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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) apologizes for his comments about Hitler.
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>> and now, a special message. from the white house easter. bunny. ???. >> hey kids, happy easter!. okay, get out of here. go. all right. [ cheers ]. all right, shut up. shut up, shut up. [ light laughter ]. ah, where . okay, i'm sweating my easter. eggs off here. [ laughter ]. everybody shut up. shut up so i can apologize. yeah, you all got your wish this. week. deferral. spicy finally made a mistake. as we all know, president trump. recently bombed syria. while eating the most beautiful. piece of chocolate cake america. has ever seen. that's a fact!. people wanted to look at the. cake. now, in defending the. president's decision, i said. that i'm like the syrian leader,. um, the leader of --. what is his stupid name . bazooka felicia hamad rashad. at least hitler never used. chemical weapons and everybody. freaked out. they were like boo-hoo, what. about the holocaust centers . i know they're not called the. holocaust centers. i clearly meant to say. concentration club. it would be great if the nit. pickers didn't focus on every. slur and lie i say. that would be nice. and ps, you know i am sensitive. to the fact that they were sent. there on trains, but at least. they didn't have to fly united. am i right . that jumped right out. i am particularly sorry this. happened on passover, aka, the. jewish easter. [ light laughter ]. in the spirit of cultural unity,. i thought i would shed some. light on all -- to all the guys. out there on the most sacred. holiday, passover. now bring out my baby dolls. yeah, okay. so here we go. here's pharaoh. [ light laughter ]. okay . bad, bad hombre, okay . doing some bad, bad stuff to the. jews. okay . i mean he even hitler -- you. know what, not not going do. that. i'm not going there again. you fool me once, right . fool me once, shame on me. fool me twice, shame on jews. okay so, pharaoh guy is like. "hey, you guys need to start. making pyramids and stuff and. the jews, these guys pass over. [ light laughter ]. literally and -- floated above. them them kinda like crouching. tiger, hidden dreidel. [ laughter ]. it's amazing. then they're like the jews are. like yep, pharaoh, see ya,. wouldn't want to be ya. and then, you know, from then on. it was really smooth sailing for. the jews. okay, just to be super clear as. far as the bad guys go, the. ranking is, hitler then babar. al-asshad, then the. phar[ audience ohs ]. and then i guess chronologically. it would be the jews. [ light laughter ]. that's about it for me. happy easter, everybody. oh, by the way, the president is. probably going to bomb north. korea tonight. okay, spicys gotta go. wrapping it up. let's go, kids, eat all the. candy you want, cause it's. probably the last easter that we. will ever have on earth. [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. .
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