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In this full episode, Elmo and Zoe are trying to find things that start with the letter P. Abby tries to help by poofing in different characters but now she has to figure out to send them back!
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- hi, i'm murray from sesame street. and i'm looking for. the word on the street. what's the word on the street . - pumpernickel. - what does pumpernickel mean . - pumpernickel . that's a type of bread i think. - it's really brown and dark. - tastes a little bit sour. - some kind of bread. - pumpernickel. - oh pumpernickel. - keep listening for the. word pumpernickel today. on sesame street. pumpernickel. i like saying it. that's the word on the street. mmm, mmm, mmmm, hum, hum. (fun music). ? can you tell me how to get ?. ? can you tell me how to get ?. ? sunny day ?. ? sweepin' the clouds away ?. ? on my way to where the air is sweet ?. ? can you tell me how to get ?. ? how to get to sesame street ?. - what now . ? can you tell me how to get ?. ? come and play ?. ? everything's a-ok ?. ? friendly neighbors there ?. ? that's where we meet ?. ? can you tell me how to get ?. ? how to get to sesame street ?. ? can you tell me how to get ?. ? to sesame street ?. (children cheering). - i wanna play checkers today. - yeah, but elmo wants to play tag. - no, no elmo, let's play checkers. - but we played tag yesterday, it was fun. - it was fun, but today. let's play checkers. - hey hey. - no, let's play tag. - hey guys, what's the problem here . hi. - hey al, i wanna play checkers. - yeah, and elmo wants to play tag. - but i don't wanna play tag. - well elmo doesn't want to play checkers. - checkers. - no tag. - alright, take it easy, take it easy. now is there a game that. you both want to play . - hmm, i can't think of one. can you . - no, mm mm. - do you have any ideas . - oh. - yeah, yeah, alan, do you . do you huh huh huh . - alright, alright a game . - yeah, yeah a game. - alright let me think, let me think. um. - something good. - where's he going . - what are you doing alan . - i'm thinking and oh, how. about the letter p game . - what . - oh. - well elmo never heard of that alan. - oh, well. - yeah. - well you know the letter p right . - well sure. it looks like this. p. - ah ha ha, elmo likes. that sound, puh, puh, puh. - yeah me too, puh, puh, puh. - we already learn the p alan. - that's great. you know what there's more, alright. now the fun of this game. is to look around the store. and find as many things as you can. that start with the letter p. - oh. - like this, see. puh - pickles. - pickles. - alright. - yeah elmo's looking. - yeah me too. - you can look for things that. start with a letter p too. - things with a p, hmm. - may i have a peanut-butter. sandwich please. - okay, anything else. - perhaps. - now let's see. do you see anything. that starts with p elmo . - not yet. - i'll have that on pumpernickel bread. with a slice of pineapple and a potato. - sure thing, mr. penguin. - and while you prepare,. i shall peruse the paper. - come on zoe. you there . - thank you. - boy, elmo still can't find anything. - yeah, me neither. - what about you . you see anything that starts. with a letter p sound. puh, puh. - i just love a peanut-butter. sandwich on pumpernickel. with a potato and a pineapple. - hey alan!. - uh huh. - we can't find anything that. starts with the letter p. - ooh, ooh elmo has an idea. - what. - can you give elmo and zoe a hint, alan. - okay, um, let's see. there's something with the letter p sound. very nearby. - oh, where . where, i don't see it. - yeah. oh, zoe. let's ask mr. penguin. - oh, good idea. excuse me, mr. penguin. we're looking for something. nearby that starts with p. can you help us mr. - [zoe and elmo] penguin!. - penguin starts with the letter p. - perfectly perceptive. - alright, now do you see anything else . - [elmo] oh, look, look, zoe. - [zoe] oh yeah a potato. - [elmo] yeah and puh, puh, pineapple. - and puh, puh, peanut. butter on pumpernickel. - yay, we found p words. - elmo loves this game. (magical music). - where am i . oh hooper's store. hi zoe, hi elmo. what's going on . - oh abby, we're playing. the letter p game. - the letter p . - yeah, it looks like this. p. - wait, i know that letter. it sounds like, it sounds like. uh, what's it sound like . - oh tell her everybody. - puh, puh, puh, puh, puh. - oh yeah, puh, like penguin. - yeah. - positively. hey, by the way, i'm from pittsburgh. - so abby, you got to look for things. that start with the letter p. - ah, wait, i know a puh-puh p-word. it's my trick. - wait a minute, trick. doesn't start with p abby. - oh i mean, what i do with my trick. lumpkin, bumpkin, diddle, diddle dumpkin. zumpkin, frumpkin, change into a pumpkin. (everyone cheering). pumpkin starts with p. - great trick. - hey, we should have some. pumpkin pie for desert. - um, i think i'm gonna need. my salt-shaker back, abby. - party pooper. - oh, wait, i know another p word. (magical music). - where did she go . (elmo mumbles). - i'm out here everybody. - where's