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Today, Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer dropped a watermelon from a super tall 45ft tower. This drop test by the Sharer Fam exploded the watermelon. Then Lizzy Sharer dropped a soda bottle off the 45m tower, it smashed on impact. The Coca Cola soda bottle smashed on the ground. Comment what you think will happen when we drop the abandoned safe from this tall tower!!
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Caption: Oop what's up chefs welcome to the vlog . welcome back to another awesome day . today's video is gonna be really cool . right liz yeah what are we doing so . today we're gonna drop this safe off of . the jay left and see if we can smash it . open when it hits on concrete but before . we drop the safe we're gonna test it out . with like something else i think we . should dry it dropping a watermelon and . see if that works and if that works then . we can try dropping the safe this does . sound pretty cool yeah yeah let's go do . that let's go check out this lift you . haven't seen this left already. you gotta check it out it's absolutely . crazy we drove it down to the pond the . other day and i almost fell off actually . i did fall off it was pretty cool roll . the clip . we are really high . oh okay i can't hang on anymore i'm . about to fall it's really big and it's . sitting right here right now this is the . lift and it doesn't really look like . much much park just like this but i'm . telling you this thing is absolutely . huge it's so high i actually haven't . taken it to the maximum height yet but . today we are gonna take it to the . maximum height and we have some really . cool things we're gonna drop off check . this out. we've got some sodas we got some orange . soda some strawberry and some water or . pineapple soda and we also have some . watermelons so we're gonna see how these . go we're going to take it all the way up . to the top drop these off see if they . explode on impact and if they do then . have a good feeling the safe is also . going to explode on impact so then we're . gonna take the safe all the way up to . the top and then drop the safe and see. if we can crack it open . okay so let's hop on this thing this . thing is like one of the most fun things . to drive it's kind like a tank . go through the door here like this or i . guess you can go away liz went to make . sure that door is closed because i don't . want to fall off again like i did last . vlog and then are you on come on well . you can see how bouncy it is right we're . not even it's so bouncy but we're not . even up yet so let's start this thing to . start it you pull this up you wait for . it to beep and then you push up okay we . are on this thing let's take it up we . haven't taken it to the maximum height . yet so let's try to do that first you . know you think we can go back to the . light i don't know it's pretty scary the . reason why we haven't done it yet is . because it is so scary but i feel like . today is the day we got to go maximum . height we jumped off and into the pond . and that was really cool but i think now . if we're gonna drop the safe off we need. to go as high as we can for maximum . destruction power so let's go up as high . as we can here we go we are going up and . up here we go . we're probably like 15 feet right now . and we go . this is so far so good don't grab one . let me grab one to the wall grab one to . the kids hold i'm done i'm gonna pipe up . gravel do this okay we are getting . pretty high you can start to see the . cars down there they're pretty high here . we go we made it to the max height of . boom number one there's boom number two. and then a third boom we're getting . pretty close to the top of that tree . there okay oh okay. let's go boom number two here we go and. then it extends and then it goes a . little bit more so . guys i'm shaking i'm starting to get . really scared lizzy you hanging on . careful we're getting close they're . really high tricking chairs don't look . down you can't look down oh my gosh okay . okay i'm freaking out it goes even . higher than this about you scared idol . day i can go any higher look this is . really really scary. i'm scared we got to bring this thing . down all right let's use the second boom . haha let's bring this down this is so . scary cuz every movement and everybody . carter pushes is so jerky yeah shakes . the whole thing super scary . yeah the craziest thing is the higher . you go the more unstable and rocky it . gets i think it's gonna flip over if we . go too high hang on oh okay so we didn't . quite make it to the maximum height . because it's actually really scary i'm . scared that the grass is gonna be too . soft the operator said when he dropped . it off is if you're gonna go max height . don't do it on the grass so we're gonna . move it to the driveway so it's nice and . sturdy it's not gonna sink in or . anything and then maybe we can go back . site so let's start driving this thing . like going up and then we're gonna start . driving this thing a little bit . i don't know what is that i don't do . this come off the machine don't tell me . this now okay so to move this to more . stable ground we got to use this . joystick here you got to pull up like . this and then we're going to steer it . all into the driveway that . oh yeah we got really close to that tree . [laughter]. okay this thing is pretty crazy right . now all into the driveway which is good . more stable than the grass . okay i do feel more confident now that . we the machine is sitting on the hard . pavement as opposed to the grass to the . rain last night i think the grass is a . little bit soggy a little bit squishy . and you do not want that when you're . going maximum height on this thing so. should we try going back some height . analysis do you think we should try it . again . sure smash that like button we should. try going maximum height because we got . to go back site when we drop something . off so i think we got to go back site . okay so let's just hop out she's a . little too scared but i guess i'm going . to go by myself so i'm gonna grab a . bunch of watermelons we're gonna grab. some soda and liz is making a giant red . x right here this is pretty awesome is . this gonna be the x right here like that . and this yes so you're gonna make a . really big x okay cool so i'm gonna grab . a bunch of water bugs we're going max. height this timeshares this is too . scared but i'm gonna do it i got to do . it for you guys if you guys are smash . that like button i'm taking this thing . up max height and then we're going to . throw the watermelon off the top it's . gonna be crazy i think it's gonna . explode when it hits the ground what do . you guys think is gonna happen we got . the watermelons let's load them up well . these things are heavy and of course we . got some soda because normally if you. drop