Dollar Store Supershelter Overnight With My Dog-10$ Woods Survival Challenge (24 Hours)

My Dog Scout and I head to the woods to camp overnight, using only items from the Dollar Store
The $10 Dollar Store Survival Challenge, or like $11.50...
I make a neck sheath from cottonwood bark, build a supershelter with grass, and items from the kit. and lots more.
This is only part 1, I still have almost a full hour of video for part 2.
coming soon...
Tripple Fat Goose Down Coat
Hey guys. thanks for tuning in joe here i'm with . my buddy scout i got a lot of crap i'm . in the woods we're gonna do a dollar . store survival challenge overnight or . camp out in the woods it just this gear . that i have in front of me you have to . pardon my little prepubescent voice i'm . a bit sick and my voice has gone to . whack i'll go over everything i have in. detail later on but right now i want to . get into the woods because it's really . windy over here i'm freezing cold it's . been snowing it's negative to right now . it's gonna get down to negative five . tonight . very cold already but anyways like i . said i want to go through all this later . but right now i want to make a carrying . case so i don't have to carry much this . stuff like a pool so i have ten garbage . bags in here which open good and i can . reuse them as long as they don't get . stretched out too bad from this but they. say they're heavy-duty so i'm not i have. a four liter bottle of water that's not . gonna go in there just because i see it . going wrong so all my gear . now i got to find a stick tied around . that and carry it over my shoulder like . a hobo and i'm gonna have this on the . stick too like a hobo . i said hobo now full disclosure i do . have some other items scouts with me he . did not ask to come he wants to be here . but he did not have to do this survival . overnighter so i brought him food i'm . not gonna make him go hungry and i'm not . gonna share the one piece of food i have . with him so i'm gonna bag full of scouts . kibble whether or not he eats it that's . another story so that's going in the big . garbage bag too because i don't want to . carry it in my cargo pocket anymore also . i have a couple more things i have one . big piece of paracord this will not be . used for any part of my shelter or . anything i'm doing i promise this is . purely to tie scout up at night because . of tons of coyote in the area and deer . and he likes to go chase them so this is . first scout to tie up at night on his . collar. that's i've done this side i do have one. extra battery for my cannon and i have . an extra memory card these cannon . batteries are lasting a lot longer than. my old nikon batteries so two batteries . should be fine for overnight and then . the one thing that i do have for me . that's not in the in the survival . challenge and i don't care is wet wipes . and some hand sanitizer from a bum bump . the hand sanitizer is not not for my . bump on the wet wipes are don't put hand. sanitizer on your bum bum it's not a fun . time they cut a bunch of locusts along . the trail here so this is still green. but it was dead or i was cut on the . ground i thought i was gonna have to . double up a garbage bag for this but i . don't it's fine get all the air out of . it and do one of these make it super . strong where i'm going to attach it to . the pole . they should put it on the side that's . not all splintery . yeah. tie it one more no no it's mine skill . what are you doing be good . go get your own okay there we go . no back up back up that goes over the . shoulder like a l hobo oh yeah i can . walk like this no problem okay time to . get off the trail time we get the blush . proper. oh my goodness that was fun that was a . lot of fun . gonna get wet sweaty at least i'm warm . now oh there we go yeah i'm a quarter of . the way there guy you got to be careful . man he's all cut up see that they'll . bloodied up on the top of his nose it's . okay you're fine - fine he's running . through the woods trying to chase gear . run into pickers and brambles and . what-have-you . no big stretch okay we're almost in the . woods proper right behind me is where i. plan on camping i got to check it out i . know this spot very well and i know . there's natural building materials and. stuff but i can use here i'm sorry i'm . gonna try to look at the lens people . keep telling me stuff looking over here . i look in the lens when i'm looking over . here i'm looking at my self in the lcd . led in the screen i want to try to do . that okay . another few minutes walk and then . hopefully we'll be where we're gonna set . up for tonight . there we are just on cue as the train . blows it's foolhardy . this is the exact spot i was imagining . coming - i knew this tree had fallen a. couple years ago and it's on that kind . of diagonal fall that's gonna be my . shelter it's very good very good to have . a grasp of what you want to do before . you get out normally when i go camping . and stuff i'm not around my host a lot . of the times it's a new area our new . spot in an area i've been i don't have . time to scout it out but this general . area was different it's near my house . i've been here a hundred times and know . what to expect to know where the . building materials are for this kind of . situation for this kind of exercise you . definitely want that so yeah the plan is . to make this into my shelter i just want . to make sure it's yeah that's pretty . solid. very solid we're only doing one night . here so it's not gonna be anything . permanent i'm gonna tear it down when. we're done let's dive into what i . brought and why i need to lose his . jacket first i'm it's cold it's cold . outside no dope but i've been working up . a sweat and i got on layers right that's . the night to me cold i don't have any . kind of sleeping bags and we've had . nothing like that it's all natural so i . do have long-sleeve shirt beater sweater . coat wool socks long johns fall raven . cabs i got my gloves and i got a - my . boots yeah anyways okay let's dive into . this stuff the bag held up very well . actually i'm having a hard time untying . it but dollar-store garbage bags for the . win apparently there we go it's first up . probably one of the most important . things is water i got this 4 liters of . water from the dollar store it was. either this or a leader or four small . water bottles for all the same price but . i opted for this because this was the . most amount of water . need this for scout as well he does have . there's some ditches and and and stuff . you can drink from but he tends to not . go too far from me and at night i'm not . finding my way out to the ditch it's far . from here to the creek the ditch . wherever you want to call it so at night . you can drink out of this and the . daytime will walk down to the ditch yeah . the bag bag is no worse for wear and i . know like a lot of you guys probably a . big deal to bag but out here doing this . kind of stuff every single little piece . of thing matters it's all very important . well look at that not as durable as i . thought the bottom did get ripped up a . bit still usable for what i want to do. but good duly noted okay so i'm not sure . if you guys have heard of the challenge . scope can you please go over there so . you're not the camera but thank you lay . down put wringer laid out with this lay . down good puppy dogs there's a challenge . it's probably super old now a couple . years old by wrangler star i believe who . originally came up with it . the rules are arbitrary in my opinion. but whatever if you look on youtube . there's not a lot of people who have . actually done the challenge and and . spent the night out there's a lot of . people who went to the store and bought . the things that said what they were . going to do malcolm the hidden woodsman . is one of them and then there's some . like popular one that they're not even . the camping and they did it so anyways . i'm gonna do it my way i'm going to show . how i feel that you can utilize certain. things from the dollar store for a very . good benefit to make you very . comfortable out here the rule was ten . dollars i bought eight items . there's probably eleven bucks if i'm . being honest with tax and everything but . i didn't know how to allow us to do it . so you need to eat one of the rules was . you need to cook food i think they . wanted you to cook two meals i'm not . doing that the exact rules to meals and . have like a waterproof container and . some other things my rules for me around . ten bucks come out here make it as a . comfortable shelter as you can and eat . some food i don't care anyways my food . oh super lucky this is one of my . favorite soups ever a primo rough sticky . beef barley soup and it has a pop top. so i was going to do uncle ben's rice . because they had that there as well but . this is much easier and it has a pop top . the only reason i was gonna do the rice . is because i know a can opener don't . have the money the ten dollars to buy . the can opener doesn't come in - it's . not a good purchase for this anyways . soup and cook it in it's this bull metal . bowl now a lot of you are probably . thinking why don't you just cook the . soup in the can well there's a good . reason because it's lined with plastic . and it's not bpa-free and as soon as you . melt that plastic into your food is . super bad for you that's why i like that . dented cans are really not good for you . and stuff like that back in the day i . think it was okay to do that just you . know throw your can of beans on your . fire it's just not it's not okay now i'm . not gonna do it you guys do whatever you . want i highly discourage you from doing . that that's why i went to the extra . trouble and and spent the money on . buying the bull so soup goes in the bowl . one meal and that's not gonna be till . tonight about five o'clock i've got my . garbage bags that you already saw i used . one i have nine in here and one extra . here i took oh i'm gonna totally pay for . my dog food my paracord and my camera . stuff a separate i've got a knife a . cutting tool he's gonna help me building . my shelter quite a bit so this is a full . tank i was surprised that i was able to . get a full tang i looked hard there's a . couple that i looked at longer ones and . stuff and the tank stopped like a . quarter of an inc

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