here . where's my pickled pepper patch . - hey, guess who this is . he's from a nursery rhyme. - i picked this pickled pepper and poof!. - oh, it's peter piper,. from the nursery rhyme. - yeah, picking his. pack of pickled peppers. - yeah. (laughing). - more p-words. - wow, abby is getting. really good at this game. - where's my pickled pepper patch . i need to pick a pack of pickled peppers. anyone seen my peppers perhaps . - i just thought of another p-word. (magical music). - can you guess who this is . - cinderella! oh cinderella!. - can you guess, huh, huh . - hey, where'd my castle go. - i know, i know, is it. puh, puh, prince charming. from the fairytale cinderella. - actually the name's. prince paul charming. - yay, i did it. p is for prince and paul. - oh cindy, where are you . yoohoo, i've got the glass. slipper, i just need a foot. - peppers, i need pickled peppers. have you seen my pepper. patch, prince paul . - pepper, pepper, sounds familiar, no. have you seen cinderella . - no. peppers! peppers! i need you. - cinderella, cinderella!. are you cinderella . - no, i'm zoe. - oh, maybe the shoe fits you then. - no, no, it's too tight. - you're right, i must find cinderella. oh, perhaps in there. - i didn't have pumpkin pie,. but here's coconut custard. - perfectly passable. - pardon me please. i need to pick peppers. have you seen any peppers . - gee, um, no. hey, aren't you peter piper . - why yes, and i need peppers. i am a pepper picker. any peppers over here . - huh, pushy. - hello, i'm prince paul. maybe the shoe fits you. - huh . - no, has anybody ever told. you you've got penguin feet . - pah. - how about you . wanna try the shoe . - er, i don't think so. - alright. cinderella! cinderella!. - peter piper, prince paul. you know i think this has something to do. with the letter p game. - possibly. - peppers!. i need my pickled pepper patch. - cinderella! cinderella,. i need cinderella. - have you seen my pepper patch . - are you cinderella . - no, i'm abby cadabby, and. i brought to sesame street. for the letter p game. - well then, i demand to. be returned to my kingdom. cinderella's foot is. waiting for the slipper. and we need to live happily ever after. - my patch of pickled peppers is waiting. - i guess you better send them back abby. - oh gee, i don't know. how to send you back. - but, but abby went and got them. - but i haven't learned. to send people back yet,. i can just go get them. - you mean, we can't go home again. - oh my poor pickled peppers. - oh my cinderella!. - hold on, there must be a. way to solve this problem. oh, oh, how does a fairy godmother. usually send people back . - well, my mommy always. says a special rhyming spell. and waves her wand. - okay, so how about you. make up your own rhyme. to send them back. - but what if abby did, will it work . - well i can try, but i need some help. - oh, elmo's good at rhyming. - oh and me too. - okay, a rhyme about going home, okay. - peter piper and prince paul. no need to pack, it's. time for me to send you. oh what's the word i want . it needs to rhyme with pack. - sack rhymes with pack. - oh, good one zoe. - time for me to send you sack. - it didn't work. - oh, how about mac. - oh mac, okay. it's time for me to send you mac. oh no. - yak, how about yak . - or gibbityy-gack. - no, that's not it. - do you know the word. that they're looking for . - attack. - rack. - cu-coo-cachack. - oh, i don't know, if i. don't think of the right word. i'll never be able to send them back. - they're gone!. - wait, wait, wait, see,. see abby you said back. and back rhymes with pack. - yeah, you did it abby. - yaay!. - well done abby. at last things are calm again. - wait, i just thought of another p-word. (magical music). - oh, abby, please, no, no abby!. - elmo wonders who abby's. bringing back this time . - maybe pinocchio. - i'm not sure that we're ready for this. (magical music). - p for pillow. - oh pillow, great p-word. - perfect. - time for my nap (sighing). - pleasant dreams. ? it's rhyme time ?. ? it's time to make a rhyme ?. ? it's the prime time for rhyme time ?. - [narrator] there once was a frog. who jumped off a log and went for a jog. with his good friend, the hog. ? it's rhyme time ?. ? it's time to make a rhyme ?. ? it's the prime time for rhyme time ?. there once was a quail. who had a purple tail. she hopped down the trail. where she met a big snail. ? it's rhyme time ?. ? it's time to make a rhyme ?. ? it's the prime time for rhyme time ?. the snail and the quail as. they went down the trail. met the frog and hog. who were out for a jog. ? it's rhyme time ?. ? it's time to make a rhyme ?. ? it's the prime time for rhyme time ?. ? it's the prime time for rhyme time ?. - do you know what word i love. pumpernickel. isn't pumpernickel a fantastic word. pumpernickel, pumpernickel, pumpernickel. come on, say it with me. pumpernickel. this is pumpernickel. pumpernickel is a kind of bread. pumpernickel is brown. and pumpernickel (munching). hm, mmm, mm, pumpernickel is delicious. hmm, pump
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