a soda bottle it doesn't explode . but that was only from a few feet now if . we go max height and we drop a soda. bottle i think it's gonna like explode . like a rocket when it hits the ground . okay let's get back on this thing whoa . it's rocket hey bob what do you think of . this you don't want to hop on and try to . drop a watermelon from the top maybe i . don't know okay i think she's a little . too scared she's kind of like lizzy . liz's and going up either so you can . stand down by the target and see what . happens to me smash this watermelon i'll . think about it . under one condition when i start . screaming you bring me down okay well . then after we drop a few watermelons . i'll give mom a share a ride up as high. as she'll go i wonder how she'll make it . i wonder if she'll make it max ight . let's start this thing let's pull the . big red button let's do it and we are up . and. okay let's go up here we go . there's the x down there that's the axis . way down low so we are at the maximum . height for boom number one there's two . booms and then there's also a little bit . of an extra height that we can get so . we're still far away from max height . that's really the doors that open first . things first you got to be staple in one . of these because it's really high in the . air and i do not want to drop off and . hit that x only the watermelons gonna . make sure that door is closed so those . is down there she's taping the x that's . the target it looks really good but i . realized that we are not directly . overhead so we have to drive the machine . a little bit and let's see if we can do . because i've never driven it so high . before here we go whoa hey liz i had to . drive the machine a little bit okay liz . i'm coming over . okay i think i'm directly overhead and . i'm gonna go a little bit higher that . thing we should be good to go we're . gonna go up even higher now and we are . going into roth and we were going really . high get a nice wide stance it real low . push it to kate because i freaked it out . up here okay slow it down slow down . i think it's the perfect position . okay sherry's now it's time to drop a . watermelon so let's grab a watermelon . like this then once it off the edge . we're not quite at maximum height let's . do one here if this explodes . we'll go even higher and then we'll hit . maxim height and then drop this off but . um let's do this thing . what do you think is gonna happen what . what is this shouting i know if you guys . can hear her down there she's so little . she's saying give us a countdown so . we're gonna do a countdown chair as you . can count with me i'm gonna see if i can . hit the center of that bullseye here we . go. go exploded that was crazy . that was so awesome . did you guys see the water runs just . like floated and then it hit the ground. and it exploded it's like a million . pieces that was really awesome i hit it . right on the app okay so liz says i . missed the x i know the x is really big . but apparently i missed so let's try it . again i'm thinking let's go a little bit . higher this time and let's drop it right . onto that x so hang on we're going a . little bit higher you have to go nice . and easy when you're at this height . because it gets really really rocky i'm . very very nervous . okay we are a good bit higher now i . think we're probably about 10 feet . higher than we were before and 10 feet . when you're already really high is a . huge difference so especially on . something like this because it gets a . lot more rocky so every movement i'm . swaying and going crazy and i'm just . scared that looking down at the machine . that it's gonna start like tipping or . something really high so we're gonna do . a watermelon number two if i can hit the . bull's eye then we're going to switch to . soda and you know i love soda cause i'm . always snacking so we're gonna try some . orange soda we're gonna shake it up . really good and i want you guys to . comment what's gonna happen if we drop . soda off of this lift all into that . target down below because this is gonna . be crazy. watermelon number two all right here we. go watermelon number two smash that like . button if you haven't already because . this time i'm pretty sure hitting that x . we're a little bit higher i think 10 . feet higher than last time and i think . it's going to be more accuracy to hit . that egg whoa okay this watermelon is . even bigger this is the biggest . watermelon yet let's dump this thing off . let's do it i think we're ready water . ball number two i think i'm gonna slam . this one i'm just gonna chuck it down as . hard as i can okay is everyone ready liz . are you ready. okay water ballot number two here we go . this is gonna be awesome here we go in . five four three two one go . whoa whoa that piece all the way out . there whoa that would explode it even . bigger than the last one no way . was it crazy i hit i think so i don't . know we got a plane of slow-mo let's . roll the slow-mo clip . up next to soda i hit the x with the . watermelon so that means we can upgrade . to the soda there's quite a big mess . down there but let's see what happens . when we drop this delicious soda onto . the ground from like 40-plus feet in the . air i'm not even sure how high we are . right now but it's really high so let's . drop this and see what happens i'm ready . let's do it shares here we go we got the . soda in five seconds we're about to drop . it so fasten your seat belts here we go . in five four three two one go it's over . there whoa what happened it didn't even . explode i'm not sure what happened with. it okay so it's starting to rain i think . we just saw lightning so we had to get . out of the sky we're basically a little . lightning rod in right now but before we . end the vlog we got to do this one more . time let's grab some soda let's go with . the strawberry soda let's see we get . this thing to explode here we go i would . go higher but the storms coming in and i . don't wanna get struck by lightning so . here we go you guys ready here we go . give us a five-second countdown you guys . can count with me if you want here we go . in five four three two what go whoa it . exploded that was awesome. [music]. okay come on we gotta get down we think . i just saw lightning so whoa okay i just . heard thunder we got to get down here . let's start this thing up we got to get . down. i think the lightning started to come . and start a drizzle and rain a little. bit and i do not want to get struck i'm . coming down this is not where you want . to be in a thunderstorm because it's all . made of metal really bad so let's get . out of here i'm going down as fast as we . can hang on okay yeah let's keep going . okay sheriff well until next time you . know what to do. stay god's up and share the log piece . whoo . [music]. [applause]. [music]. .

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