge thank you to Starbucks, Hyper Pet, Woof Gang Bakery, BarkShop, and, of course, Charleston Animal Society. We couldn't have made this special day possible without you.

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A BarkPost Production
Executive Producer: Sanford Marcus
Created By: Laura Hartle
Series Producers: Laura Hartle and Teri Klein
Associate Producer: Sothdra Nguon-Devereaux
Production Assistant: Tim Skinner
Shot By: Go To Team
Director of Photography: Dave Baker
Camera: Ryan Lohr
Audio: Brent Ebell
Production Assistant: Katie Joiner
Edited By: Tupelo-Honey Raycom
Editor: David Moyes
Caitlyn is every dog. . . every dog has been abused. . . neglected she's like the face for other. dogs and because of her bravery. . . and her survival i think that that's why. caper deserves a dog's the abuse against. . . an animal in north charleston was so. cruel it has made national news. . . she was found with her muscle bound with. electrical tape. . . this is the picture that went viral. . . when we actually pull the tape off she. kind of open your mouth and screen is. . . the best way tricks to describe it. . . yeah. . . it was violent what was coming to her. . . it was calculated and to see the her. scars on her is to me that she want she. . . prevailed and that no matter what he did. to her she was the winter. . . we're here today to give him an award to. this wonderful golf. . . caitlin and since she's from north. charleston we didn't want to give her a. . . key to the city but we do want to give. her a bone to the city. . . caitlyn. . . are you ready for your best day ever. good. . . oh my god if there's one thing keeping. loves it's chasing after a bar to. . . protect the ball. . . yeah. . . her personality came out immediately. after she wasn't sedated and each day we. . . learn more and more about her she's. super super sweet very loving extremely. . . intelligent she's amazing. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . josh in two hours and hours to spend. time with kaitlyn when she was at the. . . hospital human in the shower and he. really made an effort. . . she has just fallen in love with josh. love you came to rescue some more people. . . you want to leave. . . sometimes when kaitlyn and i will be out. and about we would take a break and go. . . to starbucks delivery also thank you. . . you know what this is uh-huh i see the. tail waggin and then i would get her a. . . little treat. . . and she's gotten to the point where she. knows when we go there but that's what. . . we're getting soup. . . oh yes she gets it all over her nose i. try to do it slowly. . . you know give her a little bit she loves. her best day ever. . . yeah. . . work. . . it's all for you that's all for now. . . have you seen so many toys and treats of. one place. . . how do you even choose which one's your. favorite. . . you all have been such an important part. of caitlyn's recovery. . . mark post would like to present you with. a donation of a thousand dollars you can. . . continue your great work helping animals. in need. . . thank you so much another surprise. blankets to keep all of her friends cozy. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . speaking of caitlin's friends we want to. invite them to join the party. . . what a great. . . it was like seyla gonna pause came to. town. . . all the dogs are you so happy. . . to see her playing and and benefiting. the shelter animals and benefiting the. . . world . she is it is pretty awesome. . . yeah. . . i think caitlyn has made people see that. there is hope. . . you can come back from what happened to. katlin you know there's hope for others. . . that. . . it's gonna be hard when we finally let. her go be a dog in a family. . . she's a dog that will be in my heart. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. .
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